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Ailments from Spinal Tap

The other day I got an email from an acupuncturist colleague: Do you remember the remedy that you suggested for my cousin who had the spinal tap a few years ago? I have a client who had a botched epidural and having tons of neck pain post-partum. She’s gotten two blood patches so far with relief for a bit and then pain returns. Any suggestions?

I recommended the same remedy that I had used successfully before. Follow-up 6/19/12: “I gave the remedy to her, and she is so much better today; headache and neck pain gone with just a little back pain at the site. Thanks so much for your advice!”

Discussion : Most homeopaths would suggest Hypericum in such a case, but the etiology is not injury to the nerves. The problem is trauma to the cerebrospinal fluid. The remedy is Natrum sulphuricum.

Ref: Dr. Sarabhai Kapadia (1928-1987) Homeopathic Reminiscences. Ailments from spinal tap: Nat-s. You will not find this information in any repertory or materia medica. As I understand it, this indication for Natrum sulph is related to its use in concussions, which also involve injury of the cerebrospinal fluid.

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Australian Docs

There is not a single medical school in Australia teaching adequate nutritional science to future doctors to ensure that they are fit to practice in proper health care.”

Ian Brighthope, M.D. -The Forces Against Health in Australia


Cicuta Virosa

Cicuta Virosa is a cerebo-spinal irritant; the head is drawn back, opisthotonos; all the limbs are convulsed and rigid. It has cured traumatic tetanus lockjaw, epilepsy, epileptiform convulsions. Convulsions spread from above downwards, and thus it is the opposite of Cuprum. He is extremely sensitive to touch, and touch and drafts bring on convulsions.

Lectures on Homœopathic Materia Medica – By James Tyler Kent, M.D.


A Prover of Dioscorea

If you will examine my proving of Dioscorea, I think you will find nearly all of the symptoms that have been produced by that remedy. There was not a day for four months that I was not seriously under its influence, and I have no doubt it affected me for years. The colic, which is relieved by standing erect or bending backwards, the opposite of Colocynth. For cases of broken down, nervous systems, with nocturnal emissions, even cases partially demented, I know of no remedy that can compete with it.

A. M. Gushing. M. D.. Springfield, Mass. –Reported in The Medical Advance – Aug 1887 – Ed. and Publisher : Henry C. Allen, M. D.


Lemna Minor

Lemna has so far given relief in my hands to cases of nasal polypi and to cases where the nostrils were plugged by swollen turbinates and other causes in a matter far surpassing the effect I have obtained from any other remedy. In saying this I do not at all wish it to be understood that we have in it a specific for all such cases.

Dr. Robert C. Cooper, of London –From the Hahnemannian Monthly 1894


Mephitis in Whooping Cough

Mephitis is useful in a cough with a well marked laryngeal spasm, a whoop. Cough is worse at night on lying down; there is a suffocated feeling, and the child cannot exhale. Farrington observes that this remedy will often apparently make the patient worse, while it really tends to shorten the course of the disease.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics -Ed. W. A. DEWEY, M. D. (1901)


Thuja in Neuralgia

A common remedy for neuralgia is Thuja. There is always a history of repeated vaccinations ; recurrent chronic neuralgia of long-standing duration following within a short period of an unsuccessful—usually—vaccination. Face ache arising from left cheek-bone near the ear extending through teeth to nose, and through temples into head. Painful spots burn like fire and are sensitive to the sun rays.

Dr. Dorothy Shepherd – Heal thyself Dec 1944.

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Want to know how to treat a patient who is on Allopathic drugs?

Listen to Robin Murphy briefly explain this:


Abdominal Colic

Atropinum: Chronic pancreatitis with multiple pancreatic stone. Great pain and vomiting of all food; after hot drinks, > after vomiting. Stomach very sensitive; swelling in pyloric region. Sleep disturbed by gastric pains. 6x Trit, 30C

Dioscorea Villosa: Intolerable pain in acute appendicitis. Severe cutting, colicky pains, paroxysmal. Colic > walking around; pains radiate from the abdomen to the back, chest, arms < bending forward, lying. Sharp pains from liver, shoot upward to r. nipple. (Q)

Eupatorium Purpureum: Vesical irritability in women in case of recurrent E. Coli infection. Severe colic after voiding urine. Pain and soreness of abdomen, much < l. side. (30C)

Thanks to : Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – From : Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip


Weakened Stomach

Arsenicum is an excellent remedy in persons who have enfeebled the stomach by the persistent use of ice-cold drinks, tobacco, and excesses of various kinds, and whose nervous system gives evidence of great exhaustion.

A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homoeopathy – Ed. H. R. Arndt, M.D.


Natrum Sulph in Asthma

Natrum sulphuricum has established a record in curing asthma. Its general symptoms are worse on change to damp weather. Moist asthma with a rattling in the chest, looseness of the bowels after each attack, attacks generally come on 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning. The patient must sit up and hold the chest with the hands during an attack.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – W.A. Dewey MD



For the fever which sometimes accompanies burns, give Aconite. Arnica should not be used in injuries of this kind. In convulsions arising from severe burns, Chamomilla has proved beneficial. Extensive burns are sometimes attended by diarrhoea or costiveness, but nothing should be done for either, unless the latter lasts longer than four or five days. The diarrhoea is essential to the preservation of life, and ought not be interfered with, unless it continues for weeks after the burn has been cured.

