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Tips & Secrets May 2014

homeopathy remedies for breast cancer
Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips and Secrets from the Masters June 2014

Homeopathic_RemediesLow Potency

In France, about 90% of homeopaths are mixopaths, following in the wake of Leon Vannier who invented “French” homeopathy and whose son Philippe drew up the present regulations forbidding sale of potencies beyond the 30C.

Ammonium phosphoricum

This is a useful remedy in constitutional gout where there are nodosities in the joints. It is not so much a remedy for the acute symptoms, but for chronic cases where there are deposits of urate of soda concretions in the joints and the hands become twisted out of shape.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics -Ed. W. A. DEWEY, M. D.

Oleander Keynote

Oleander is one of our best remedies for diarrhea of undigested food, and the best indication for it, is involuntary stool when emitting flatus. The least passage of flatus is always accompanied with stool.

E.B. Nash – Leaders in Homoepathic therapeutics

Cell Phone Radiation

Beginning in March, 2014, new regulations will apply to the sale of mobile phones in Belgium. Children’s mobile phones will be banned. The specific absorption rate (SAR) for every mobile phone must be listed at the point of sale.

Faintness After Stool

Faintness during or after straining to expel soft stools requires consideration of Nux Moschata.

Dr. William Boericke

 Cynodon Dactylon

It cures hemorrhage from any orifice of the body. Use mother tincture 5 drops in a little water every three hours.

Dr. T.P. Chaterjee

GMO in Foods

A good resource for information on GMO in food is:

Leptospirosis and Homeoprophylaxis

In Cuba in 2008, homeoprophylaxis was attempted for the disease Leptospirosis. Among the 2.3 million people given the homeopathic remedy, there was a decrease of 84% in infection rate from the previous year. In the untreated population, the infection rates increased 22% from the previous year.

Sabal Serrulata

Sabal also acts as a homeopathic catheter for retention of urine, due to prostate enlargement. Five drop doses of mother tincture.

Dr. E.P Anshutz – Sexual Ills and Diseases

Honorary Membership

In September 10, 1832, Dr. Gray proposed Dr. Samuel Hahnemann for honorary membership in the New York County Medical Society. Before doing so he had lent a copy of Hanemann’s Tragmenta de viribus Medicamentorum to the president of the society, who was a Latin scholar. Dr. Bernheisel objected to Hahnemann’s membership on the ground that Hahnemann was a quack. The president said that no one should so stigmatize a man who had written such a book as the work of Hahnemann in the Latin tongue. This effectually silenced all the opposition, and on November 12, Hahnemann was elected.

History of Homoeopathy and its Institutions in America – William Harvey King, M.D., 1905.

A Nosode for Ringworm

Dr. J. Compton Burnett has shown that Ringworm is often found in children having a consumptive family history, and that it is often easily cured with rare doses of the nosode of phthisis, named by him Bacillinum.

The Homeopathic Vade Mecum of Modern Medicine and Surgery – E. Harris Ruddock MD – 1869

Two Remedies in Gonorrhea

For the first stage of an uncomplicated gonorrhoea there is no better simile and no more efficient remedy than Mercurius solubilis. Hepar sulphuris is the best remedy to give after Mercurius. Hepar is given as soon as the discharge assumes a whitish

color and the pains abate quite considerably, usually about the ninth or tenth day.

The Science of Therapeutics According to the Principles of Homeopathy – Bernhard Baehr, M. D.   (1872)


I use Cadmium Sulph for patients who are getting pains at the top of the spine. They point to one particular part and say that is what hurts them. I am always surprised at how well it works.

Classical Homeopathy – Margaret Blackie


Helleborus is an excellent remedy in post-scarlatinal dropsies which come on very rapidly. The coffee-grounds sediment may or may not be present. The choice is sometimes not easy between this remedy and Apis.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – E.B Nash

Aurum in Prolapsus

In Aurum, the utereus is enlarged from chronic congestion. It becomes prolapsed from its great weight. This is the form of prolapsus which Aurum will cure, and no other. Another gold salt, Aurum mur. natronatumm has been used in the 2nd and 3rd potencies for prolapsed and indurated uterus.

Lectures on Clinical M.M. – E. A. Farrington

Picric Acid

The least study causes burning along the spine. Ars, Phos, Lycopodium and Zincum have burnings of back or spine, but only Picric Acid had those symptoms caused by mental exertion. Everything in Picric Acid is worse from study.

Homoeopathic Drug Pictures – Dr. M.L. Tyler


Deafness progressive for the human voice, but great sensitiveness to sound as of a passing vehicle or to distant sounds. Hearing better for high pitched sounds than low ones. Chronic otitis media. Bloody effusions in the labyrinth. Absent or deficient bone conduction .

Lotus M.M. – Robin Murphy ND

The Craniosacral System

The skull bones must be in continual, minute motion in order to accommodate the constant fluid pressure changes within the membrane boundary of the semi-closed (hydraulic ) craniosacral system.

Your Inner Physician and You – John E. Upledger

Three Tips From theMasters

Hypericum Perf. Oil is good for bedsores. One or two doses of Hypericum 30 acts well when used with Hypericum oil.

Pyrogen may be indicated when there is a history of “not well since” abortion, parturition, tooth extraction, toxemia, bacteremia.

Lycopodium clav is useful for clearing unresolved pneumonia.

Golden Tips by Masters – Dr. D.P. Rastogi

Three Tips from Dr. Farokh Master

For Megacolon consider Alumina 30

For Crohn’s disease explore Hoitzia

For Colitis after radiotherapy – consider Podophyllum

Bedside Clinical Tips in Homeopathy – Dr. Farokh Master

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