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Tips and Secrets July 2011

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If you want to be sick…..

If you want to be sick all the time, or to be the hero of a surgical operation for the glory of the surgeon—tell your complaints to everybody, take everybody’s advice and take all the medicine they all recommend (the more, the better). Employ a surgeon, and a specialist for each part, take the advice of each, and take all the medicines they prescribe, and you will surely be successful.

W.L. Morgan, MD -1902

Radiation Remedies

Torako Yui, who singlehandedly brought homeopathy to Japan, has created a radiation remedy ‘RA’ to heal the effects of radioactive substances. It is a combination of Cadmium sulphuricum, Sol, Plutonium nitricum, Kalium iodatum, Radium bromide, Uranium nitricum, Caesium hydroxide, Thyreoidinum, and Parathyreoid gland.


I consider Stramonium the best remedy for threatened hydrophobia. Even after the symptoms have developed, I would push Stramonium tincture in five-drop doses till I obtained some kind of result. For in addition to all the symptoms which belong to the hydrophobia group, we have ”expressions of terror” under face and dribbling of glossy saliva “under mouth.’

Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica – George Royal, M.D.


In a case of a clerk with loss of power of the lower limbs, reflexes exaggerated, knee-jerk violent, locomotion difficult and unsteady, probably a case of transverse myelitis, Lathyrus 3X, night and morning, gave most satisfactory results. The patient could walk a mile without assistance.

New Old And Forgotten Remedies – Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz

Tela Araitearum – Spider’s Web

By the use of this remedy a patient laboring under organic disease of the heart and hydrothorax obtained great relief and refreshing sleep, who had not before slept for three nights. To one suffering much pain from cancer it afforded ease and comfortable sleep. For a patient in phthisis pulmonalis affected with distressing agitation of mind, it answered like a charm, and soon induced great sleep like a moderate dose of opium.

New Old And Forgotten Remedies – Ed. Dr. E.P. Anshutz

Mercurius vs Kali bich

The ulcers of Mercurius are rapidly spreading and superficial, while those of Kali bichromicum are circumscribed and deep with tendency to perforate.

Essentials of Homoeopathic TherapeuticsW.A.Dewey, MD

When is Phosphorus the remedy in Bright’s Disease?

The urine contains epithelial, fatty or waxy casts; abuse of alcoholic stimulants, lung complications, vomiting or diarrhoea. Urine is whitish, flocculent, iridescent.

Essentials of Homoeopathic Therapeutics W.A.Dewey, MD

Cholera Infantum

What drug has watery, olive green stools coming out with a gush? Elaterium (Squirting Cucumber).

Essentials of Homoeopathic TherapeuticsW.A.Dewey, MD

Horses Refuse Feed

Some horses refuse their feed after a run, or a long journey. They have to be tempted, and their appetite piqued, by offering them dainty food, such as oatmeal gruel, with or without milk ; a bit of bread ; pieces of carrot ; a handful of dry oats, or malt. Nux vomica in 10-drop doses should be given three times a-day until the natural appetite returns.

Horses Ill and Well: Homoeopathic Treatment of Diseases and Injuries – James Moore, M.E.C.V.S.

Bacillinum – A nosode of tuberculosis

Dr. Burnett has shown that ringworm of the scalp and pityriasis versicolor on the body are indications of tubercular diathesis, and they respond to this remedy. Also they are leading indications for it when present in combination with other affections. A case of insanity with pityriasis yielded rapidly to the remedy. I have found an eczematous condition of the margins of the eyelids a strong indication for it.

John H. Clarke, M. D.

Tape Worms

Tape worms may frequently be destroyed by taking, when the moon is waning, two mornings successively, a dose of Sulphur and at the next full moon, Mercurius, in the same way, and eight days after, Sulphur again twice ; repeat these remedies in the same order several times. Sometimes the tape worm is discharged after taking a few doses of Calcarea.

The Homoeopathic Domestic Physician – Constantine Hering, M. D.

Sarcolactic Acid

Remember Sarcolactic acid in epidemic influenza with violent retching and greatest prostration, when Arsenicum fails.

