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Tips and Secrets – November 2011

Our editor brings us another round of interesting and useful tips!

Healing with Light

Homeopathy is one of numerous energy therapies. Light is another, and each color has different effects. Yellow light stimulates the intestines. For ordinary constipation, obtain a clean glass jar and fill with pure water. Wrap it entirely in yellow plastic and expose it to the sun’s rays for about an hour. Dose: half a cup.

Let There Be Light – Darius Dinshah

Gunpowder in Psoraisis

In some cases gunpowder cures obstinate psoriasis: 200 and 1m. Resistance to treatment and extensive lesions are the main indications. Hepar and Thuja are complementary.

Dr. T.P. Chatterjee -From Precautions in Homoeopathic Remedies -S.C. Gupta

Direction of Cure

In addition to the tenets of Herings’s Direction of Cure, cure should proceed from the more dangerous, destructive miasm to the less dangerous miasm- from Syphilis to Sycosis, from Sycosis to Psora , from Syphilis to Psora.

The End of Myasmation – Dr. Prayfull Vijayakar

Interrupting the Direction of cure

In a case of paralysis of the hand and leg, the hand must improve first. If with the help of physiotherapy, the leg movement starts first, there will be permanent deformity in the hand.

The Follow-Up -Understanding the follow-up in deep seated diseases –  Dr. Narendra Mehta

Bony Tumors

For cysts and tumours of the jaw causing bony expansion – Hekla lava 6x, twice daily. For osteoma, Calc Fluor 30, twice weekly.

The Dental Prescriber – Dr. Colin B.Lessell

Some Characteristics of Carcinosin

Blue sclera, sleepless, obstinate, very sympathetic, loves to dance, better after a short sleep, fastidious, sensitive to music, anticipatory anxiety, prolonged fear, enjoys watching a thunderstorm, children weep if reprimanded, tears at the skin around the fingernails, café au lait complexion,strong reaction to sea air.

Carcinosin – Dr. D.M. Foubister

Enzyme Inhibitor

Cancer specialist Dr. Max Gerson forbid soy bean products for cancer patients, as they contain a substance which inhibits proteolytic enzymes.

Cancer – One Man’s Fight to Control Malignancy -Robert W. Stickle

Borax in Cancer

Borax is indicted in cancerous ulcers about the joints, particularly the fingers.

(Also Mezereum and Sepia)

Homoeopathic Insight into Cancer – Dr. Sultan M. Bihari

Bartholin Cyst

For non-infected Bartholin Cyst – Thuja

Bedside Clinical Tips in Homeopathy – Farokh J. Master MD

Bed Sores

For bed sores, bathe the parts exposed to pressure with whiskey. Put patient on a water bed. Glycerine is one of the best preventives of bed sores. When sores have formed, apply hypericum oil.

The Prescriber – J.H. Clarke MD

Heart Valve in Cats

In case of damage to or failure of the cardiac valve in cats, administer Convallaria 3c, three times a day. The cat keeps her head elevated as much as possible and her difficulties increase when she lies down.

Your Healthy Cat – H.G.Wolff DVM

Homeopathy is Economical

A four year study of 84 patients treated homeopathically showed average cost savings for drugs per patient of £ 64.40.

Exploring the Role of Homeopathy in Reducing the Global Mental Health Burden – Dr. Manish Bhatia

Three Fowl Tips

Asthma : Canary and other singing birds are often troubled with asthma. The breathing is easily heard, and especially after the exertion of flying. Corallium rubrum, a half dozen pellets dissolved in the water-cup effects a speedy cure. Spongia is also indicated ; also Ipecac, in case of too much flesh, and Bryonia in asthmatic panting of old age. A little plantain seed is said to aid recovery in obstinate cases. This disease is often mistaken for croup.

Tumors: Domestic fowls are sometimes attacked with Tumors, which anyone will recognize at a glance. Isolate the fowl and dissolve a dozen pellets of Arsenicum each day in its water cup if it is supposed the Tumor is a natural growth, or, if caused by injury, Hepar sulph. Cauliflower-like excrescences or seedy warty growths require Thuja.

