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More Tips & Secrets from the masters. – March 2014

Aethusa Cynapium

Aethusa cyan. is for Cholera infantum that comes on very suddenly in hot weather in infancy, with extreme prostration. Death is stamped on the face from the beginning, and if there are any remedies in the book that save life, this is one of them. Hippocratic face, whitish-blue pallor around the lips, eyes are sunken and a sunken condition around the nose. Without Aethusa, in two or three days the undertaker gets that child.

James Tyler Kent,  M.D. – Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica –


Fear of Gunfire

Borax is violently frightened at a shot, even when heard at a distance. According to my experience, it is an excellent remedy for hunting-dogs who shy at a shot. There are also children who shrink at every shot and have a great and unnatural fear from it.

C. M. F. Von Boenninghausen – Lesser Writings


Homeopathic Therapy of Vaccine Damages and Vaccine InjuriesVaccine Deaths in India

A spate of sudden infant deaths following vaccination in India has prompted leading pediatricians to call for stronger regulatory mechanisms to evaluate new vaccines for safety. According to data obtained from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, over the last year, 54 babies are recorded to have died soon after receiving the newly introduced “pentavalent” vaccine that is designed to prevent infection by five disease-causing microbes.


Mullein Oil

Preparation — Fill a bottle with the blossoms, from the Verbascum thapsus, add olive oil, cork tightly and hang in the sun for four or five weeks. By that time there will be an oily liquid distilled.  Mix with ten per cent, of alcohol.  In chronic suppurative disease of the tympanum, or in accumulation of detritus in cases of perforation, scarred drum-heads, etc., it acts to dislodge accumulations, free the ossicula from pressure, and thereby improves the hearing. This process goes on for months till the tympanum has thrown out an amount of debris that is surprising.

New Old And Forgotten Remedies –  Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz



Zinc, is indicated rather by the constitutional rather than the local symptoms. There must be pronounced failure of the nutritive organs, anemia and a weakened circulation to make this drug curative.

Alfred W. Woodward M.D.  – 1839-1902 – Constitutional Therapeutics -The Patient Not the Disease


Bowel Nosodes

Bowel nosodes are only for chronic diseases, often clearing the way for the indicated remedy. Do not repeat before 3 months. Culture is not absolutely necessary before their use.

Dr. D P. Rastogi – Golden Tips by Masters


Disparity of Wealth

Research conducted by the British charity Oxfam has concluded that the 85 richest people on the planet have accumulated as much wealth as the lower 3.5 billion people.


Palsy of Tongue in Dogs

Some dogs are subject to palsy of one side of the tongue.  The tongue is lolling out of the mouth, with an inclination towards one side.  The dog can lap up food cannot thoroughly clean his nose with it.  Nux Vomica is the most likely medicine to be of service in such a case. To obtain effects it should be administered regularly for a considerable period.

Handy Book of Veterinary Homoeopathy – James Moore (circa 1800’s)


Bell, Stram, Hyos, Verat Compared

Now, remember this group of facts: Belladonna is fierce and brave;  Stramonium is wild and cowardly;  Hyoscyamus is jolly and companionable ;  Veratrum alb is hopeless and despairing, or wildly plaintive, beseeching for his salvation, which is apparently lost.

M. M. Fleagle, M.D – Hahnemannian  Monthly Volume-II  Jan – Dec I917



Medusa or the jelly-fish has effects which are nearly identical with those of Urtica urens. It produces a nettle-rash and also has some slight action on the kidneys.

E. A.Farrington, M.D – A Clinical Materia Medica


U.S. Nuke Plants Flawed

All 104 nuclear power reactors now in operation in the United States have a safety problem that cannot be fixed and they should be replaced with newer technology, the former chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said on Monday. Shutting them all down at once is not practical, he said, but he supports phasing them out rather than trying to extend their lives.

