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Tips & Secrets – May 2019  – Alan V. Schmukler

Tips & Secrets – May 2019  - Alan V. Schmukler
Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the masters and important news items.  Tips on white swelling of knee, dissecting wounds, purulent ophthalmia of the cornea, Robin Murphy Seminar and much more.

Some Tips from The Homœopathic Physician Vol 7 – 1887

 Sulphur is of wonderful service in enlargement and induration of the liver and spleen. It goes to the bottom of the malarial diathesis, which is the underlying feature of an enlarged spleen.

There is a deafness cured by Silicea which is partially relieved by blowing the nose.

Kali Carbonicum has proven itself an important remedy in hip disease and white swelling of the knee. The stitching pains serve to indicate it. Patient has stinging pains in joints and inner parts (resembling Apis), foetid sweat of the feet (like Silica and Cuprum). She feels the pulsation of all the arteries (Iodine) even down to the tips of the toes

Capsicum is a precious remedy for nostalgia or homesickness. If you meet with little children who become homesick leaving their parents to go to school for the first time, give them a few doses of Capsicum.

Arsenic is a specific for dissecting wounds. Also. in poisoning from decayed or morbid animal matter, by inhalation, or swallowing.

Spongia – In organic affections of the heart, we could not well get along without this valuable remedy. We have here great dyspnoea, the patient wholly unable to lie flat on the back without bringing on at once terrible suffocation.

All the inflammatory symptoms of purulent ophthalmia of the cornea and the lids will be cured by Sulphur when indicated.


Tips from The Homœopathic Physician Vol 10  – 1890

Dr. Allen had a case of paralysis which resisted the remedies. The patient complained of coldness of the patella. This symptom led him to study Aurum, which was given and relieved immediately.

Drs. Allen and Guernsey agreed that Mercurius solubilis, 6 CM potency, was a perfectly miraculous remedy for diarrhoea with tenesmus before, during, and after stool.

Dr. Guernsey said that Gelsemium has headache commencing in the nape of the neck and going all over the head to the forehead.

Dr. Lippe remarked that the great remedy for headache in school girls was Phosphoric acid.

Dr. Allen, said that Kali-bich has sudden desire for stool, but it comes before he has had time to get out of bed.

Dr. Lippe said that when babies have constipation with painful stool, Veratrum would cure beautifully.


Some Tips from The Homœopathic Physician Vol 8 – 1888

Dulcamara is a good remedy for warts on the hands, also in exostoses on the upper part of the right tibia with bluish-red spots, suppurating lumps.

Podophyllum is a wonderful remedy for the mental symptoms associated with incurable organic disease of the liver.It improves the mental condition of the patient.

In chronic cases one might select the proper remedy every time with unerring accuracy, yet he would most assuredly fail to cure a single (chronic) case if he did not know how to give his remedy. Too frequent repetition or too sudden change of remedies would as certainly prevent a cure as would the giving of the wrong drug.

Phosphorus has an aggravation from lying upon the left side, like Natrum-m. But do not confuse the conditions which are made worse by lying upon the left side. In Nat-m. it is the heart symptoms, the palpitations, conditions brought about by disease of that organ. In Phosphorus it is the chest symptoms, the diseased condition of the lungs.

The Sarsaparillachild cries before and during urination and while flow continues, and you may find on the napkin pale or grayish sand. Sarsaparilla is a great remedy for these little calculi.

There are three great reasons for opposing local treatment:

  1. It does not benefit the patient, it is only removing a result of disease and not reaching in any manner the zymosis.
  2. The true index or guide to the correct treatment is removed, changed, or obscured by such a management.
  3. The confidence in remedies is very strong with physicians who do not, and very feeble in all who do, use local treatment


U.S. FDA Issues Warning on Sleep Drugs

The insomnia drugs Lunesta, Sonata and Ambien are getting special warning labels after it was reported that they caused people to walk in their sleep and some almost drowned, shot themselves, nearly froze to death or lost a limb to frostbite. Twenty reports involved deaths from drowning, from carbon monoxide poisoning, fatal car crashes, and likely suicide, as well as people killing others while under the influence of the drugs.



Electromagnetic Fields and Health – Robin Murphy ND

Electromagnetic Radiation and Health, Protection from EMF, Remedies for EMF sensitivity

June 22nd2019  thru  June 23rd 2019

Lotus Wellness Clinic 1711 N. Main Street, Blacksburg, Virginia (U.S.) 24060

[email protected]    – Tele:  540-418- 4939


Up to Date Information and Research on the dangers of 5G

Environmental Health Trust


New Jersey’s autism rate (U.S.) is highest in the nation

The state of New Jersey on the East Coast of the U.S. has an autism rate of one child in 35.  That’s the highest in the nation. The national average is also very high at one in every 59 children.


Spain moves to ban “pseudo-therapies “

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has put forward a plan to fight the rise of pseudo-therapies such as homeopathy.  “Public and private establishments that include pseudo-therapies will not be able to call themselves health centers,” explained. Health Minister Maria Luisa Carcedo


Tips FromThe Homoeopathic Recorder Volume XVI 1901

Collinsoniais a specific remedy for haemorrhoids. A recent case can be cured between three days and one week. When piles are operated upon, this remedy

may be given before and after the operation with most excellent advantage.

Hydrastis is a very good remedy in constipation.Dr. Richard Hughes, in his Pharmacodynamics recommends a drop of the mother tincture in water before breakfast for constipation. A globule of the 1x, once or twice daily, has been given

to patients suffering from constipation on many occasions and Iremember no failure.

Phellandrium is a sovereign remedy for consumption in its curablestage, and this opinion was assented to by credible medical writers. The celebrated physician, Marcus Herz, was one of the first who prescribed this remedy in consumption.

AbiesNigraproduces the undigested hard-boiled egg sensation in the stomach. Pain in external meatus (of ear), heavy, slow beating of the heart, dyspnoea, and finally sharp pain in the heart.The cases of bradycardia when this drug is curative will have the stomach symptoms and dyspnoea. Abies is not we see primarily

a heart remedy, but should not be overlooked in heart cases when

the symptoms correspond. – Dr. T. C. Duncan


Tips from:  Bernhard Baehr, M. D. 

Belladonna is eminently suitable in cases of violent metritis, and is even preferable to Nux, especially if the menses were arrested during the course of the inflammation. Nor have we a better remedy for metrorrhagia setting in at the time of the menses.

Nux vomica is an excellent remedy for certain kinds of pulmonary congestion, if the following conditions prevail: The attack is occasioned by sedentary

habits, excessive mental efforts, the use of coffee, ardent spirits, in the case of sanguine, robust individuals who are free from cardiac disease; after a copious meal, in the night.

Arsenicum album is no real remedy for whooping-cough, but of great value if the organism has become very much enfeebled by the long duration of the disease and the violence of the paroxysms.

Silicea is one of the most important remedies in caries from any cause and at any age, as soon as the inflammatory stage has run its course.It is adapted to every constitution. We must not forget that Silicea acts very slowly.We recommend small doses at long intervals.

The Science of Therapeutics According to the Principles of Homeopathy (1872)

Bernhard Baehr, M. D


Gardasil vaccination may increase risk of cancer

A Merck trial of Gardasil vaccination showed that the vaccinations may actually increase the risk of cervical cancer by 44.6 percent if the person had been exposed to HPV strains 16 or 18 prior to vaccination.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hid that data from the public.

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