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March 2015 Tips & Secrets

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the masters and important news for March 2015.

Drugged Nation

According to psychiatrist Julie Holland, at least one in four women in America now takes a psychiatric medication (compared with one in seven men).  An antipsychotic, Abilify, is the No. 1 seller among all drugs in the United States.  (Ed. Note: Side effects of Abilify include : homicidal thoughts, suicidal thoughts, seizures, heart failure, coma and sudden death. )

Medicating Women’s Feelings by Julie Holland –NY Times -FEB. 28, 2015


In a late stage of pneumonia you will often find Sulphur of great service. It is when resolution does not take place as it should, the lung continues dull and the cough dry. The patient begins to have fever at night, with hot hands and feet and hot head.

Wlllard I. Pierce, M.D. – Plain Talks On Materia Medica With Comparisons


The pregnant woman has a friend in Psorinum, for after other remedies have only palliated, it will often stop the vomiting of pregnancy. The skin symptoms are characteristic -dirty, greasy looking with yellow blotches. The body itches intolerably, worse in bed and from warmth, and she scratches until there is bleeding.

The Medical Visitor Edited By Temple S. Hoyne, A. M., M. D.,  Chicago, Ill. Vol. Xi. 189

Morphine Habit

Avena Sativa is one of the most valuable means for overcoming the bad effects of the morphine habit. In most cases in which the habitue has not used more than four grains daily, the opiate may be abruptly discontinued, and even substituted, without any serious results. If a larger quantity has been taken for some time, it is better to gradually reduce the daily dose . Avena should be given in fifteen drop doses three or four times a day, well diluted.

New Old And Forgotten Remedies –  Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz

Tips from Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

Medusa – A cross between Natrum muriaticum and Sepia. Greasy skin,  brownish saddle around nose, dark rings around eyes. Never willing to give the full history. Works well in single doses.

Hamamelis Virginica – Of great value in open, painful wounds and weakness from loss of blood after operations. It supersedes the use of morphia. Q, 200C

Chronic pain from sprains – Ammonium muriaticum

Sulphuric acid – Follows well after Arnica in bruises of soft tissues.

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip  Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College Of Homoeopathy

Merck Planned to Discredit Critics

Emails from pharmaceutical giant Merck revealed that they planned to “neutralize” and “discredit” doctors who criticized the drug Vioxx. “We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live,” a Merck employee wrote. In the U.S. Vioxx was responsible for 60,000 deaths.

Some Tips from Dr. W.A.  Dewey

Hepar in Bronchitis

When the cough begins to loosen and becomes rattling, fatiguing and choking, with moist rales, Hepar will be the remedy. “Coughing into a choke” is a valuable indication for this remedy.

Lachesis in Carbuncle

The parts are purplish looking with evidences of blood poisoning. There is great burning, relieved by washing in cold water. Small boils surrounding the main sore is a valuable indication.


Gelsemium is one of the most valuable remedies in glaucoma, often palliating the severe pains. Headache commences from the nape of the neck (Dr. B. Das).

Silica in Epilepsy

Silicea is one of our most valuable remedies in epilepsy. It suits especially scrofulous and rickety subjects. The aura starts from the solar plexus, (Bufo, Nux v.)  Attacks are brought on by any overstrain of the mind or emotions. A feeling of coldness before an attack is also characteristic.


Anacardium is a remedy much used in low melancholic conditions, and its clinical record is a brilliant one. It is an excellent palliative in the dementia of old age.


The great indication for Arsenicum is burning as if coals of fire were on the affected part. If Arsenic fails, resort may be had to Anthracinum, which has precisely the same symptom, but far more intensely. Warm applications relieve the Arsenic pains. Anthracinum will often promptly relieve the burning, agonizing pains of carbuncle.

W.A. Dewey MD –  Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics,

U.S. Gov’t Plans to Vaccinate All Adults

The U.S. Government is planning a national adult vaccination program. They intend to vaccinate every adult in the country with multiple vaccines. It’s a very wide ranging and insidious plan. Here’s the draft of it.  The public can comment on it for only another 6 days.

Comment here:

Apparently, so many people were refusing vaccines for their children, that Pharma looked for another revenue source.

Some Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Ranunculus bulbosus

Ranunculus bulbosus is decidedly the best remedy for intercostal rheumatism. It has sharp, stitching pains and a sore spot in the chest. These are worse from any motion or even breathing.

Hydrocyanic acid

Hydrocyanic acid and Cina have the symptom, “drinks roll audibly into the stomach.” Cina has it in whooping-cough. But when it occurs in approaching paralysis of the lungs and brain, Hydrocyanic acid is the best remedy.


