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November 2019 Homeopathy Tips

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Tips and Secrets from the masters and important news. Tips on lesser known keynotes, important indications for Belladonna, victories for homeopathy, drug company mischief and more.

Phony ‘Study’ Critical of Homeopathy is Debunked

The NHMRC Homeopathy Review published in 2015 (Australia) that declared homeopathy was ineffective and caused widespread damage to the reputation of homeopathy, has been discredited. The original report that favored homeopathy, which had been hidden, was finally surrendered. The NHMRC is currently under investigation by the Commonwealth Ombudsman, facing charges of bias, misreporting, conflicts of interest and breach of procedure.

Boiron Homeopathic Pharmacy Fights Back

Recently the French Health Minister declared that homeopathy would no longer be reimbursed by the national health care system. Boiron has responded:

“Boiron and Lehning laboratories have asked the Conseil d’Etat (France’s highest administrative court) to quash the following orders:

  • Decree no. 2019-905 which temporarily reduces the amount covered by the health insurance fund for homoeopathic drugs and preparations from 30 to 15%
  • Decree no. 2019-904 which excludes homoeopathic preparations from being covered by the health insurance fund, starting on a date fixed by decree and no later than 1st January 2021.

These appeals focus on both the irregularities which have tainted the homoeopathy assessment procedure conducted by the French Health Authority transparency commission, and the ill-founded nature of these decrees.

They will also challenge the law which delegates coverage of homeopathic medicines to a single minister.”

Lesser known Keynotes from Doctor M. E Douglass, M. D

OCIMUM – Nephritic colic (right side), with violent vomiting, every fifteen minutes. Twists about, screams and groans.  Red (bloody) urine, with brick-dust sediment, after the attack.

COLCHICUM – External impressions, such as bright light, strong odors, contact, misdeeds of others, make him quite beside himself.

ABIES CANADENSIS – Craving for meat, pickles, and other coarse food

a gnawing, hungry, faint feeling at the epigastrium.

KALI CARBONICUM – Cannot bear to be touched. Starts when touched

ever so lightly, especially on the feet. Bag-like swelling between upper lids and eyebrows.

MOSCHUS – During menses, at the beginning, violent drawing pains, pulling and pressing on the parts like labor pains.

ALUMINA – Urine can only be passed with the stool, or must stand up to urinate, and then sit down so defecate.

NICCOLUM- Objects appear too large. Twitchings of the upper lip. Diarrhoea after drinking milk.

AMMONIUM BROMATUM – Right eye full of white stringy mucus, expectoration of white, sticky mucus. Feet cold in a warm room.

OPIUM – Bed feels so hot she cannot lie on it; moves often in search of a cool place. Must be uncovered.  Want of susceptibility to remedies. Lack of vital action.

PHYTOLACCA – Great pain in the root of the tongue when swallowing. Throat of a dark- red color. Every attempt to swallow is attended with excruciating shooting pains through both ears.

SPIGELIA – Intolerably pressive pain in eyeballs; could not turn the eyes without turning the whole body.

STANNUM – The smell of cooking causes nausea and vomiting.

TELLURIUM – The spine, from the last cervical to about the fifth dorsal vertebra, very sensitive.

THUJA –  Headache as if a nail had been driven into parietal bone (Coffea, Ignatia). The flesh feels as if beaten off the bones. Teeth decay at the roots

DOL1CHOS – Intense itching of the skin, with no appearance of

swelling or rash.

CYCLAMEN – The saliva has a salty taste, which is communicated to all the food eaten.

From: Pearls of Homeopathy M. E Douglass, M. D – Circa 1903

Some Tips on Belladonna from Dr. Temple S. Hoyne M.D.  (circa 1878)

Paralysis of the face, or paralysis of one side of the body, following apoplexy, is often relieved by this drug.

In asphyxia neonatorum Belladonna should be given for red face with congestive eye-balls.

Belladonna proves curative in sciatica, when racking pains come on during sleep, waking the patient, and keeping him awake. < aggravated by touch, motion. Come on suddenly and leaves suddenly.

It is especially valuable in measles with very sore throat, difficulty of swallowing, sleepiness, but cannot sleep, headache over the eyes, with congestion to the head.

Case: Rheumatism since fifteen years, under Allopathic treatment. Upper and lower limbs, pains come and go quickly. Calcareous nodes on fingers. Bell every 2-4 four hours, four days. Pains all gone.  Pains returned four months later after standing on damp ground. Promptly relieved by Bell. Since then well.

Dr. A. Korndoefer

You will be surprised to see the rapidity with which Belladonna subdues mastitis when the breasts feel heavy, are very hard, and the redness runs in radii, accompanied with pulsating pains, high fever, headache over the eyes, constipation.

Belladonna proves curative in whitish leucorrhoea, with violent stitches in the pubic region, and constant bearing down as if everything would issue from the abdomen.

Case: Mrs. W., had been in labor three days. The head was found resting on the os uteri, which was undilated and felt to the touch as hard as a piece of ivory. Bell. 30, three doses, dilated the os in two hours, and in two hours more the child was born.

Dr. S. C. Knickerbocker.

Retention of urine in pregnant females is well met by Belladonna when it is due to over distension from delay in urinating. Also retention of urine in scarlet fever, if Hyoscyamus has failed to relieve.

Clinical Therapeutics  Vol. I, Temple S. Hoyne, M. D., Professor Of Materia Medica And Therapeutics In Hahnemann Medical College Of Chicago.

Drug Company Mischief

As drug giant Pfizer Inc. hiked the price of dozens of drugs in 2017, it also jacked up the compensation of CEO Ian Read by 61 percent, putting his total compensation at $27.9 million. This comes after Pfizer increased the prices of 91 drugs by an average of 20 percent in just the first half of 2017.

Drug Giant Fined $8 Billion

A Philadelphia jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $8 billion in damages to a  man who developed gynecomastia after using the J&J’s drug Risperdal as a child. The jury found that Johnson & Johnson knew of the side effect but understated it to doctors.  In other lawsuits a judge ordered the company to pay $572 million for contributing to the state’s opioid-addiction crisis, and $4.69 billion in damages to 22 women who developed ovarian-cancer from the companies baby powder.

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