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Tips & Secrets April 2019

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Written by Sneha Thakkar

Tips and Secrets from the masters and important news. Tips from Dr. H.C. Allen, Dr. D.M. Foubister, Dr. Adolphe Lippe, Dr. Charles C. Boyle and news of 5G warnings from the UK.

Thanks to Dr. Sneha Thakkar for this month’s tips!

5 G warnings from the EU,

Responses to 5G and Warnings

A report by the European Parliament titled: 5G Deployment – State of Play in Europe, USA and Asia, published in April 2019, addresses  health concerns states:

Significant concern is emerging over the possible impact on health and safety from potentially much higher exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation arising from 5G. Increased exposure may result not only from the use of much higher frequencies in 5G but also from the potential for the aggregation of different signals, their dynamic nature, and the complex interference effects that may result, especially in dense urban areas.”

and in Brussels:

A pilot project to provide high-speed 5G wireless internet in Brussels was stopped due to concern for the health of citizens.  Environment minister Céline Fremault (CDH) stated:  “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit.–1287962

and in Germany –

“A petition asking the German Parliament to stop the award of 5G frequencies reached 54,643 signatures, surpassing the quorum. The German Parliament may suspend the 5G based on “scientifically justified doubts about the safety of this technology”. Scientists and doctors have warned against a nationwide introduction of 5G which uses millimeter waves up to 200 GHz. This radiation is absorbed by the human skin carrying the risk of cancer, cellular stress and genetic changes, according to the petition.“–1287962

Tips from Dr. H.C. Allen’s Keynotes

Rheumatic pain in the right arm and shoulder – Sanguinaria can

Rheumatic pain in the left arm and shoulder – Ferrum met

Pains extend from other parts to the back – Sepia

Pains extend from back to other parts – Sabina

Styes: especially on upper lid; from eating fat, greasy, rich food or pork – Pulsatilla

Easy dislocation and spraining of ankle; weak ankle gives way – Natrum carb

Cannot bear the thought or sight of meat – Muriatic acid, Nitric acid

Extreme sensitiveness of sacrum cannot bear the slightest touch, even of a soft pillow; sits leaning forward to avoid contact with clothes – Lobelia

Daily colic in infants about five a.m. – Kali brom

Hears better when in a noise; when riding in a carriage or car, when there is rumbling sound – Graphites

Laryngeal phthisis following whooping – cough – Drosera

Cough has a gurgling sound, as if water was being poured from a bottle – Cuprum met

Constipation, with horribly offensive breath – Carbolic acid

Source – Allen’s Keynotes

Australia removes Homeopathy & Naturopathy from Private Health Insurance

The Federal Government has removed cover for 16 natural therapies, including homeopathy and naturopathy.Private health insurers will no longer be able to offer benefits for these therapies.

President of Australia Pharmaceutical Society urges ban on Homeopathy

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia National President, Dr Chris Freeman, has written an open letter to all Australian pharmacy groups requesting they ban the sales, promotion and recommendation of homeopathy.

A Nosode for the Boxer Pups

One of my patients breeds Boxer dogs. She called in a panic as they had all been infested with a parasite called “Walking Dandruff” (cheyletiellosis). The remedy picture pointed to Psorinum. We gave 2 doses of 200 C and it all cleared it up. Might be helpful for some of you if you come across this.

Katharina Riedener, DHom, RCS Hom, HMC

Harvard Study Has Good News for Homeopathic Medicine

The American Journal of Public Health has recently published a survey article out of Harvard that shows that homeopathic medicine, while still only used by a small fraction of the U.S. population, has jumped 15% in use. In addition, most users put homeopathy among the top 3 complementary and integrative strategies they use in their health care.

Therapeutic Hints by Dr. D.M. Foubister

Aurum Metallicum200 – 10M. is a “pathological” remedy for undescended testicle, providing the test-icle is not ectopic.

Coccus Cacti 3x – 30, 200 is almost a specific for later stages of whooping cough or at any stage when there is a paroxysmal cough accompanied by vomiting of thick glairy mucous (like white of egg)

Kali Bromatum200 may cure acne when apparently indicated remedies fail.

Helleborus 200, 1M, 10M. is a “pathological” remedy for the after effects of head injury. It is useful when individual indications are difficult to obtain.

