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Tips & Secrets – November 2015

Tips and secrets from the masters and important news for November 2015.

Join the Health Australia Party!

Homeopath Isaac Golden is part of a group forming a new political party – the Health Australia Party so that homeopathy and other healing modes will have a political voice in Australia. If you wish to protect the future of homeopathy and other forms of natural medicine in Australia, please visit the website, and if you are an Australian citizen join as a member or a friend!

The website can be found at

Solvatochromic dyes detect homeopathic potencies

A new study by Steven J. Cartwright found that Solvatochromic dyes can be used to detect the presence of homeopathic potencies. Among other uses, this method can demonstrate visually the fact that homeopathic remedies are different from plain water. It would also prove useful in determining when a homeopathic remedy has been neutralized.


India: Cancel Licenses of Homeopaths?

A Public Interest Litigation ( PIL) is seeking cancellation of licenses issued to all homeopathy practitioners because homeopathy doctors dispense medicines which do not contain labels showing the ingredients.

Ed. Note: This sounds very much like the tactics used by Pharma in the U.S. to disrupt homeopathy. India has a growing and lucrative pharmaceutical market which would like to remove all competition.



I regard Senega as probably the most important remedy in the treatment of hyperphoria (upward deviation of the visual axis of one eye in the

absence of visual fusional stimuli. I know, from my own experience, from the records of my books, that hyperphoria can be cured by Senega alone, or by Senega in connection with other treatment.

Transactions of the World’s Congress of Homoeopathic Physicians and Surgeons May 29, 1893


Vaccine Injury

For many children, the natural order of life will never be completed. Some have already died. Some will one day join the ranks of the working disabled. And others will grow old and die in state homes, with the bodies of adults and the brains of babies. For these children, the natural order of life has been forever changed by manmade viral and bacterial vaccines they were required, by law, to use.

If Americans do not get up off their knees and stop worshiping doctors promoting junk science, it is not possible but probable, that tomorrow you will not be able to get on a bus, train or plane, enter a store or sports arena, obtain a driver’s license, file your taxes or function in society unless you can prove you have gotten every vaccine that industry creates and doctors implementing government policy order you to get.

Barbara Loe Fisher –

Excerpted from her speech at the Truth, Transparency and Freedom rally held in Atlanta, Georgia on Oct. 24, 2015.

Annual vaccinations for pets?

Kirk’s Current Veterinary Therapy (25th ed) is an important reference work for veterinarians. It states that giving annual vaccinations to animals “lacks scientific validity of verification” and that “immunity to viruses persists for years or for the life of the animal.” Tell that to your vet next time he suggests annual vaccinations.

Dr. Khalsa’s Natural Dog 2nd ed.

Dr. Constantine Hering Honored

On Nov. 8, in the U.S. an official state historical marker was unveiled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania honoring Dr. Constantine Hering. Dr. Hering is considered the father of American Homeopathy. He was a pioneer who developed numerous remedies, established the first school of homeopathy in the US, and published books and journals still influential today. He was a founder of the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1844, the first national medical society in the US. Officials of the National Center for Homeopathy were in attendance.


Hering Historical Marker – Philadelphia, PA


Pictured above: Conrad Hering Knerr (Constantine Hering’s great grandson –center in wheelchair) and the NCH Board of Directors.

Three Tips from Dr. George Royal

Kali Mur and vaccination

For eczema, albuminoid and other eruptions resulting from vaccination with bad lymph (Thuja) ; also from suppressed menses or other deranged uterine function. With these conditions you always get enlargement and sometimes suppuration of the glands which drain the affected area.


Calcarea Arsenicosa – Kidneys

This is what I call the kidney member of the family because it seems to act more intensely on this organ than any other. I have in mind three marked cases of nephritis cured by the remedy. Two of the cases followed scarlatina, one measles. The symptom present in all three cases was “sensitiveness to pressure in kidney region.” All three complained bitterly when even moderate pressure was made on the region. There was urging to urinate, urine bloody, scanty, and highly albuminous, great restlessness. All three were of the Calcarea carb. build. Calc ars. 6th cured rapidly


Magnesium phos – Hiccough

Hiccough is the condition which has been most frequently cured by Magnesia phos. There are several cases on record where the condition had been of long standing speedily cured. With one case the hiccoughs at times occurred thirty times per minute. The patient’s life had been in danger for two months. I have found no drug in my 37 years experience that will cause and cure such severe hiccoughs as Magnesia phos., except Tabacum.

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica -George Royal, M.D.


Lachesis in Malignant Scarlatina

In malignant Scarlatina, during the decline of the eruption, a typhoid condition often supervenes, probably from the absorption of the ichorous discharge from the throat. This condition is characterized by prostration, quick feeble pulse, low muttering delirium, and jactitation. In this stage Lachesis is an invaluable remedy, especially when the patient is worse in the afternoon, and after awaking from sleep.

