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Shenanigans in Australia

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) issued an open letter to community pharmacy banner and buyer groups instructing them to “cease all activities that encourage the stocking, promotion, recommendation or marketing of homoeopathy”.  The letter cited a flawed 2015 report by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) which is currently under investigation by the Commonwealth Ombudsman. There were actually two reports One legitimate one, which found that homeopathy was effective in treating disease, and a contrived report which found homeopathy had no effect. The NHMRC hid the first report for three years but has ostensibly released it now under pressure from an inquiry. Over 100,000 people had signed a petition for a Senate inquiry.

Three Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington


Arnica suits in apoplexy when the pulse is full and strong, The paralysis is on the left side and there is stertorous breathing. Apis is called for when the coma fails to yield to Opium.  For apoplexy with convulsions, think of Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, Lachesis and Opium. For apoplexy followed by paralysis, Arnica,  Belladonna, Lachesis, Nux vomica and Rhus. When followed by idiocy, Helleborus.


We have found Cinnabaris of use in the sore throat of scarlatina, which is often diphtheritic in its character, when there is quite an accumulation of stringy mucus in the posterior nares. That symptom being prominent, Cinnabaris will be the remedy for the emergency.


We find it indicated in debility, particularly in debility following loss of sleep. When one is deprived of a portion of his accustomed sleep, and he awakens the  next morning feeling tired  and languid, the appetite is  gone,  bad taste in

the month and nausea are present.   The debility, then, starts from or involves digestion as a result of loss of sleep. There is, at times, an aversion to all

foods. You can see how close this comes to the Nux vomica condition.   The debility, however, is greater even than that of Nux vomica.

E.A. Farrington, M.D. – Clinical  Materia  Medica

Backward Children

A given individual does not thrive because of a constitutional disease or taint blocking the way. Now remove the block by the right constitutional remedies, and then normal developmental power is restored, and said individual starts off growing, and the backwardness disappears.

  1. Compton Burnett, M. D. – Delicate, Backward, Puny and Stunted Children: Their Developmental Defects

Some Interesting Keynotes from Dr. James Tyler Kent


Apis is a great remedy for the eyes. It has deep-seated inflammatory complaints of the eyes as a result of disease. The swelling of the mucous membranes of the lids is so enormous that they roll out, looking like pieces of raw beef. The fluid will run out over the cheeks in great abundance. Burning and stinging like fire, better from washing, from cold applications, worse from heat.

Argentum Metallicum

He is fatigued. All symptoms are worse after sleep. Instead of being rested for the day, he wakes in the morning with mental fatigue and weakness, so that he can hardly move, and it is with great difficulty that he gets himself together for a mental or physical effort of another day.

Arsenicum Album

Sadness prevails to a great extreme. So sad that he is weary of life; he loathes life, and wants to die, and the Arsenic patient does commit suicide. It is a remedy full of suicidal tendencies.

Arsenicum Iodatum

It has been of the highest use in cancerous affections and has cured lupus and epithelioma.

Veratrum Album

Exalted state of religious frenzy, believes he is the risen Christ screams and screeches until he is blue in the face; head cold as ice, cold sweat, reaches out and exhorts to repentance. Exhorts to repent, preaches, howls, sings obscene songs, exposes the person.

Fluoricum Acidum

It is a very deep-acting medicine, and an antipsoric, antisyphilitic and anti-sycotic. “Feeling of indifference towards those he loves best. An orderly man considers his wife his best friend and he would rather stay with her than go anywhere else. To him there is no place like home. Now, when man arrives at the state when he wants to go somewhere else, that he wants to go away from home, that be is disturbed at home, that everything annoys him at home, that be no longer loves his children as he once did, he needs Fluoric acid.

Carduus Marianus

Pressing, drawing, stitching in right lobe of liver. This remedy establishes a healthy flow of bile, and thereby cures the condition that favors the formation of gall stones. It has many times broken up the tendency to gall stone colic.

Cistus Canadensis

This remedy has cured lupus on the face. Caries of the lower jaw. Open, bleeding cancer on the lower lip.  Pain in all the joints of the face. It cures old, deep-seated, eating ulcers about the ankle and shin, with copious acrid discharge, formication and swollen glands, aggravation from bathing, extreme sensitiveness to the open air; only comfortable when very warm.

Cocculus Indicus

The doctor comes and he discovers what is the matter. He bends the limbs and she screams, but she is relieved after the bending, and then she can get up and move about. You cannot find that anywhere else. It is entirely without inflammation. It is a sort of a paralytic stiffness, a paralysis of the tired body and mind.


Perhaps no medicine in the Materia Medica approximates this sensitiveness of hearing where it is accompanied with pain, unless it be Nux vom. Many remedies have increase of nervousness from noise, but pain in the extremities aggravated by noise is peculiar.

Conium Maculatum

Conium patients cannot endure even the slightest alcoholic drink.  Any wine or stimulating beverage will bring on trembling, excitement, weakness of mind and prostration. Conium symptoms will be found in persons who have suffered from grief; they become broken in memory. This is likely to come first. They never can recall things just as they want them. And so they grow weaker and weaker until they become imbeciles.

Crotalus Horridus

Crotalus has cured ulceration of the stomach. It has greatly restrained the growth of carcinoma when there is much vomiting of bile and blood. Cancer of the uterus with much bleeding. Great offensiveness. Patient becomes yellow, jaundiced, mottled appearance of the skin, swelling of the face, of the leg, especially along the course of the veins.


This is a very deep acting remedy, even deep enough to cure the symptoms of and turn into order a constitution that is rheumatic, gouty, and has inherited phthisis. Rheumatic stiffness of back of neck and back. Stitching in neck and back. Drawing pains in back between scapulae. All pains aggravated from motion and ameliorated during rest; aggravated from heat.

Helleborus Niger

Violent attacks of brain trouble frequently come to a sudden end, but those that are more passive linger, and that is where Hellebore comes in. The Hellebore case will linger for weeks and sometimes months in this state of stupefaction, gradually emaciating.

Hepar Sulph

A man may have a sudden impulse to stab his friend. A barber has an impulse to cut the throat of his patron while in the chair. Mothers may have an impulse to throw the child into the fire or an impulse to set herself on fire; an impulse to do violence and to destroy. These symptoms increase to insanity and then the impulses are often carried out. It becomes a mania to set fire to things.

Hydrastis Canadensis

In this remedy the sinking empty hunger with loathing of food is striking, strange, rare, and therefore peculiar.  The burning so commonly found in malignant ulcers is a strong symptom of Hydrastis.


It has been known of an Ignatia patient, that the more she coughed the greater the irritation to cough. You cannot get her to stop coughing long enough to say anything to you about it. Ignatia stops it at once.


The anxiety comes on when trying to keep still, and the more he tries to keep still the more the anxious state increases. While attempting to keep still, he is overwhelmed with impulses, impulses to tear things, to kill himself, to commit murder, to do violence. There is this peculiar circumstance also in Iodine, viz., that while the body withers the glands enlarge. That is peculiar and will enable you to think of Iodine.


If you have been studying Antim tart and Ipec together in chest troubles, you will say, “How do you distinguish them; they both have rattling cough and breathing, and both have the vomiting?”  The Ipecac. symptoms come on hurriedly, come on as the acute symptoms, whereas the Tartar emetic complaints come on slowly.

Dr. James Tyler Kent – Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica


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