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Tips & Secrets – Jan. 2020

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips and secrets from the masters and important news. Tips on avoiding certain foods while on a remedy, Baryta carb for tonsils, Aranea for curing the aggravation from dampness, and much more.

French Health Minister Undermines Homeopathy

Reimbursement of homeopathic remedies in France will go from 30% to 15% in 2020.  In 2021, homeopathic remedies will be no longer be reimbursed. This will affect 1,200 homeopathic products. The French Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn gave the order for this, after deciding that homeopathic remedies do not have sufficient scientific proof to justify reimbursement.

Some Tips from Dr. James Tyler Kent

Avoiding Certain Foods 

When patients are under constitutional remedies, they need caution about certain kinds of foods that are known to disagree with their constitutional remedy. A Bryonia patient is often made sick from eating sauerkraut, from vegetable salads, chicken salad, etc.

It is well to caution persons who are under the influence of Puls. to avoid the use of fat foods, because very often they will upset the action of the remedy. It is well to say to patients who are under Lyc.”See that you do not eat oysters while taking this medicine.”

These medicines are known to produce states in the stomach inimical to certain kinds of foods; certain remedies have violently inimical relation to acids, lemons, etc. If you do not particularly mention the fact, and say, “You must not touch vinegar or lemons; nor take, lemon juice while taking this medicine,” you will have the remedy spoiled, and then wonder why it is.

The medicine often stops acting and the patient gets a disordered condition of the stomach and bowel. A medicine that should act for a long time ceases action. It is not an uncommon thing for a patient who has been under the influence of Rhus tox., and has been doing well up to a certain time, after he has taken a bath, to have his symptoms return in the form of a Rhus state; the action of the remedy stops right there.

He must of course take a bath, and yet it is true that some constitutional cases under Rhus must stop taking their ordinary bath, in order to keep themselves under the influence of Rhus. It is the same with Calcarea, a bath will often stop the action.

Agaricus Muscarius

Great changeability, irritability, mental depression and complaints which come on from overexertion of the mind and prolonged study. The whole mind and sensorium seem paralyzed; the patient is sluggish, stupid, at times seems to be delirious. Clumsy motion of the fingers and hands. In handling things. she drops them. Fingers fly open spasmodically while holding things.

Arnica Montana – Fear

Irritable, morose, sad, fearful, easily frightened, imagines all sorts of things, especially that he has heart disease, or that he will mortify, or that some deep-seated trouble is upon him. A sudden fear of death comes on at this time, rousing him up in the night; he grasps at the heart, and thinks he is going to die suddenly. “Send for a doctor at once.” When roused up, he looks at the doctor and says:        “I do not want you; I did not send for you; I am not sick; I don’t need a doctor.”He will say this even when he is seriously ill.

Baryta Carb in Tonsils?

Clinically [Baryta carb] it is laid down in the books for suppuration of these glands, but all my life I have failed to find it a good remedy for suppuration. The inflammation is more likely to turn into an increased infiltration.

One thing in Homoeopathy taught in Hahnemann’s Organon is that unless there are symptoms to indicate the remedy, no great things should be expected from the administration of the remedy.

The enlargement of the tonsils alone is not a symptom upon which a remedy can be selected, and it necessitates guessing a dozen times, and perhaps not hitting at all.

Lectures On Homoeopathic Materia Medica –  James Tyler Kent,  M.D.

Some Tips from E. A. Farrington, M.D.

Aranea diadema

Aranea diadema is suited to persons who suffer at every cold or damp change in the weather.  The symptoms seem to be ill-defined.  In all cases the constitutional taint is at the bottom of the whole trouble.  Aranea diadema will so change the type of constitution that the patient will escape any further injury when exposed to dampness.


Arsenic is an excellent remedy when indicated, a horrible one when misused. I therefore say, “do not give it early in the course of typhoid affections, unless the symptoms clearly call for it.”

E. A. Farrington, M.D.  – Clinical  Materia  Medica

Arnica and Baptisia

Arnica and Baptisia both have a drowsy, stupid state; the patient complains of the bed feeling too hard, and goes to sleep while answering questions.  But, under Arnica, there is complete apathy.


Boenninghausen’s son was taken with typhoid fever and was attended by his father.  Among his symptoms was restlessness characteristic of Rhus tox., yet that remedy gave no relief.   Looking up the materia medica, Boenninghausen found that Taraxacum had this same restlessness of the limbs and with tearing pains, and in addition it also had a symptom which was present in his  son’s case, mapped tongue.  He gave Taraxacum with prompt result.


