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TIPS & Secrets – April 2021

Homeopathy Tips and Important News. Tips this month on Mephitis Putorius, Dolichos, Crocus Sativus, Senega and other remedies. Also new Covid Variant in the U.S. and protective effects of Melatonin.

Your Biography Desired for Homeopathic Dictionary

Mr. Jay Yasgur would like to include short bios of homeopaths in the biography section of the next edition of his Homeopathic Dictionary. If you’d like to be included please send a short bio, around 250 words, and your date of birth. It should include essential aspects such as educational experience and how you came to embrace homeopathy along with pertinent dates, etc.

SEND to:   Jay Yasgur:    [email protected]

Scientists Create Embryos Mixing Human & Monkey Cells

The embryos were created to find new ways to produce organs for people who need transplants. Researchers in the U.S. and beyond have been injecting human stem cells into sheep and pig embryos to see if they can grow human organs in such animals for transplantation.  “I don’t see this type of research being ethically problematic,” said Insoo Hyun, a bioethicist at Case Western Reserve University. “It’s aimed at lofty humanitarian goals.”


Some Tips from H.N. Guernsey, M.D

Mephitis Putorius

Whooping, or any kind of cough, which is very violent, coming on spasmodically, and seeming as though each spell would terminate life.


Intense itching of the skin with no appearance of swelling or rash. Constipation with this intense itching.

Crocus Sativus

Always think of this remedy on seeing dark, stringy blood, e. g., in epistaxis, where there are strings of dark blood hanging down from the nose. Also in uterine haemorrhage or haemoptysis, where the blood is dark and string like. Also,            sensation of something living and moving in the abdomen.


Where there is a great burning in the chest, either before or after coughing. Profuse secretion of mucous. Dryness of inner parts which are usually moist. Aggravation from looking fixedly at an object for a long time.

Croton Tiglium

In any skin disease which itches very much, but the patient can’t bear to scratch very hard as it hurts.


Where the patient says he has gravel, and there is considerable deposit in the urine which looks like gray sand.  Great pain just as the urine ceases to flow.


Very deep and very hoarse cough, especially if it gets worse after midnight. Seems as if the patient would choke with the cough.

Sanguinaria c.

We find this very useful where there is a pain rising from the back of the neck over the top of the head, running down into the forehead.


Chills and fever, when the chill comes on with excessive yawning and stretching, the yawning and stretching lasting all through the chill.

Kali bichromicum

Violent tickling and itching in the ears. Redness, heat and itching of external ears.


Gasping for Breath. The patient puts his hand to the heart, as if there was some trouble there. This may result from running a short distance which puts him completely out of breath. Going up stairs, walking, any exercise may bring this trouble on.

Secale Cornatum

For female complaints chiefly, and especially when occurring in thin, scrawny, wrinkled females or children. Skin is cold, but the patient does not wish to be covered.


Delirium in which the patient may jump out of bed, throw off the bed clothes, or take off the clothes and go naked, not because they are too warm, but they will not remain covered. Madness, imbecility of the intellect, memory weak or lost.


We think of this remedy where the neck is drawn over to one side from diphtheria, sore throat, rheumatism in the neck, etc.

Lobelia Inflata

The urine has a deep-red color, and deposits a copious red sediment. Where we find the above symptom very prominently displayed, we may think strongly of Lob. Inflata.

Muriatic Acid

Haemorrhoids very tender to the touch, so much so, that he can scarcely bear to use paper after an evacuation. In low types of fever the patient often slips down toward the foot of the bed, and must be lifted up every little while. Can’t bear the sight or thought of meat, it is so distasteful. Urine too copious both night and day.

H.N. Guernsey, M.D. – Notes of lectures on materia medica : delivered in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia.

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea’s Two-Year Post Graduate Course

Starting May 2021.   Two year’s post graduate course (p.g. hom.) on constitutional prescribing and what to do when the well selected remedy fails This practical teaching is aimed to give you the confidence to show your patients that homoeopathy is working by the first or second follow-up.

Some Positive Effects of Melatonin

Preclinical studies suggest that melatonin has antioxidant and antiproliferative properties, including against breast cancer cells; synergistic effects with anticancer agents; and protective effects against adriamycin-induced cardiotoxicity.

Clinical trials in patients with solid tumors suggest improvements in quality of life and survival time; data also suggest that melatonin may help reduce incidence of chemotherapy side effects including thrombocytopenia, asthenia, and neurotoxicity; cognitive function, sleep quality and depressive symptoms; minimize radiotherapy-induced reduction in blood cell counts; and protect against radiation-induced genotoxicity.

The family’s Homeopathic Doctor

My paternal grandparents’ family doctor, Dr. Schley, was a homeopath, and probably an M.D., who practiced through the Buffalo Homeopathic Hospital and the psychiatric hospital in Buffalo. My 97 year old uncle remembers Dr. Schley very well because they stayed in touch until Dr. Schley’s death in 1948. Henry (my uncle), says that he remembers Dr. Schley’s medical bag, which fascinated him as a child (all those little bottles!), and that when Dr. Schley treated anyone in the family, everyone got better, as Henry says, “It always worked!” By the 1950’s the Buffalo Homeopathic Hospital was overtaken by allopaths. My grandmother’s rheumatoid arthritis took over her life after Dr. Schley retired from practice, and nothing the allopaths could do allieviated her suffering, which she endured until her death in 1958.

Barbara W. Baxter

Another Reason the U.S. and the World Need Homeopathy

A new, more contagious and seemingly more lethal variant of the coronavirus is spreading across the US.  It’s the B.1.1.7 variant, first seen in the UK. It arrived in Colorado at the end of December and has now been found in 50 jurisdictions in the United States. It now accounts for 20 to 30% of the infections in this country.

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