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A Burning Question

Allergic Contact Dermatitis (Eczema) with symptoms like blistering, itching and burning, especially due to contact of chemicals like hair dyes on skin, can be effectively reduced with Phosphorus more effectively than Rhus.Tox or Sulfur. It is my personal experience and also mentioned in : Homeopathic Medical Repertory by Robn Murphy – Toxicity due to Chemicals.


A Hip Tip

Trillium pendulum : Almost specific for pelvic orthopedic complaints in the second half of pregnancy; posture problems, pain and discomfort at the symphisis pubis, back instability, etc. Amelioration by pressure inwards with hands on both hips. Pelvic relaxation by pregnancy hormones.

Cfr.Boericke. ” As if pelvis will fall to pieces, unless tightly bound up”.
Thanks to Dr. Eddy Thielens -Belgium.

Bites of Insects

Natrum muriaticum 6x cures rapidly. Moisten the painful spot and apply thereto Natrum mur 6th trituration, rubbing it in. Pain ceases at once.

The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler -Boericke & Dewey -Thanks to Ron Ziegler U.S.


Calcarea phox 1x in water, given half an hour after food, is efficacious in non-assimilation of food.

The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Schussler -Boericke & Dewey -Thanks to Ron Ziegler U.S.

What’s In a Name?

LM=Q…… LM potencies are also called Q potencies (quintamillesimal)

X= D ……… X potencies are also called D potencies (decimal)

C = CH , CK ……C potencies are sometimes designated CH or CK depending on the method of potentization : CH for Hahnemannian CK for Korsakovian

Thanks to Aaron Bender U.S.

Tips From the Late Louis Dion

If the mental symptoms of a case are Natrum mur, and the physical symptoms are Lycopodium, consider Natrum carbonicum.

I have found the osteoarthritis nosode effective in some cases of arthritis.

For kidney stones, remember Calc renalis. You may also try a 6x potency of the patient’s urine.

From loss of energy after burns, consider Picric acid.

In head injuries, always give Arnica before Natrum Sulph, otherwise the patient may get a terrible headache.

With fever of unknown origin in children, start with Ferrum phos.

For intestinal gas after surgery, Carbo animalis.

In patients who desire warm food and drink, consider liver problems.

Lac Humanum – There’s a love/hate relationship between mother and child. It can result from a seductive mother.

From a lecture given by Louis Dion in Philadelphia in 1990.

Now You Know

Avogadro’s Number is the number of atoms in a gram mole of any substance. It’s a constant equal to 6.023 x 10 23 Critics point out that homeopathic medicines are diluted far beyond Avogadro’s Number. Research by Shui Yin Lo, director of research and development at American Technologies Group, found that water molecules, which are random in their normal state, begin to form a cluster when a substance is added to water and the water is vigorously shaken — the exact process homeopaths use to create their medicine.

Every substance exerts its own unique influence on the water, so each cluster shape and configuration is unique to the substance added. With each dilution and shaking, the clusters grow bigger and stronger.

Andy Patrizio- Science Discoveries

Mountain Laurel

Kalmia Latifolia : Heart diseases that have developed from rheumatism or alternate with it. In rheumatism, intense pains change place suddenly, going from joint to joint. Pulse slow, 33 to 40. Follows Spigelia well in heart disease.

-Keynotes of Leading Remedies – Dr. H.C Allen

Numbness During Menses

Pulsatilla -Numbness of suffering parts. Better open air, company, cold food and drink. Worse heat, rich fat food, allowing feet to hang down, lying on left or painless side.

Homeopathic Medical Repertory – R. Murphy -Thanks to Bob Rush – Canada

Chamomilla Excitement

Slight impressions produce distress, anguish; pains often result in fainting. In every disease in which Chamomilla is indicated, we notice this peculiar excitability. Unless the mental state is present, Chamomilla will most likely fail you.

Lectures on Clinical M.M – E. A. Farrington

Lesser Known Aspects of Well Known Remedies

Arnica – Some of us prescribe it always, with relief to the patient, after a vaccination. Unlike Thuja, which aborts the process entirely, Arnica simply relieves the discomfort, leaving the pustules to take their usual course.

Calcarea Sulph – The presence of pus with a vent is the general indication for CalcareaSulph.

Staphysagria -Burning in urethra when not urinating. While urinating the burning ceased. We have plenty of remedies for burning before, during and after urination, but Staphysagria is the only one having this burning all the time between the acts of urinating.

Cocculus indicus- A man will stretch out his leg on a chair and he can’t flex it till he reaches down with his hands to assist.

Allium Cepa -Sore and raw spots on feet, especially heel, from friction. Efficacious when feet are rubbed sore – Dioscorides.

Camphor -Great coldness of surface, with a desire to uncover…Great heat or sweat, with aversion to uncover.

From -Tyler’s Drug Pictures – Thanks to Murthy – India


The salt is triturated with sugar of milk up to 3c. Higher potencies are prepared with alcohol from 3c potency. Proved by Dr. Hahnemann and again by Dr J.O.Muller. Duration of Action 30 Days

Mind -Weakness of memory, fear of dark and being alone, crowds, heights, being late. Anticipatory anxiety, impulsive, hurried.

Blood -Destruction of red blood cells

Convulsion preceded by great restlessness.

Complaints appear gradually and cease gradually.

Left sided complaints.

Splinter like pains while swallowing in sore throat. Splinter like sensation in uterus while walking.

Congestive headache -with fullness.

Eructation accompanies most gastric complaints. Flatulent dyspepsia belching after every meal.

Diarrhoea with green mucous after eating and drinking.

Impotence -erections fail when coition is attempted. Female :Coition painful followed by bleeding. Metrorrhagia with nervous weakness at menopause and in young widows.

Great weakness of lower extremeties with trembling.

Aggravation – Cold food, ice-cream, sugar, cold air, emotions, anxiety, mental exertion, warmth, night, riding, after eating and drinking, ice cream, sugar, left side.

Amelioration – Cool open air, cold, stimulants, tight bandage on head, washing with cold water, eructation, sitting, bending double.

Systematic materia medica by K.N. Mathur,.Synoptic Key to M.M.-CM Boger.
Thanks to Dr. Bilal Hamza and Dr. Meer Zahid- Pakistan.



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