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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy clinical tips and Important news.  Tips from Tips from Drs. T.F. Allen and William Boericke.  The 5th Homeopathy Vijnana Sammelan conference, Covid vaccine and myocarditis.

Homeopathy Conference in Thiruvananthapuram

The 5th Homeopathy Vijnana Sammelan, sponsored by the Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF), called for an integrated approach to solving health problems by utilising the capacities of homoeopathy.  The 2023-24 event, held at the CSIR – National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (NIIST) showcased cutting-edge research in homoeopathic treatments for ailments affecting humans, animals and plants.

Dr Jayesh V Sanghvi, chairman of GHF said anti-microbial resistance (AMR) offers homoeopathy great scope and hope.   Dr Surjit Singh Makkar, veterinarian and Punjab’s former joint director of animal husbandry, has treated fever, food poisoning, separation anxiety, hormonal imbalances, gastritis, and skin diseases in dogs, cats cattle, horses, parrots, etc. Dr Dinesh R S, psychiatrist discussed the potential for homoeopathy in treating mental illnesses and psychiatric emergencies.

Some Tips from Willian Boericke M.D.

Abies Canadensis Uterine displacements. Sore feeling at fundus of uterus, relieved by pressure. Prostration; wants to lie down all the time. Thinks womb is soft and feeble.  Fever– Cold shivering, as if blood were ice-water (Acon).

Cinnamomum –  Cancer where pain and fetor are present. Best when skin is intact. Hæmorrhages from bowels, hæmoptysis, etc. A strain in loins or false step brings on a profuse flow of bright blood. Post-partum hæmorrhage.

Absinthium  – Vertigo, with tendency to fall backward. General confusion. Wants head low. Pupils dilated unequally. Face blue. Spasmodic facial twitching.

Bacillinum – Respiratory oppression. Humid asthma. Bubbling rales and muco-purulent expectoration. Often relieves congestion of the lungs, thus paving way for other remedies in Tuberculosis. Skin.–Ringworm; pityriasis. Eczema of eyelids.

 Cannabis Sativa  —Opacity of cornea. Cataract from nervous disturbances, abuse of alcohol and tobacco; patient feels deeply approaching blindness. Misty sight. Pressure from back of eyes, forward.

Bufo Rana – Of use in feeble-minded children. Prematurely senile. Epileptic symptoms. Convulsive seizures occur during sleep at night. Injuries to fingers, pain runs in streaks up the arms.

Convallaria  – Feeling as if heart beat throughout the chest. Endocarditis, with extreme orthopnea. Sensation as if heart ceased beating, then starting very suddenly. Palpitation from the least exertion. Angina pectoris. Extremely rapid and irregular pulse.

Erigeron Canadense -Hæmorrhages are caused and cured by this remedy. Persistent hæmorrhage from the bladder. Hæmorrhage from the uterus, with painful micturition. Profuse bright-red blood. Metrorrhagia, with violent irritation of rectum and bladder, and prolapsus uteri.

Dolichos Pruriens – A right-sided medicine, with pronounced liver and skin symptoms. Intense itching, with no swelling or rash; worse across shoulders, also about elbows and knees and hairy parts. Jaundice. Yellow in spots; itching excessively at night. Herpes zoster (Ars).

Willian Boericke M.M

Covid Vaccine and Myocarditis

Top officials from the FDA and CDC recently conceded that people vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine can still get COVID and can transmit COVID, during a hearing by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.

A Nordic study published the same day found that receiving a third COVID-19 mRNA vaccine puts adolescents at risk of myocarditis. But the second mRNA dose is the most strongly linked to myocarditis among male adolescents.

Marina Zhang  – Epoch TIMES Health Reporter

 Some Tips from Dr. T.F. Allen

Zincum Metallicum -Varicose veins, particularly of the lower extremities. Epilepsy, especially in young children. Zinc patients are always relieved of their chest symptoms by expectoration, of pains by menstruation,

Trillium Pendlum – Threatening abortion; it has arrested numerous cases, with gushing of bright blood on the least movement, especially in women who are subject to too profuse or too frequent menstruation.

Senega  – Opacities of the vitreous. Valuable to promote absorption of fragments of lens after operation. Partial paralysis of the upper lid.

Prunus Spinosa – Opacifies of the vitreous.  Ciliary neuralgia, severe pain in right eyeball, as if eye would burst, shooting like lightning through the brain, to the occiput.

Silica Marina –Epilepsy, the aura begins in the solar plexus. In diseases of the bones it may be compared with Fluoric acid.  Caries of bones, especially of long bones, with stabbing pains.

Physostigma Venenosum – This drug has been used to tear adhesions of the iris, especially when complicated with ulceration of the cornea at the margin, on account of its extraordinary power to contract the pupil. In myopia for spasm of the ciliary muscle.

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