Belladonna is believed to be our best remedy for Otitis Media in its early stages. Later, we have other remedies indicated, as Hepar and Tellurium.

Mel Cum Sale

There is a combination of honey with salt, known as Mel cum sale. I have used this remedy in prolapsus uteri and even in chronic metritis, especially when associated with sub-involution and inflammation of the cervix. The special symptom which leads you to the remedy is a feeling of soreness across the hypogastrium from ileum to ileum.

Trillium Tincture

Sometimes the cavity remaining after the extraction of a tooth bleeds persistently. If you can clean out that cavity so as to remove the clot, and apply to it a piece of cotton soaked in tincture of Trillium, you will often check that hemorrhage even when other styptics fail. I have used Trillium in the same way in nose bleed.


When a joint is clearly sprained, Arnica is not the best remedy, unless there is considerable inflammation of the soft parts other than the ligaments.


Glonoin is indicated in eye diseases arising from exposure to very bright light, as in the case of one obliged to work at a desk beneath a hot bright light.


If there is any best remedy for Iritis it is Mercurius Corrosivus


Millefolium is a remedy in haemorrhages from the lungs or bowels, of mechanical origin.   The flow of blood is usually bright red.  It is distinguished from Aconite by the absence of anxiety.


Manganum is an excellent remedy in rheumatic patients when the heels are affected and the patient cannot bear any weight on the heels.

E.A. Farrington –  Lectures on Clinical M.M.

Off With His Head!

Italian Surgeon Sergio Canavero states that he has developed a technique for doing the world’s first head transplant, probably in the next two years. The technique, published in the journal Surgical Neurology International, involves cooling the recipient’s head and the donor body to extend the time their cells can survive without oxygen. The tissue around the neck is dissected and the major blood vessels are linked using tiny tubes, before the spinal cords of each person are cut. Cleanly severing the cords is key, said Canavero.

Retention of Placenta

If sometime after the birth of the child, the pains necessary for the expulsion of the after-birth do not manifest themselves, we should excite them by a dose of Pulsatilla. This medicine will render useless the tractions operated upon the cord and the introduction of the hand into the uterus to detach such portions of the placenta as may be adherent or inclosed in the sinus of this organ by the irregular contractions of its muscular fibres.

Homoeopathic Manual of Obstetrics  –  Croserio, C. Camille (1786-1855)

Dental Tips

Fractured Jaw – To relieve pain of fractured bones, Rhus tox 30 or, if worse from any motion, Bryonia 30. To relieve pain when bones are severely contused, Ruta 30, every 2 hours until relief.

Gingivits –acute ulcerative

With heavily coated tongue, Mercurius col 30 thrice daily. With clean tongue –Nitricum Acidum 30, thrice daily.  With much destruction of tissue, Kali Chlor 30  thrice daily.

Dr. Colin B. Lessell – The Dental Prescriber

Homeopathy in Sri Lanka

Three new homeopathic clinics were opened in Sri Lanka in addition to four other existing outpatient clinics. The Government Homeopathic Hospital was expanded to accommodate twenty patients with added OPD units, which are overseen by a Homeopathic Medical Specialist once a week. There was a 100% increase in the number of patients seeking in homeopathic treatment in the hospital and in several peripheral clinics.

LMHI  Report by Dr. T.C. Peiris

Hahnemann’s House

On Saturday, April 11, 2015 we celebrate Dr. Hahnemann’s birthday in the very same house where he has written the first edition of the Organon of Rational Medicine.  If you are travelling in Germany, you are cordially invited to come and join the festivities. You will feel the magic of this historic building.

Tips & secrets mar15img01

For inquiries, kindly contact Siegfried Letzel at the International Hahnemann Center Torgau at:   [email protected]


Abhalight –New Clinic in Africa

The Free Children’s Clinic program has been a great success. See  Now, we are raising money for a new clinic at Kendu Bay, on Lake Victoria. It’s mainly a fishing and agricultural community with lots of endemic malaria, biharzia, HIV.

Abha Light has been running free or low-cost clinics in Kenya and Congo for over 18 years. These clinics serve low-income rural communities and additionally give employment to the trained practitioners and other health workers involved in the project. Generally the clinics can manage for themselves once they are up and running.  They are just looking for startup funds. Can you help?

Go to and contribute to our campaign.

(Editor’s Note:  Didi Ananda Ruchira has been living and working in Kenya for over 12 years, treating the sick, training homeopaths and developing new medicines from local resources.)

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