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Oh no, split nails!

Antimonium crudum has a marked action on the nails, causing deficient growth. If, after an accident has split the nail, the latter does not heal readily but grows cracked and thick, Antimonium c. will make it grow as it should. I have also used this drug in treating a split hoof of my horse.

Clinical Materia Medica – E.A. Farrington

Looks Like Arsenicum

Sarcolactic Acid  is of great value in the most violent form of influenza, especially with retching and prostration, when Arsenicum fails. Sore feeling all over, muscular weakness, worse from exertion. Nighttime restlessness, can’t get to sleep. Uncontrollable vomiting (even water). Also, weakness after influenza.

Baryta Muriatica

Arterio-sclerosis where a high systolic pressure with a comparatively low dystolic tension is attended by cerebral cerebral and cardiac symptoms. Narrowing of the cardiac orifice with pain right after eating. Multiple sclerosis of brain and cord. Lassitude in the morning.

Materia Medica with Repertory – Wm Boericke Thanks to S. Salfi U.S.

Habitual Abortion

Plumbum Metallicum for cases of habitual abortion, especially those occurring between 70 and 90 days. “She feels a lack of room for foetus in the uterus; inability of uterus to expand; threatening abortion.”

‘Clinical Experiences of 70 years in Homoeopathy’ — Dr. S.P.Koppikar

Rubric describing this in RADAR : ‘Small for fetus, sensation as if uterus too large’ – Plb is one of 12 remedies listed under this rubric; the only grade 2 remedy being Ovininum. All the others, including Plb are grade 1.

Thanks to : Dr. Firuzi Mehta

Vaccination Rubrics from Kent

Eye, inflammation, vaccination, after : thu.



Stomach, nausea, vaccination, after : sil.



Stomach, pain, vaccination, after : thu.



Rectum, diarrhœa, vaccination, after : ant-t., sil., thu.



Respiration, asthmatic, children, after vaccination : thu.



Respiration, asthmatic, vaccination, after : thu.



Cough, vaccination, after : thu.



Extremities, emaciation, upper limbs, vaccination, after : maland., thu.



Extremities, eruption, leg, pustules, vaccination, after : sulph.



Extremities, felon, run-around, vaccination, after : thu.



Extremities, paralysis, lower limbs, vaccination, after : thu.



Extremities, suppuration, fingers, nails, after vaccination : thu.



Extremities, swelling, shoulder, vaccination, after : apis., thu.



Extremities, swelling, upper arm, vaccination : sil., sulph., thu.



Extremities, walking, gressus vaccinus : iod., sec.



Generalities, convulsions, vaccination, after : sil.



Generalities, vaccination, after : apis., ars., echi., hep., kali-chl., maland., sil., sulph., thu.



Thanks to Murthy -India

Calcarea Silicata

Calcarea Silicata causes absorption of corneal exudations. Ulcers with punched out edges indicate it. –J.H.Clarke – Also for atrophy of children when Silica fails (Calc sil 1x). Ussher. Always cold and lack of vital heat. Dreams of the dead.

Dose and Potency – Dr. P.S. Rawat -Thanks to  J. Finney -Ireland

Kali Cyanatum

Agonizing neuralgias with screaming and loss of consciousness. Cancer of tongue. Petroz cured a cancerous ulcer on the right side of the  tongue with Kali Cyanatum 1m.  Surface of body cold and moist. Better from motion. Worse 4am – 4pm.

Lotus M.M. – Robin Murphy N.D.     – Thanks to Felicia Coles  – Canada

Crot. Horridus

Nose bleed during septic diseases (Baptisia) or in broken down constitutions . Blood is thin, dark and doesn’t coagulate.  Face flushes. Vertigo with fainting.

HomeopathicTherapeutics – Samuel Lilienthal, M.D.  – Thanks to Pat Mason -U.S.

Arsenicum Iodatum

Stomach Nausea-Brushing the teeth on. This rubric has only one medicine ARS IOD (Kent),when viewed in RADAR under “Vithoulkas View”

In RADAR “Millennium view-progressive”there are 6 medicines: All Cepa, Alliums, Ars Iod, Crot-c, Crot H, Merc

This is Really Swell

Conium : Mouth swelling-Gums bluish red. Only one medicine grade2

Nat Mur:  Mouth Swelling -gums -bluish red-spongy swelling.  Only one medicine grade 1  RADAR/synthesis.