Arsenicum is to be thought of for the effects of over-exertion, particularly if that exertion consists in climbing steep hills and mountains.  Here you have the effects of breathing rarefied air as well as those of the exertion.

Anemia – Cinchona

Hahnemann has taught us that the anaemia which Cinchona causes renders it useful only when debility or anaemia comes from loss of fluids.

Debility – Cinchona

In applying Cinchona to the debility resulting from sexual excesses, remember that it is only curative for the debility resulting from the excessive loss of semen. If there are constitutional troubles it is worse than useless.

Cinchona for haemorrhages

The haemorrhage may come from any orifice of the body;  the blood is apt to be dark and clotted; the flow is so pro-fuse as to have  almost produced exsanguification of  the body; there is coldness of the whole body, gasping  for breath and  the patient demands to be fanned.


Trillium controls haemorrhage when the flow is either bright red or dark, and occurs in women who flood after every labor.


Millefolium is suited for a profuse, bright red flow, unattended by pain. It is much  like Aconite,  but it lacks the restlessness and anxiety of that remedy;  also, continuous flow after  an injury.

Acalypha Indica is useful in haemoptysis after fits of dry coughing.

Cinnamomum is useful in profuse haemorrhage from a strain or misstep.

Cyclamen is useful in profuse haemorrhage, with dizziness and obscured vision, as from  a fog.

Glonoin  we find to be our best remedy for the effects of heat, whether the trouble  arises from the direct  rays  of the sun, from  hot weather or from working in the intense heat of a furnace, as in the case of foundrymen and  machinists.

Contrasting belladonna and Glonoin

In Glonoin the head symptoms are worse by bending the head backwards; worse in  damp weather; worse from the application of cold water, even causing spasms; better from uncovering.  Belladonna has relief from bending backwards, from sitting up with the head quiet.  Belladonna usually has relief from covering the head, while Glonoin has relief from uncovering

Scarlatina + Lycopodium

In scarlatina, Lycopodium is called for in those cases which do not take a normal course, but which go on to a fatal issue by reason of the constitution.  The child wakens cross and irritable, kicking the clothes off and striking every one about it.   Although this symptom may seem insignificant, it is not so by any means.   Here it resembles Cuprum, Belladonna,  Stramonium and Zincum, all  of which remedies have arousing from sleep as if frightened.  The element of irritability and the absence of symptoms characteristic of the other drugs lead you to Lycopodium.


Probably the very best remedy in the materia medica for parotitis accompanying scarlatina, is Rhus tox.  The next best is Calcarea ostrearum, and next to that Lycopodium.  Lachesis is only indicated when the swelling is purplish and the pus is not laudable but thin, excoriating and ichorous.


Raphanus is also to be thought of in cases with  accumulation and retention of flatus.  Dr. James B. Bell, of Mass. performed an operation on the abdomen. The patient was  decidedly  tympanitic,  and  yet he passed  no flatus whatever, although the bowels moved.  That symptom is under Raphanus.   Dr.  Bell gave that remedy, and the patient recovered

Conium and the heart

Conium weakens the heart, causing the pulse to be one moment full and regular and the next soft, weak, and irregular.  This symptom is not an uncommon indication for Conium in aged people.

Conium in Prostate

Conium causes chronic cystitis, with intermittent urination. The urine flows and stops. That symptom of the drug I have utilized in the treatment of enlargement of the prostate in old people.

Cicuta virosa

Cicuta virosa : At first, the patient is rigid, with fixed staring eyes, bluish face and frothing at the mouth. Next, there passes a  series of  shocks, from the head through the body.  The patient is often un-conscious, the jaws are locked, the patient bites the tongue. These spasmodic  symptoms are followed  by  profound  exhaustion.  These symptoms indicate Cicuta in epilepsy, spasms from worms, and also in some forms of puerperal spasms.

E. A. Farrington, M.D.  – Clinical  Materia  Medica

Oxalic Acidum

It is of service in cases of multiple cerebral sclerosis, when there are lancinating pains which are like electric flashes in various parts, now in the forehead, again in the occiput with tremor of the limbs, and numbness of the fingers and toes, and hyperaesthesia of the sight.

A Manual of Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacology, with Clinical Index A. L. Blackwood, M. D.

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