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February 2016 Tips & Secrets

Tips and secrets from dr. Dewey and Dr. William Boerick with important news on homeopathy in Qatar.

Research Conference Summaries

You can find a list of presenters at the HRI research Conference 2015 and summaries of their research at :

Suicidal from Head Injury

People who sustain a head injury through concussion are three times more likely to attempt suicide later in life according to researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada. They found that people who get even one concussion early in life can experience a threefold increase in their risk of suicide.

Editors note: Homeopaths have known this and what to do about it, for over a hundred years. Suicidal thoughts after head injury is the indication for Natrum Sulphuricum.

Rhus for Pulmonary Hemorrhages

We may give Rhus in many affections arising from over-exertion. For example, if a musician, from prolonged performing on wind instruments suffers from pulmonary haemorrhages, Rhus will be his remedy. If from violent exertion a patient is seized with paralysis, his trouble may yield to Rhus tox.

E. A. Farrington, M.D. – Clinical Materia Medica

Death by Drug Trial

Medical rights activist Anand Rai found that more than 2,000 people in India died as a result of serious adverse events (SAEs) during pharmaceutical drug trials from 2008-11. Yet, only 22 cases, about 1 percent, received any compensation –on average about $4,800 per family. The drug companies themselves decide who is to be compensated.

Sequelae of Influenza

Sulphur is valuable for pulmonary affections after influenza and not traceable to tubercular infiltration. If influenza left the patient with a cough and gray, sweetish-salty expectoration, wheezing and rattling in the chest, Kali hydriodicum proved admirable. The spasmodic cough after influenza, tormenting the patient for hours, was almost always relieved by Hyoscyamus (or Belladonna). But if the coughing fit did not cease until a mass of frothy mucus with a yellowish purulent nucleus had been raised, Conium proved the main remedy. If the cough broke out after a meal and food was vomited Ferrum aceticum was found to be the specific remedy.

The Science of Therapeutics According to the Principles of Homeopathy – Bernhard Baehr, M. D.



The Homeopathic Treatment of Cancer –April 2nd – 3rd

The Hahnemann Homeopathy Foundation (NL) has invited Doctors Prasanta and Pratip Banerji for this international congress in Germany. Topic: ‘The Banerji Protocols and Classification of Diseases in the Cure of Cancer. In Köthen (Anhalt) (Germany).

Chelidonium Potencies

Chelidonium, like Podophyllum and Aloe, has both the constipated, hard and diarrheic, loose stools. For the diarrhea give Chelidonium 30th or higher. For the constipation give the remedy in the 3rd.

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica -George Royal, M.D.

Rhus tox in Erysipelas

Rhus tox is indicated in the graver forms of erysipelas. Pronounced typhoid condition, much pain which compels constant motion, skin tensely swollen, heat extreme, covered with blisters filled with yellowish, slightly viscid serum, the color is at first intensely red, soon becoming dark, bluish or ecchymosed. Diarrhoea, vomiting, delirium.

A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homeopathy -Ed. – H.R. Arndt M.D.

Aurum in syphilitic iritis

Aurum metalllcum has been successfully used in syphilitic iritis, and after

the abuse of mercury. The pains indicating it are dull and burning in

character, compelling one to close the lids occasionally. They are worse in the morning, and ameliorated by the application of cold water

A System of Medicine Based Upon the Law of Homeopathy -Ed. – H.R. Arndt M.D.

Four Tips from Dr. William Boericke


A remedy for the aged and feeble, especially in chronic bronchitis. Ill humor. Sensitive to cold. Chronic bronchial catarrh and accumulation of purulent matter with feeble expectoration. Mucus tough and hard. Coarse rattling of chest in old people. [ant tart]

William Boericke M.M.

Auratum – (Golden Sulphuret of Antimony)

This is a remarkable remedy for many forms of chronic nasal and bronchial catarrh. Increased secretion in nose and throat. Loss of smell. Metallic styptic taste. Winter coughs. Patient is sore all over. Tickling in larynx

Aralia Racemosa. (American Spikenard)

This is a remedy for asthmatic conditions, with cough aggravated on lying down. Extreme sensitiveness to draughts. Worse after first sleep, with tickling in throat. Constriction of chest; feels as if a foreign body were in throat.


A remedy for symptoms due to the presence of worms. Child refers to the navel as the most painful part. Mind: Afraid of sharp, pointed things, pins, needles, etc.

Homeopathy Approved in Qatar

Doha (Jaunuary 09, 2016): The practice of alternative forms of medical treatment like Hijama, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Acupuncture has been officially approved by the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP).

Ovarian Neurlagia

From my own observation, Cimicifuga is a good remedy for ovarian neuralgia occurring in rheumatic subjects. It seems also adapted to women of dark hair,

eyes, and complexion, and to those who are the children of intemperate parents.

Medical And Surgical Lectures On The Diseases Of Women – R. Ludlam, M.D.

Three Tips from Dr. W.A. Dewey


Helonias is an excellent remedy in anemia. It suits especially anemia from prolonged hemorrhage in women enervated by indolence and luxury, or such as are worn out with hard work. They are too tired to sleep and the strained muscles burn and ache.

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is useful in hip disease and caries of spine. Sensation in the bones as if scraped with a knife. It is a remedy which corresponds to the extreme debility found in rickets, and is a valuable remedy in that affection.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid is an exceedingly good remedy in the gastro-hepatic variety of diabetes and good results often follow its use. It has a fine clinical record. The symptoms are: urinates copiously and freely, urine light yellow and saccharine, thirst, nausea, debility, voracious appetite and costive bowels.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics, W.A. Dewey MD

Monsanto Sued

Seattle Washington and other cities in the American West that have filed lawsuits against Monsanto for PCB contamination. PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, are highly toxic chemicals that the company manufactured decades ago. The lawsuit alleges that Monsanto knew that the chemicals were polluting the environment and causing harm to people and wildlife.

PPI’s vs Homeopathy

Acid reflux medications called PPIs, or proton pump inhibitors, have been associated with a 16 to 21 percent increased risk of heart attacks. These studies were published in the medical journal PLOS and looked at the medical records of almost 3 million patients. Homeopathic remedies that treat acid reflux have no side effects.

Paris Quadrifolia

Paris quadrifolia is a valuable remedy in certain cases of asthenopia. The sensation “as if the eyes were being drawn back into the head by cords” is a reliable indication for its employment. A guide for its use: “Inability to fix the eyes steadily upon anything; eyes seem swollen, as if their orbits were too small, so that the eyes could not be easily moved.

Transactions of the World’s Congress of Homoeopathic Physicians and Surgeons May 29, 1893

Squalene in vaccines planned by FDA

The FDA is fast tracking the Novartis flu shot, called Fluad, which contains squalene. Although squalene occurs naturally in our bodies, synthetic squalene injected with a vaccine causes cytokine storm producing damaging immune responses.

Antidepressants Overprescribed

A study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, reported that over two thirds of patients on antidepressant drugs don’t meet the diagnostic criteria for depression.

One in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four.

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