William B. Griggs MD

When to take the Anti-Psoric

The dose of anti-psoric medicine must not be taken by females shortly before menses are expected, nor during their flow, but can be given four days after the menses have sent in.

Samuel Hahnemann -Chronic Diseases


Debility from lack of digestive power in the stomach or general assimilative power. Tongue generally has dirty white coat especially at base (although it may be clean). Diarrhea of undigested food immediately after eating. Tincture.

Lotus Materia Medica – Robin Murphy ND

Swelling of the Breasts in Infants

The breast of every infant is charged with a kind of secretion, bearing some resemblance to milk. The symptom will disappear of itself if left alone. Pressing the breasts to encourage a discharge may produce inflammation and sometimes an abscess, which is really serious. For inflammatory symptoms excited by wanton interference, a weak lotion of Arnica (3 drops of tincture to a wineglass of water) may be applied to the part 3-4 times a day. If matter has formed, one globule of Hepar s. may be given, and the dose repeated after twenty-four hours.

Effects of Depressing Influence

Think of Carbo veg in those cases in which disease seems to be engrafted upon the system by reason of the depressing influence of some prior derangement (Psorinum). Thus, for instance, the patient tells us that asthma has troubled him ever since he had the whooping cough in childhood.

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics – E.B. Nash MD

Legs in Motion

The Valerianate of zinc I have used for a common symptom of nervous persons – they cannot sit still, or they must keep the legs in constant motion. I have used it and I do not remember to have failed to cure in a single instance. I usually give the remedy in the second or third potency.

Clinical Materia Medica – E.A. Farrington – MD


Like digitalis, it has some diuretic effect and therefore finds use in dropsical accumulations due to cardiac involvement. Heart strength being increased by convallaria, the concomitant dyspnoea disappears.

Hahnemannian Monthly Volume-II I917 – G. Harlan Wells, M.D.

Posology and Similitude

Regarding posology I will give you my rule: The dose depends upon the degree of similitude. The greater the similitude the higher the dilution and the less frequent the administration; the smaller the degree of similitude the lower the dose and the more frequent the repetitions of the dose.

Fifty Reasons For Being A Homeopath – J. Compton Burnett, M.D.

First Prescription in Pennsylvania

Dr. Henry Detwiller was born in Langenbruch, Canton Basil, Landschaft, Switzerland, December 13, 1795. To him is due the honor of having given the first homoeopathic prescription in Pennsylvania (U.S.), on July 23, 1828.

History of Homoeopathy and Its Institutions in America-W.H.King MD.

Mercury is Persistent

Metallic Mercury has been found in every tissue of the body of those who have taken it as a medicine. Once introduced into the system, it remains. In cats that had been rubbed with Mercurial ointment, C. Esterlen found globules of Mercury in the pancreas, liver, spleen, lungs, heart, mesenteric glands, kidneys, etc., and also in the bile, milk, urine and saliva.

Lectures On Materia Medica – Carroll Dunham, M. D.

Venereal Disease

Venereal diseases also have been radically healed by Homoeopathy much more surely, with less trouble and without any sequelae; for without disturbing or destroying the local manifestation it heals the internal fundamental disease from within…

The Chronic Diseases – Samuel Hahnemann MD

Alopecia – Falling of Hair

ACID PHOS: Hair thins early, greying early, due to shock. Falling of hair from depressing emotions. 200C, 1M.

ANTIMONIUM CRUD : Alopecia due to nervous headache. Teasing itching in the head.200C

AURUM MET: Alopecia due to syphilis. 200C.

BARYTA CARB: Baldness on vertex of young. 200C.

BRYONIA : For very greasy hair. 200C.

CANTHARIS: Falling out of hair in bunches. 200C.

FLUORIC ACID : Hair falling in big and small patches. The new hair is dry and breaks off. 200C.

GERANIUM MAC: Hair restorer especially in cases where there is history of Eczema Capitis or Scabs in the scalp. Q-10 drops, massage into the scalp, at bed time, to be continued for 3-6 months.

HELLEBORUS: Hair falling (on the head and on the whole body) eyelashes and from labia. Pricking pain on the scalp. 200C.

KALI CARB : Falling off, with dryness of hair. 200C.