Mancinella200. “Fear of insanity” – probably the main remedy.

Pyrogenium 6, 30, 200, 10m. Apart from the symptomatic indications, Pyrogen may be prescribed pathologically when there is a septic focus and toxaemia, bacteraemia or maybe even septicaemia, when there is either a swinging temperature, or a tachycardia out of proportion to the temperature.

Causticum 200 is the chief remedy for loss of voice from whatever cause. For children who stop growing after a burn, Causticum may be an invaluable remedy.

FerrumMetallicum30. For vomiting after tonsillectomy. A dose of Ferrummetallicum 30 given after each vomit usually causes rapid improvement.

(Source – Foubister’s Hints)

Mayor of New York Mandates Measles Vaccine Despite Danger

The mayor of New York has ordered measles vaccines for children as young as six months old, with a fine of $100 for any parent who does not comply. However the package insert from Merck  states:

“Health authorities may recommend measles vaccination of infants between 6 to 12 months of age in outbreak situations. This population may fail to respond to the components of the vaccine.Safety and effectiveness of mumps and rubella vaccine in infants less than 12 months of age have not been established.

Some Tips from Dr.Adolphe Lippe

Visible, but painless twitching of the muscles – Menyanthes

Want of sensation in the whole body – Oleander

Severe neuralgic pains of an alarming character – Rhododendron

Weakness of the whole body, as if the marrow of the bones was stiff – Angusturavera

Dizziness when lying down, with headache, especially in the evening – Bromium

Continued use of the voice proves enervating – Stannum met

Debility, more often felt during rest than during motion – Moschus

Spasms during pregnancy, during parturition, when trying to swallow fluids, and from worms – Hyoscyamus

(Source – Dr. Adolphe Lippe’s keynotes)

Some Remedies for Ear Affections

Throbbing in ears, bursting sensation, as if membrane would be forced out with each beat of the heart. Burning of ear – Amyl nit

Burning and itching in canals of ears. Inflammation commences with shooting pains, and finally discharge of blood; purulent discharge from ears. Sensations as from insects crawling over body– Arundo

Sensation in ears like a sound of confused voices; worsewhen swallowing and walking in the open air; throbbing and hissing in ears, synchronous with beats of heart; swelling behind ears – Benzoic acid

Roaring in ears; deafness; ringing in ears; sensitive to external noises (China), although deaf to voices – Chenopodium

Left ear all cracked and desquamating, like powdered starch; heat and fullness in right ear – Comocladia

Inflammation of eustachian tube; left ear swollen in and out; tender to pressure, bleeds easily, thick, bloody, foul smelling pus; bruised, tearing pain about ears, as if they were being torn from their location – Eryngium

Earache left side, from throat, with prosopalgia; pain behind left ear in bone, extending toward neck – Lith carb

Catarrhal inflammation of middle ear; eustachian tube and mucous membrane of pharynx affected; otitis media; closure of eustachian tube; membranum tympani retracted, thickened, and immovable – Merc dulcis

Roaring and whizzing in ears. Vertigo from chronic catarrhal inflammation of middle ear; vertigo, with ringing in ears – Onosmodium

Pain in ear, with pain in teeth and face; pains sharp. Neuralgia; earache, associated with toothache– Plantago

When blowing the nose, a fine singing in the ears, and sounds like the passing of air through mucus. Accumulation of mucus in middle ear  –Teucrium marum varum

(Source – Dr. Charles C. Boyle’s Ear Therapeutics)

About the author

Sneha Thakkar

Dr. Sneha Thakkar, M.D (Hom) has had rich experience in treating varied
cases homeopathically in her practice over the past decade. Keen observation, patience and persistence are the key values she adheres to professionally and personally. Her homoeopathic knowledge has been enriched working along renowned homoeopaths like Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Sujit Chatterjee, Dr. Jayesh Shah and Dr. Shekhar Algundgi at ‘the other song’ clinic and academy, Mumbai. She also has specialized clinical training in the fields of pediatrics and dermatology. An avid reader and an articulate writer, she has authored and helped edit many publications for different homoeopathic journals. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, she has also been associated with the Ontario College of Homoeopathic Medicine, in the capacity of lecturer and clinic supervisor.


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