Vessicles: Small Vesicles, or pimples about the size of a pinhead, and pearl-like, will sometimes be found on the neck, comb and wattles of fowls. They hunt in sunny places, droop their wings and grow lean. On the seventh day the Vesicles ripen and improvement sets in or the fowl dies. Isolate the affected ones. Nitric acid is the best remedy. Dissolve in the water cup a dozen or more pellets each day until cured.

The Poultry Doctor: Including the Homeopathic Treatment and Care of Chickens Boericke and Tafel-1891

Tips on Homeopathic Pharmacy

Hahnemann to obtain metals in a suitable form for triturations, took in some cases a piece of the pure metal, and rubbed that under water on a wet stone until he had obtained a grain or two with which to start his trituration. This process is objectionable for various reasons, and so Stapf, one of Hahnemann’s earliest disciples, introduced the better method of employing the metals precipitated from their salts in solution. By this we have the metals not only much purer, but also in a better form for trituration.

Three Lectures on Homoeopathic Pharmaceutics Francis E. Boericke, M.D., 1878

Colored Remedy Bottles

Avoid blue-colored bottles, as blue light has a certain dynamic effect.

Three Lectures on Homoeopathic PharmaceuticsFrancis E. Boericke, M.D., 1878

Cleaning Remedy Bottles

Right here one word about cleaning. Gentlemen, I do not believe in cleaning. Get your bottles new from the factory or from a house where you are sure that they get them directly from the factory, then you have to deal only with dust, and this is removed easily by shaking, cleaning with a small brush, washing and subsequent rinsing with alcohol. Never use one vial for two preparations. If our theory of potentization is correct, then there is not water enough in the Delaware to clean a bottle of the first preparation.

Three Lectures on Homoeopathic PharmaceuticsFrancis E. Boericke, M.D., 1878

Raising Decimal Potencies

If you wish to raise your potencies all the way by the decimal scale, you have to take 10 grains of the sixth decimal (to start with a lower decimal trituration as the third, fourth or fifth, will absolutely make an inferior preparation), and add to this 90 drops of water, shake and pour from this 10 drops into a bottle containing 40 drops of water and 50 of alcohol, shake and from this take 10 drops into a bottle containing 90 drops of pure alcohol. The first of the above would then be the seventh decimal, the next the 8X, answering to Hahnemann’s fourth and the following the 9X. As this ninth was made, so you continue as high up as you please.

Three Lectures on Homoeopathic PharmaceuticsFrancis E. Boericke, M.D., 1878

Some Remedies in Gastritis

Cuprum Arsenicosum : Gastro-intestinal disturbances of influenza and typhoid. (3x trit)

Grindelia Robusta : Gastric pains associated with splenic congestion. Cutting pain in the region of the spleen, extending to the hips. (Q 30C)

Iris Versicolor : Nausea, vomiting or burning of tongue, throat oesophagus and if diarrhoea is present, burning of the anus. Deficient appetite. (30C)

Narcissus Poeticus : Gastroenteritis with much griping and cutting pain in bowels, tainting trembling, cold limbs, small and irregular pulse. 6C, 30C

Standstill Cases – Giving an Intercurrent with Emphasis on Using a Clinical Tip – Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea

Four Remedies in Appendicitis

Belladonna – Pain in ileo-caecal region. Cannot bear slightest touch; worse by jar, motion of bed or turning of body. Patient lies on back. Fever and general symptoms, such as flushed face, etc. are present.

Rhus tox – Hard, painful swelling of the right side of abdomen, pain worse when sitting or stretching right leg. Cannot lie on left side.

Bryonia – Pain dull and throbbing or sharp and sticking, confined to a limited spot. Patient is constipated.

Lachesis – Pain and swelling in region of caecum. Pain extends from right lumbar region, through inguinal region and fore part of thigh. Patient is weak.

Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics W. A. Dewey, M. D.

Four Remedies in Sub-Acute Gout

Colchicum – This drug exerts a powerful influence in diminishing the sub-acute inflammation in old-standing cases.

Pulsatilla.- Wandering pains, especially when those dyspeptic symptoms exist for which this remedy is suited.

Antimoniimi Crudum – Gastric derangements, white coated tongue, nausea , pains increase after eating , gouty nodes.

Nux Vomica. – Sub-acute attacks brought on or aggravated by indulgence in wine, heavy suppers, or late dinners. Constipation, piles, spasms, etc., are additional indications.

The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery- E. Harris Ruddock, MD – 1869

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