N.Y. Times – April 8, 2013


A Keynote Observed in Practice

A boy of four was down with fever. When swallowing a mouthful of water it sounded like water rolling into an empty barrel. The sound commenced just as soon as water enters his esophagus and rolls on down into stomach and bowels. On this symptom Hydrocyanic acid was given and the case at once took a turn for the better and recovery followed.

Dr. A. S. Ironsides – The Homoeopathic Recorder Volume XIII 1898


Some Remedies in Deafness

From suppressed eruption : Sulphur or Antim crudum

From measles : Pulsatilla or Carbo Veg

From Scarlatina : Belladonna or Hepar

From abuse of mercury: Nit. Ac, Carbo Veg., Sulphur.

Nervous deafness : Cinchona, Arsenic, Gelseminum

From enlarged tonsils : Belladonna, Mercurius, Calcarea carbonica

From suppressed discharge from ears or nose : Hepar, Lachesis, Belladonna.

Joseph D. Laurie MD – An  Epitome of The Homoeopathic Domestic Medicine


Aesculus Hippocastanum

It is especially useful in children that rouse up in sleep frightened and in confusion, like Lycopodium. He looks all around the room, bewildered, does not know the people, wonders where he is and what is the meaning of the things he sees.


Baryta Muriatica

It has induration and narrowing of the cardiac orifice. Much pain immediately after eating and epigastric tenderness, which has been repeatedly verified. Also used in aneurism and in chronic hypertrophy of the tonsils. Multiple sclerosis of brain and cord. Voluntary muscular power gone, but perfectly sensible.  Useful in organic lesions of the aged and dwarfish, both mentally and physically

William Boericke -Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic M.M.


Why Diagnosis is Important in Homeopathy

1. As a general preventive measure, as in contagious diseases.

2. Its importance in the proper management of the individual patient. (You will know which symptoms are common to the ailment.)

3. Relief from unnecessary suspense to patient and friends.

4. It can aid the prescriber by reason of a smaller group of remedies to be considered, from which to select the right one.

Practical Guide to Homeopathic Treatment – Myron H. Adams, M. D.,   1913



For non-appearance of milk, without apparent cause consider Urtica urens.

Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics –  W. A. Dewey, M. D.


Alcohol Craving

Three remedies that have been used successfully in combating the craving for spirituous liquors are Sulphur, Nux vomica and Arsenicum.

Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics –  W. A. Dewey, M. D.



In constipation, Nux vomica is distinguished from Opium, Bryonia and Alumina, as these drugs have no urging at all.

Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics –  W. A. Dewey, M. D.


Some Remedies in Dysentery – Dr. Subrata K.Banerjea

Carbolicum Acidum:  Stool, putrid smell with blood dysentery. Like scrapings of mucous membranes, great tenesmus, very offensive. Profound prostration. (30C)

Chaparro Amargoso : When action of Mercurius Cor. has come to a stand still and there are 3 or 4 bloody motions daily with more or less pain. Acts as a tonic and anti-periodic. (30C)

Colchicum Autumnale :  Autumnal dysentery. Violent colic & tenesmus in abdomen like Mercurius relief after passing of stool; distension and blood with mucus. <  damp weather. Great prostration. (30C)

Cuphea Viscosissima:  Acute dysentery or diarrhoea with high fever. Tenesmus with severe pain. Restlessness. (Q, 10 drops)

Emetinum : Specific for amoebiasis of remarkable value in treatment of amoebic dysentery. 6x Trit.

Kalium Nitricum :  Sticky mucus with stool, frequent urging tenesmus, great thirst with cold extremities. Diarrhoea from eating veal.(30C)

Staphylococcinum:  Chronic dysentery.(30C)

Sycotic-Co.(Bacillus Sycoccus):  Chronic dysentery. Offensive. Urgent desire for stool on waking, excoriating. Chronic gastroenteritis. (30C)

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on the Scope of Using a Clinical Tip  Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal, Allen College Of Homoeopathy

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