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This month, Homeopathy for Everyone begins a new section called TIPS and SECRETS. We invite you to send in your favorite Tips and Secrets on homeopathy. We will publish a select group each month, acknowledging the sender. They may be based on your own experience or taken from homeopathic literature. Please identify the source of your information and your name and country.

Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a complete case taking. Remember to select remedies on the totality of symptoms available.


Giving Remedies to Animals – Here Woofie, take your medicine.

The easiest way is to dilute alcoholic preparations or dissolve tablets or pillules in a little water in a dropper bottle. A few drops can then be administered to the animal(s) in many ways.

Ideally you would like to apply the drops to the gums but not all animal patients may agree with this. In such cases, a few drops can be put on a piece of bland meat (chicken) or apple or carrot, depending on the species concerned.

An alternative is to put the watery solution in a spray bottle and direct a whiff of spray to the face of the animal. Do this in a gentle way so not to upset the patient. When treating large groups, the watery solution can be made up in a water bottle. Shake up the bottle energetically and pour the contents in the water trough. All the individuals in the group will benefit from the administration of the remedy when they have a drink.

Thanks to: Edward DeBeukelaer UK

Don’t be so aggravated!

When a client calls with a bad aggravation after taking a remedy, it often helps to give just one more dose of the remedy to ‘tip the aggravation over’. Let them call back in 6 hours, and often the patient feels much better!

Thanks to: Rivka Klein – de Graaf, Israel
If It Looks Like………

If both Nux-v and Lycopodium seem to fit, but neither works, try Thuja.

From Dr. G. Kent Smith, MD, Huntington Beach, CA, USA.

Thanks to : Shirley Reischman U.S.
A Healing Root

SYMPHYTUM -“The root contains a crystalline solid, that stimulates the growth of epithelium on ulcerated surfaces.It may be administered internally in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers.” “— pain in the eye after a blow of an obtuse body”

BOERICKE page 627

Thanks to Dr. Wequar
Water Logged Remedies

For freshly made remedies: If you find the pellets are too wet, dry them on a clean plain paper, and rebottle them, without touching them. Otherwise, the excess amount of liquid will make the pellets soggy and they’ll lose their luster on storage. This tip is especially meant for those from India, where the chemists generally moisten the pellets with the liquid potency with too many drops. The more the better is not applicable here.

Thanks to Gavini Murthy India

TMJ -Temporomandibular Joint- Disorders of:

Cracking of the joint -Rhus tox

Painful cracking of joint -Granatum

Pain in joint on swallowing -Arum triph

From the Dental Prescriber – Dr. Colin Lessell

Thanks to Alan V. Schmukler – USA
Nerves Shot?

Magnesia Carbonicum is to exhausted nerves, what Cinchona is to exhaustion from loss of fluid. A state of nervousness induced by excess of cares and worries. Least touch causes startling. Trembling and fear as if some accident would happen. Better when going to bed.

Lotus Materia Medica -Dr. Robin Murphy

Thanks to: Jack Hoffman- USA
Get a Whiff of this!

Many of the homeopathic remedies I use are made into “sniffers” or inhaling remedies. While reading the 6th edition of the Organon, I was surprised that Hahnemann used olfactory or inhaled remedies. Remedies that need to be taken often for pain, hot flashes, sleep etc. are put into 1 dram bottles with alcohol or glycerin to be inhaled as needed.

Some people are very sensitive to remedies, and while the remedies help them, they often suffer greatly because they can’t handle even these minute amounts in liquid, granules or inhaled. For these people, I suggest they carry the remedy in a breast pocket, or bra, or even a pant pocket. Just carrying the remedy seems to help, and several sensitive people have told me that they can only tolerate carrying the remedy for a certain period of time and then must “get away from it”. Some never need to take the remedy, just carry it, and they seem to improve.

Thanks to Diane Fuller D.Hom. U.K.
Two for the Price of One!

When I was first in practice I used to have a lot of babies and young children in my practice. They seemed to lurch from one acute episode to the next. A traditional Chinese medicine adage states:

“If the child is sick, treat the mother”. I decided to adapt this to Homeopathy. I began to offer to treat the mother for free if the child was under two years of age and I mentioned to the mother that the child was likely to be well and on good form if she was. In ten years no one has turned this suggestion down. I immediately noticed a drop in the number of acute episodes and later noted that, in general, I was able to discharge children and their mothers earlier. Overall the cases ran more smoothly and took up less time. I also got lots of referrals from the happy mothers.

Mary Aspinwall – Spain
Cholera-like Symptoms in Summer

In India people generally suffer from cholera like symptom in Summer. This tip has helped me many times “thin, putrid, bloody stool or involuntary stool, no sensation of passing faeces, with coldness and intolerance of being covered with great exhaustion” .
Secale cor 200 or higher immediately gives an response. (Apis, Phosphorus high potency – anus wide open)
“Varicose ulcer, bed sore, burn ulcers which refuse to heal with burning sensation, better by cold and worse by heat or cover, desire to uncover, though cold to touch gives a good response to Secale cor 30. The use of potency is from my experience and the tips are from Pocket manual of Mat. Medica by William Boericke.

Thanks to S.C. Kursija, India
Hold the Arnica!

Arnica should never be applied hot or at all externally, when abrasion or cuts are present.

From W. Boericke.

Arsenicum High or Low?

Use Arsenicum in low attenuations in gastric; intestinal & kidney disease; higher in neuralgia, nervous disease, and skin. But if only surface conditions call for it, give the lowest potency: 2nd to 3rd trit. From W. Boericke.

