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Tips & Secrets – October 2018

Tips for Nonprofessional Event Organizers

Tips and secrets this month include remedies for contrasting symptoms,  keynotes from Boericke,  Gardasil update, clinical indications of Indian drugs and more.

Sneha Thakkar / Alan Schmukler

Important Rubrics of some Remedies

Mind, concentration, difficult/ calculation while – Nux vomica

Mind, delusions, devils, that all persons are – Platina

Mind, hatred, persons, unmoved by apologies – Nit – ac

Mind, inconsolable, over fancied misfortune –Veratrum alb

Mind, obstinate, against whatever was proposed, he had the queerest objection –Arg–n

Mind, restlessness, bed, in, 6 pm till 6 am – Kreosote

Mind, sadness, errors of diet –Nat–c

Mind, shrieking, hold on to something, unless she –Sepia

Mind, speech, prattling, lies naked in bed –Hyos

Mind, strange, voices seems  –Cann–s

Mind, transient, afternoon, in warm room – Puls

Mind, weeping, thanked, when – Lyco 

Mind, indifference, onanism, after –Staph

Mind, restlessness, sitting, at work, while –Graph

Source – Kent’s Repertory


Rx Drugs are Leading Killer

“Our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer. I have estimated that psychiatric drugs alone are also the third major killer, mainly because antidepressants kill many elderly people through falls.This tells us that the system we have for researching, approving, marketing, and using drugs is totally broken.”

Peter C Gøtzsche – Danish physician, medical researcher, former Director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre.


Remedies for contrasting symptoms:

Colic better by bending forward – Colocynth

Colic better by bending backward – Diascorea

Baby cries all day, sleeps all night – Lycopodium

Baby cries all night, sleeps all day – Jalapa, Psorinum

Cough on going from warm to cold air – Phosphorus

Cough on going from cold to warm air – Bryonia

Menses flow when lying, cease when walking – Mag carb, Ammon mur, Kreosote

Menses flow only when moving about, cease to flow when she ceases to walk – Lil-tig

Aversion to open air – Cyclamen

Desire for open air – Pulsatilla

Amelioration lying on right side – Sulphur

Aggravation lying on right side – Stannum

Amelioration at seashore – Medorrhinum

Aggravation at seashore or from sea air – Nat mur

Source – Allen’s keynotes


Hints to prescribing for extremities:

Sore   and   raw   spots on  feet, especially heel,  from  friction – Allium cepa

Hamstrings   feel   painfully    short when walking;  tension  in  joints  as  from shortening of the muscles – Amm-mur, Caust. , Cimex

Gout and rheumatism, with great fear  of being  touched  or struck  by  persons coming  near  him – Arn

Ulcers: irritable, inflamed, sloughing, varicose; painful as if beaten (Arn.); excessive secretion of pus – Calendula

Unsteady walking and easy falling of little children – Causticum

The fingers “go to sleep” frequently and easily – Digitalis

Affects left shoulder- and right hip-joint – Led-pal, Agar, Ant-tart, Stram

Painful contractions of the hamstrings – Natrum mur, Caust, Guaiacum

Acute inflammatory swelling of joints, wandering from one joint to another; severe at night; < in rest and during rough stormy weather – Rhododendron, Kalmia

Lameness after sprains, especially of wrists and ankles – Ruta

Burning of soles of feet; must uncover or put them in a cool place – Sanicula, Lachesis, Medorrhinum, Sang., Sulph

When singing or using the voice, aching and weakness in deltoid and arms – Stannum met.

Source – Allen’s Keynotes


FDA’s Gift to Merck Pharmaceuticals

The FDA is now approving Merck’s Gardasil 9 vaccine for adults ages 27- 45. They did this in spite of the thousands of terrible vaccine reactions suffered by younger people who were given the vaccine. Merck did not even have to supply any new trials or data to get the vaccine approved for adults.