The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery – E. Harris Ruddock MD – 1869


Three Tips from Dr. George Royal


I have met one case in which were marked symptoms of hydrocephalus. It was a case resulting from giving laudanum and checking stools of enterocolitis of a teething baby. There were spasms of the throat, eyes and mouth, one cheek red, one pale, both hot. Chamomilla had failed but Ignatia cured. Sighing was the ranking symptom.



Podophyllum has cured more cases of prolapsus ani in children than all other remedies combined. I use three doses of the 30th daily.


Silica has cured many cases of otorrhea following mastoid abscesses. You find a thin watery discharge in which are particles of bone. Extreme soreness to touch of mastoid region and sharp sticking pains greatly agg. by cold and pressure but equally ameliorated by wrapping the whole head warm.

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica -George Royal, M.D.

Warning for dog owners

The artificial sweetener Xylitol found in many food products, is 100 times more toxic to dogs than chocolate. The chemical can also be deadly because it has been linked to causing low blood sugar, liver failure and severe brain damage.

Center for Medical Freedom (a project of CLDEF)

-Defending Homeopathy Against Government Attack –

Both the FDA and the FTC are working overtime to deprive the American people of access to homeopathic remedies, which have been used safely around the world for centuries. We need your help to preserve right to make your own choices about your own healthcare, and to preserve the medical freedom of all Americans.

First, please read our recent article on Homeopathy for Everyone which explains the current FDA and FTC threat to deprive Americans’ access to homeopathic remedies. More Government than America Needs or Wants:


Second, file your comment to the Federal Trade Commission on homeopathy by Friday, November 20, 2015, here:

And, if you can, please make a contribution to CLDEF to help us continue our work in support of medical freedom.


Pregnancy/Childbirth Death Twice as High in U.S.

Women are twice as likely to die from causes related to pregnancy or childbirth in the United States than in Canada. The U.S. was also one of only 13 countries to have worse rates of maternal mortality in 2015 than in 1990 – a group that also includes North Korea, Zimbabwe and Venezuela. The survey was led by the World Health Organization.

Arnica in abscess

Arnica is the remedy where abscesses and boils do not mature; they shrivel up, then another crop comes. Arnica will often develop the abscess, carrying it on to a discharge of the pus and a cure of the trouble. Boils coming in crops call for Arnica. They are very sore, purplish in color. Also blood boils which are very sore.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics – Ed. W. A. Dewey, M. D. (1901)

FDA nominee has big ties to Pharma

In the U.S., Dr. Robert Califf has been nominated to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the New York Times, Dr. Califf “has deeper ties to the pharmaceutical industry than any F.D.A. commissioner in recent memory.” His financial disclosure form last year listed seven drug companies that paid him for consulting and six others that partly supported his university salary, including Merck, Novartis and Eli Lilly.



Two Veterinary Tips from Dr. F.A. Gunther

Fatigue in Horses

Opium is useful, when after being very much fatigued, the horse remains dull, with his head hanging, pulse slow and weak, the fatigue having occasioned some disturbance in his digestion. If, on the contrary, the pulse is quick and hard, and the animal is in a state of great excitement, Aconitum should be given.

Worms in Horses

The worms so frequently met with, in immense quantity, in the living body are always the product of latent psora. They are seen more especially in badly fed horses, or in foals which have been weaned too soon. For Ascarides, whose chief residence is the large intestines, and which oblige the horse frequently to rub his quarters, Digitalis and Ignatia amara are the remedies. If they make the horse furious, Stramonium should be given.

New manual of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine. – F. A. Gunther

Millions of Americans received contaminated vaccine

The CDC has admitted that between 1955–1963 between 10-30 million Americans received one or more doses of a polio vaccine that was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40).

Hydrastis in Cancer

We have used Hydrastis in some cases of suppurating cancer, with some success. The destruction was arrested in its course, the pain almost ceased and the patients declared they felt comfortable. It may be given internally 3d to 6th attenuation, and applied externally in the shape of an ointment or a solution of the resinoid Hydrastin.

The Science of Therapeutics According to the Principles of Homeopathy – Bernhard Baehr, M. D.   (1872)

Phosphorus not for uncomplicated bronchitis

Phosphorus is not, in our estimation, a remedy for bronchitis unless the disease is complicated with other affections. Hahnemann himself pronounces Phosphorus not only not suitable, but even hurtful in this disease. If oedema of the lungs or pneumonia should supervene during the course of bronchitis, Phosphorus will be found one of the chief remedies.

The Science of Therapeutics According to the Principles of Homeopathy – Bernhard Baehr, M. D.   (1872)

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