Thanks to Suman Kumar Mishra, India
What Gall He Had!

Gallbladder Inflammation and Pain with Jaundice – A patient male, age 38, diabetic with Insulin dependence, suffering from severe pain in upper abdomen on right side and moving towards the left. The patient cannot bear the pain, ultrasound report shows gallbladder inflammation, LFT reports indicated Jaundice. The pain sometimes relieved by vomiting. CHAMOMILLA 200 one dose cure the pain and thereafter Chelidonium mother tincture for 10 days 10 drops thrice a day completely cured the case.

Thanks to Dr. Talha Qureshi, Karachi, Pakistan
Steaming Good Idea

I found the best way to clean and reuse bottles and lids etc is to use a baby bottle steam sterilizer. You put everything in the top section, add some water to the bottom and just switch on. It also removes your sticky labels. Mine is called Babytec.

Thanks to Wendy Pauls RSHom (UK)
Get A Note from the Doctor

For your First Aid Kit : Keep several copies of a little sheet of paper to explain to novices how to take the remedies. Giving out this little folded sheet of paper can help awaken an interest in homeopathy. You could even suggest a basic book as a guide on the paper.

Sample : How To Take Homeopathic Remedies : To obtain the maximum benefit from a homeopathic remedy it is recommended that the remedy be taken when the mouth is clean with no food, candy or toothpaste residue etc. in it. The mouth should be preferably free from tobacco or any flavoured substances. If you wish to rinse your mouth first, just use water.

You may take a remedy either 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after eating or any other time between food. When taking the homeopathic remedy we recommend that you do not touch the little pills with your fingers. Just tip the prescribed little pills into the lid, then drop them in your mouth. Hold them in your mouth, under your tongue, for one minute.

For storage and to preserve homeopathic products keep them dry, away from light and any fumes and they will last indefinitely.

Thanks to Carole Franske, Canada
Morning Sickness

In case of persistent vomiting of pregnancy, ‘Symphoricarpus Racemosa’ is highly recommended. But I have experienced good results with ‘Tabacum’ in 30 potency, infrequent doses.

Thanks to : Dr. Manoj kumar Patil MD(Homeopathy), Dombivli-E, Mumbai INDIA

Short tips from A – Z

Anger — Arnica, Bryonia, Chamomilla, China, Gelsemium, Nux-v.
Bad Eggs — Carb-v.
Bad Fat — Arsenicum, Carb-v.
Bad Fish — All-c., Carb-v.
Bad Food — Carb-v.
Bad News — Gelsemium
Bad Water — All-c., Crotal-h.
Bathing Cold — Mag phos.
Bee Sting — Ledum
Bereavement — Ignatia
Bites — Hypericum, Ledum
Blood Poisoning — Pyrogenium
Bone, Injury to — Rut., Symphytum, Hecla.
Bruises — Arnica, Ledum, Rut.
Burns and Scalds — Urt-u.
Coffee, Abuse of — Nux-v.
Cold, With Damp — Dulcamara
Cold, Dry Winds — Aconite, Hepar
Damp, Cold Weather — Gelsemium
Damp, Cold Winds, Exposure to — All-c., Calc-c.
Damp Sheets — Rhus-t.
Damp, Warm Weather — Carb-v.
Dentition — Chamomilla
Depressing Emotions — Gelsemium
Dog Bites — Hydrophob.
Eating, Excess in — Bryonia, Nux-v.
Effects of Pleasurable — Coffea
Exam. Funk — Anacardium, Gelsemium
Eyes, Injuries to — Aconite, Symphytum
Eyes, Overstrain — Rut.
Fat — Carb-v., Ipecac., Pulsatilla
Fear — Aconite
Feet Wetting — Pulsatilla
Fractures — Rut., Symphytum
Fruit — Arsenicum, China
Grief — Arsenicum, Ignatia
Head, Blow on — Hypericum
Head, Getting Wet — Belladonna, Rhus-t.
Ice Cream — Pulsatilla
Nerves, Injuries to — Hypericum
Pastry — Pulsatilla
Punctured Wounds — Hypericum, Ledum
Riding in Carriage — Cocc.
Storms — Gelsemium, Phosphorus
Sun (Too Much) — Aconite, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Gloninum
Vertigo from Sunlight — Agar-m.
Thanks to Dr. Sayeed Ahmad D. I. Hom. (London)
Clinical Homeopathy

Classical Homeopaths tend to neglect the clinical approach to prescribing and this is unfortunate since clinical indications are often extremely important. A case in Point:

A patient is in Hospital with acute renal failure.His creatinine is at 15, his liver enzymes are also sky high and he is going into liver failure. Dialysis is not having any effect. This all came on after starting a new PT regime and he seriously over exerted himself. Next day the trouble began. Diagnosis of acute renal failure seems likely due to the break down of the muscle proteins clogging up the renal tubules.

Prescription? Eel Serum otherwise known as Serum Anguillar Ichthyotoxin 30C two doses three hours apart was all that was needed to get the Kidneys functioning again. Next day he began to convalesce and his creatinine came down to 4.5 in 2 days, after 5 days it was steady at 3 where it stayed. The liver function is by now all but normal.

A week later with no further improvement I saw this patient for the first time and his similimum was Nitric-acid upon which the whole case has taken a significant turn for the better and Kidney and Liver function normal and complexion clear again within the week. Of course Nitric-acid might have done the trick during the emergency, but there would be no way for me to have found it under the circumstances. Thank god for Eel Serum. There are many levels of applying homeopathy and we and our patients can significantly benefit from using all of them.

Thanks to Robert Bannan, Phoenix, AZ USA

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