Wequar – Pakistan


“Ripe cold” in which the discharges are green and bland, not in the least excoriating; bad smell in the nose, as of old catarrh. If given in the beginning it usually spoils the case, for sneezing and excoriating discharges are not its characteristics. Farrington’s Comparative Materia Medica

Murthy – India
Nitric acid

In regard to the sticking pain as from splinters– ” This is a grand keynote of Nitric Acid and will serve to indicate wherever it is found. It requires a touch or movement to elicit it. When it occurs in the throat it requires the act of swallowing to set it up; in the anus, the passage of stool; in ulcers, the touch of a dressing. It may occur in any part of the body : in in-growing toenails. “

J.H.Clarke /repeated by M.L. Tyler

Chief among the homeopathic remedies available for diaper rash is Calendula. Parents frequently find that the rash heals rapidly after applying Calendula lotion/ointment/gel. A word of caution here. If calendula is available to you only in tincture form, which contains alcohol, it will ‘burn’ the skin. The tincture must be diluted in a ratio of 1 part remedy to 3 parts water before use.

Homeopathy and your child By Lyle W. Morgan PH.D.
Salt of the Earth

A little symptom complex that means Natrum mur and Natrum mur only is
Hates sympathy, fuss and company, Craves salt, Loathes fat

Tyler‘s drug pictures

Rhus tox

Rhustox is indicated in dysentery when there are tearing pains down the thighs during defecation. (A single remedy of grade 2)

Kent‘s Repertory   – Thanks to Murthy – India

That Sinking Feeling

Hahnemann gives us an important foot note. “That symptoms of a not very important character, and, otherwise, trivial affections induce a sudden and complete sinking of the strength, is a very important and characteristic peculiarity of Arsenicum.” Guernesey adds ” Exhaustion is not felt by the patient when lying still, but as soon as he moves, he is surprised to find himself so weak.”

Tyler‘s drug pictures  – Murthy – India

Nux Vomica

When the stomach is sick, it will empty its contents with no great effort ordinarily, but in Nux, there is retching and straining as if the action were going the wrong way, as if it would force the abdomen open; a reversed action; retches, gags, and strains and after a prolonged effort he finally empties the stomach. Stomach, nausea, inability to vomit : nux-v. This symptom is a very common problem attending many acute ailments and a dose of Nux vomica will pave the way to cure. Stomach, nausea, inability to vomit : nux-v.

Kent‘s MM quoted by Tyler  –Murthy

Back, eruptions, prickly heat : Apis mel. Only remedy of grade 2 in Kent’s repertory.



I have used Alumina-200 in alteration with Merc. Sol-200 for intense itching when worse with warmth.

Coffea Cruda-200 in alternation with Kali. Phos-200 has been useful for treating insomnia

Explore Sulphur-200 as an inter-current remedy in sexual weakness

In Ptosis (Drooping of eyelids), I have succeeded with Causticum in high potency in alternation with Gelsemium and Kali Phos.

In violent dry and fatiguing cough, Rumex-30 has given me good results

Consider Colocynthis, Gnaphalium , Rhus tox when treating sciatic pain

In Anorexia, Cocculus-30, Pulsatilla-6+30, China-30 are remedies recommended by Dr. P. N. Pai and have been has been found useful in many cases.

Most of my cases of Dysentery have been cured with Colocynthis and Merc. cor

I have used the trio of Arsenicum alb, Ipec and Natrum sulph in treating asthma

Thanks to Homoeo Dr. Sultan Mahmood – Rawalpindi (Pakistan)

Not Your Ordinary Itch

Petroleum :Itching with no visible eruption. He scratches the skin until moisture oozes forth, and keeps on scratching until the skin bleeds and the part becomes cold.

Kent Lectures on Materia Medica..quoted by Tyler also.

This symptom is split in Kent’s repertory as under

Skin, itching, eruption, without : alum., ars., cist., dol., gels., lach., med., merc., mez., petr., psor., sulph.

Skin, itching, scratch, until it is raw : agar., alum., am-c., ant-c., arn., bar-c., bov., calc., carb-s., caust., chin., dros., graph., hep., kali-c., kreos., lach., lyc., mang., merc., olnd., petr., phos., plb., psor., puls., rhus-t., ruta., sabin., scil., sep., sil., sul-ac., sulph., til.

Skin, coldness, scratching, after : agar., mez., petr.

Mezerium comes closest, but in Mez the itching changes place.

Murthy -India



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