If the diarrhoea is attended with pains in the bowels, give Pulsatilla, afterwards Sulphur. Calcarea, if it is more frequent between noon and midnight. Arsenicum if more towards morning and in the forenoon. In most cases it will disappear of itself, if you drink plenty of cold water, and take frequent exercise in the open air. If hands and feet become much swollen, give Calcarea.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician -Constantine Hering, M. D.


Tarentula Cubensis

Tarentula Cubensis, the hairy spider, causes a perfect picture of carbuncle even to the sloughing. It may be used effectually when there are great prostration and diarrhoea with intermitting fever of evening exacerbation. In relieving the atrocious pains accompanying this condition, it acts almost like magic.

Clinical Materia Medica – E.A. Farington – E. A. Farrington, M.D.



A peculiar and not very common symptom, found under Stramonium is:

“He feels very large, or as if some part of his body were much larger than the other, or as if he were double. This last symptom occurs many times in the delirium of fevers, and is found also under Baptisia, Petroleum and Thuja. The patient is afraid in the dark ; wants the light, but is aggravated by a bright light, or any bright object, and is worse in the sunlight. Worse when alone, wants company, but is worse among strangers.

Hahnemannian Monthly Volume-Two January To December I917


Dr. Barton Munsey

Dr. Barton Munsey was a homeopathic practitioner in Wilmington, North Carolina. In 1846 he went to Harvard University, and the next year applied to the New York Medical School for a course, but was informed that “he would not be allowed to graduate with homoeopathic notions.” He went to South America, introducing homoeopathy in Curacoa. He returned to the U.S. where he graduated from the Homoeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1850. At the breaking out of the civil war, he was surgeon in the union army. In 1864 he married Mary E. Weeks, who afterward became a homoeopathic physician, graduating from the Homoeopathic Medical College of Missouri in 1871.

History of Homoeopathy and its Institutions in America – William Harvey King, M.D., 1905.


Treating the Mother

The family history of Mrs. K. was bad, having lost several members of her family from tuberculosis. Her first child was very frail from birth. The fontanelles were large and the cranial bones thin and delicate. During its second year it developed tuberculosis of the spine and finally died. In the two subsequent pregnancies of the mother she took Calcarea and the children, now nine and twenty-two months of age respectively, are healthy.

We should be prepared to detect and combat physical weaknesses and taints in prospective parents before such taints become entailed upon their first born.

Dr. U. A, Sharrell, MD – Am. Med, Monthly. (Reported in The Homoeopathic Recorder VOLUME IX 1898 )


Homeopathy in Turkey

The LMHI reports that as a result of negotiations with the Turkish Health Ministry, the selling and marketing of homeopathic remedies is now possible in Turkey. The new regulation regarding the selling and marketing of homeopathic remedies in pharmacies was passed by the Turkish Parliament on 17 May 2012. In Turkey, only physicians are licensed to practice homeopathy.

Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis –


Keynotes from Dr. Adolph Lippe

Phos acid : Most of the pains are only felt during rest and are much ameliorated by motion. (Rhus t.)

Platina : The pains begin slightly, increase gradually and decrease in the same slow, gradual manner.

Psorinum : Great aversion to have the head uncovered, even in the hottest weather does he persist in wearing a fur cap.

Psorinum : Is an indispensable remedy if debility remains after violent acute diseases; if profuse perspirations remain after typhus fever; in consequences of suppressed itch, especially after large doses of Sulphur; if the patient is hopeless, despairing of his recovery.

The Homoeopathic Recorder – Volume XVIII 1898

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  • Natrum sulph in neck pain- true in compression of spinal fluid any where even in lumber or thoraccic vertebrae even in Pots disease cases.–proved successful.
    i had given pulsatilla !cm dose in cervical spondylosis.
    for the acupuncturist please -open dr9anwerkamal@youtube and see the lady who could not slept for 8 months properly for cervical spondylosis caused by left mamactomy of carcinoma case after 20 minutes of acupuncture treatment without any medicines as she is on some anticancer allopathic medicines—-points to be used shown in video.

  • Nat Sulph is an old favourite of mine for Asthma.

    Take a 500ml bottle of water and remove about 100ml of it.

    Put 3 pellets of Nat Sulph 6 into the water and leave to dissolve
    for a few minutes.

    The bottle is then succussed by banging hard on the palm of the hand until the water is observed to fizzle in the same manner that occurs when a bottle of soda is opened.

    This is done 6 times.

    A teaspoonful of the potentized water is stirred into half a cup of water. Put the rest of the bottle in the fridge.

    A teaspoonful is taken from this cup and is slowly sipped. Throw the rest away.

    The remedy is taken every other day.

  • i am regular reader of tips and secrets of this site.
    it is requested to give the potency of medicines used.
    i would like to know the books authered by Alan Schmukler along with its prise and source from which it can be procured.

    • Dear Dr. Mehta,

      My book is Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook published by Llewellyn. There is another English edition published in India under the title: A Complete Guide to Homeopathy (New Age Books)

      Both editions are widely available on the internet. I have seen copies selling for between 12 and 17 USD. You can read about the book on my website at
      It is published in other languages as well:
      L’Homeopathie De A a Z (French)
      Homoopathic A-Z fur den Hausgebrauch –Random House (German)
      Homeopatia –Pordnik domowy od A do Z (Polish )
      OMOIOΠAθΗΤIKH (Homeopathy for Health and Well Being) (Greek )
      Homeopatia de A a Z (Portuguese)


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