JABORANDI: Hair restorer. In a number of patients who have had white/blonde hair, have turned black with this medicine (Clarke). (P.210, Hahnemann Gleaning, May 1972). Dryness of the scalp .Q-10 drops, massage into the scalp, at bed time, to be continued for 3-6 months.

MANCINELLA : Alopecia after severe acute disease. 200C

NITRIC ACID: Falling of hair with humid eruptions, scalp sensitive. 200C

PLUMBUM MET: Alopecia of cheek, moustache. Hair very dry. 200C

THALLIUM ACETICUM : Alopecia following acute, exhausting diseases; after Chemotherapy or Hormone therapy. 30C, 200C.

THUJA : White scaly dandruff, hair falling off or grows slowly and splits; after effects suppressed or maltreated gonorrhea. 200C

WEISBADEN : For grey hair – has caused hair to grow rapidly and turn darker. Formerly soft, becomes hard and brittle.200C

VINCA MINOR : Bald spots from violent scalp itching. 200C

ZINCUM METALLICUM: Falling of pubic hair. 200C.

HAIR FALLING IN SPOTS: Apis, Ars, Calc, Calc-ph, Carb-an., Merc, Hep, Phos, Psorinum

-Thanks to Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea – Principal – Allen College of Homoeopathy


When conium is indicated in troubles with the breasts or ovaries there is swelling, pain, hysterical symptoms and great soreness. Soreness and swelling of the breasts preceding menstruation, aggravated by the least jar or walking (keynote). The breasts swell, become hard and painful before the menses, when hysterical symptoms increase greatly; the vertigo when lying down becomes very severe. After a blow or injury there is induration of the breasts, the swelling is hard as a stone. The stony hardness of the induration is a characteristic of Conium.

The Clinique – A Study of Conium Maculatum. – E. Oilman, MD

Three Quick Tips

I use Arnica montana 6 or 30 for insomnia from severe fatigue. I also find Calc phos 6x to do the same good work.

The action of Sanguinaria for inflammations in which an analgesic might otherwise be used, such as for rheumatism of right shoulder or left hip, can be a welcome alternative. Even though it’s known as a right sided remedy, I find it works regardless of sides.

I like Nat phos 6 for acid indigestion after a meal.

Thanks to Joette J. Calabrese, CCH,RSHom ( Na)

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  • Topic Secrets tips of homeopathy is very useful and interesting. Would appreciate if you provide some tips on renal stone, Impotency. Many patient asks is there any homeopathic medicine for enlarging their provate parts. Topic on this subject would be very useful.

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    Sunil Nagori

  • tips n secrets sent monthly are very useful for a persons like me who has degree of DHMS but not practicing.could u please provide tips on treatment of enlarged breasts

  • Regarding radiation remedies, I do not think it is a good idea to give them all at once. Just think of Hahnemann and the organon. One remedy at a time and it is the symptoms that will lead us to the correct sequence of remedies. More does not always help more! Stick to the original.

  • Sanguinaria, of cource, is a very good right sided remedy; but if the pain persists in the lower rib area in the right side of the back,
    Ptelea works like magic. It also improves digestion and the quality of sleep.

  • I like the Tips and Secrets section very much. Combination remedies do work regardless of the single remedy community. It is all about frequencies and a combination remedy has also a single frequency regardless how many remedies are in it. Homeopathy is not a closed chapter, we should be open to new discoveries.

  • I need help in finding a homeopathic remedy for a reoccuring abcess in my bikini line area. I had one a few years ago and had it lanced and drained. I have gotten another one in the last few months. THey form from an ingrown hair. Thank you for your time.

  • In the beginning if there’s redness, warmth and sometimes throbbing Belladonna 30 is indicated. If it becomes sensitive to touch,cold and draft, Hepar sulph 6x three times a day is indicated and will open the abscess without resort to lancing. Silica 6 or 30 follows Hepar if draining is not complete. Salt water baths or compresseses will also help. There are other remedies for different indications, but that’s a starter.

  • Being an homoeopathic practitioner, I have read “Tips and Secret” and observed that this effort of Mr.Alan V. Schmukler is very useful for homoeopathic students and practitioners. This is commendable and should be continued for the benefit of the humanity.

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