Some keynotes by Boericke

Stomach feels as if swimming in water, feels cold– Abrotanum

Ill effects of vegetable diet, melons, and watery fruits generally – Arsenic alb

Sensibility increased, even from mere imagination – Asarum europaeum

It is a princely remedy for old laborers, especially gardeners – Bellis per. (Burnett.)

Corresponds to the symptoms of “air-sickness” in aviators – Belladonna

Dislocation of patella on going upstairs – Cannabis sativa

Cough from excessive use of voice; “minister’s sore throat;” sharp pain in larynx – Collinsonia canadensis

Headache relieved by conversation – Dulcamara

Craving for tobacco – Daphne indica

Eradicates tendency to erysipelas – Graphites

Facial neuralgia from carious teeth and after extraction – Hecla lava

Indicated in many forms of disease characterized by great coldness – “arctic” coldness. cold waves from occiput to feet or ascending – Heloderma horridus

Produces a desire to talk – a flow of language and the courage to make a speech – Lacnanthes tinctoria

Sneezing from direct rays of sun – Merc sulph

When first serious impairment of health is referred to age of puberty – Pulsatilla

Tea-drinking dyspepsia – Thuja

Source – Boericke’s Materia Medica


Study recognizes efficacy of Homeopathy in Dental problems

Nagpur: City homeopath Kavita Chandak’s study on ‘Reducing steroids in dental problems’ suggests homeopathic medicines can offer a non-toxic remedy and the relief can be the same as compared to steroids. Chandak presented this study during a paper presentation at the 73rd World Congress on Homeopathy held at Cape Town, South Africa, recently.

Read full article:


Clinical indications of Indian drugs

It is an excellent remedy in Beri – Beri. The eyes and face, hands and feet and sometimes the whole body are swollen or only the feet are swollen – Aegle folia

In several varieties of fever, such as hectic fever due to pus formation, bilious fever with diarrhoea, fever due to scrofulous or syphilitic affections. Night blindness – Calotropis gigantea

Expressed juice is used as an ingestion in nostrils for epistaxis. The bruised grass has been used by the Hindus from very ancient times as a dressing for fresh wounds probably on account of its styptic properties – Cynadondactylon

In the first stage of phthisis with spitting of blood. The mucous membranes are dry, specially those of the mouth and throat and tongue is dry and there is thirst present – Justicia adhatoda

Has marked sedative properties. It has been tried by Sen and Bose in cases of insanity with violent maniacal symptoms and in cases of high blood pressure. Doses of 20 to 30 grains of the powdered root twice daily produce not only sedative effects but also a reduction of the blood – pressure – Rauwolfia serpentina

Source – Ghose’s Drugs of Hindustan


Remedies for eructations:

Empty eructations, tasting of apples – Agaricus muscaris

Eructation tasting of the ingesta. constant belching – Antim-crud.

Frequent eructations, without taste or smell – Hepar sulph

Belching of bitter fluid or regurgitation of food gives no relief; worse eating fruit – Cinchona

Frequent eructations, tasting like bad eggs. rising of water in mouth – Mag-sulph

Coppery taste and eructations of sulfuretted hydrogen – Medorrhinum

Incomplete burning eructations rise only to pharynx, there burn for hours. Sour eructations – Lycopodium

Putrid eructations. Great acidity, sour eructation – Sulphur

Sour, bitter eructations. Difficult belching of gas. Wants to vomit, but cannot – Nux vomica

Rancid eructations after fat food – Thuja

Sour taste and soureructations after every meal. Belching large quantities of wind, after eating – Phosphorus

Source – Boericke’s Materia Medica


Larger families have reduced cancer risk

A research conducted by University of Zurich concludes that families with many children have a lower risk of cancer. Greater family size is linked to reduced risk not only in women but also in men, a global study using data from 178 countries has found.

Full article :


Postpartum Depression linked to mother’s pain after childbirth

New study by American Society of Anesthesiologists underscores the importance of managing pain during recovery. While childbirth pain has been linked to postpartum depression, the culprit may be the pain experienced by the mother following childbirth, rather than during the labor and delivery process.

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