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TIPS & SECRETS December 20019

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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Tips from the Masters and important news. This month finds tips on remedies in hemorrhage, on Apis versus Arsenicum in dropsies, Colchicum in rheumatism, Sabadilla in influenza, Lachesis in delirium tremens and much more.

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Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Apis vs Arsenicum in Dropsies

In dropsies, Apis may be compared with  Arsenicum album, which has the same transparency of the skin, and is also of use in dropsies of renal, cardiac or hepatic origin.   The differences: Arsenicum has intolerable  thirst, eEating and drinking cause vomiting and there is marked restlessness.

Sulphur in Hydrocephalus

In hydrocephalus, the most similar remedy to Apis in the stage of exudation is Sulphur. Sulphur is indicated more on general principles than for its particular affinity for the meninges.  Sulphur helps in the same stage as Apis when Apis fails.

Rhus tox vs Apis 

Rhus tox and Apis are inimical, and one cannot be given after the other. Under Rhus tox, the face is dark red, and not the bright red of Belladonna, nor the  rosy  or purplish livid  hue of Apis.

Nux moschata 

Nux moschata  – The mental state varies from a bewilderment, in which the surroundings are strange, to a condition of absentmindedness, sleepiness, and finally deep stupor, with loss of motion and sensation.  Mental states may alternate.  At one time she laughs, as if everything partook of the ludicrous.  She jests even about serious subjects. Suddenly her moodchanges to sadness, with weeping  and loud crying.


Asafoetida – Its most characteristic effects are:  Reversing of the peristaltic action in the bowels, stomach, and particularly up to the throat; eructations rancid, with profuse saliva, greasy taste; head feels dull,  compressed; burning in the stomach  and oesophagus;  enormous  meteorism of the  stomach, spasmodic  tightness of  the chest, as if  the  lungs could not be fully expanded.

Sepia vs Pulsatilla

The mental state of Sepia is to be distinguished from that of Pulsatilla, Natrum mur. and Causticum. Both Pulsatilla and Sepia  develop a state of weeping, anxiety but only Pulsatilla has the mild, yielding, clinging disposition seeking  consola-

tion; but it lacks the angry irritability and the cool indifference of


Colchicum in Rheumatism

In rheumatism  proper, Colchicum is indicated when it begins in one joint and travels thence to another, or in one side of the body and then flies to the other.   The pains are worse in the evening. The joint is extremely sensitive to the slightest motion. You will find such patients exceedingly irritable. Pain seems to be unbearable.


Sabadilla is useful in influenza. There are violent spasmodic sneezing and lachrymation on going into the open air; the  throat also is affected, giving you a perfect picture  of tonsillitis.  The difficulty begins on the left side, and extends to the right; the pain is worse on empty swallowing.


We find cocculus a certain or frequent  remedy  in paralysis originating

in disease of the spinal cord.  Especially is it indicated in the beginning of the trouble, whether it results from functional or from severe organic disease of  the  cord.

Juglans cinerea

Juglans cathartica, sometimes called Juglans cinerea, has occipital headache. This I consider to be the best remedy for sharp pains in the occipital region.


In such violent diseases as cancer Morphia has been successfully given for one of its secondary symptoms, extreme susceptibility to pain. Pains are so violent as to

threaten convulsions, or cause twitching and jerking of the limbs. Under these circumstances Morphia is a homoeopathic remedy.


In delirium tremens, Lachesis is indicated when the patients have visions of snakes and other hideous objects; sensation in the throat as if choking, and springing out of sleep suddenly as if from a dream.


Cinchona is frequently called for in ante- and post-partum haemorrhages; in such cases you do not give it in a single dose, but repeatedly, at short intervals, until the consequences of the haemorrhage have been removed.  I would also recommend Cinchona when retained placenta  is attended by haemorrhage. It has been my practice to administer Cinchona until the tonicity of the uterus is restored, and then remove the placenta.

Ipecacuanha is useful when there is profuse bright red flow of blood, usually

accompanied by nausea and sometimes by very hard, labored breathing.

Belladonna is useful when the haemorrhage is of bright blood, coagulating rapidly, and feeling hot to the parts over which it flows.

Trillium controls haemorrhage when the flow is either bright red or dark, and occurs in women who flood after every labor.

Millefolium is suited for a profuse, bright red flow, unattended by

Pain. It is much like Aconite, but it lacks the restlessness and anxiety

of that remedy; also, continuous flow after an injury.

Sabina is to be used when the flow is bright red and clotted, and

worse from  any  motion, and is attained with pain extending from the

pubes through to the sacrum.

Carbo vegetabilis is to be given when there is a continuous passive

haemorrhage.  The patient wants to be fanned.  The skin is cool and

bluish, and the pulse rapid and weak.

Secale is said to be best adapted to thin women. The flow of blood is passive; it is attended with tingling in the limbs.  Although the surface of the body is cold, the patient persistently expresses her desire to be uncovered.

Erigeron is said to be useful in profuse haemorrhage similar to that

of Sabina, but associated with irritation of the bladder and rectum.

Hamamelis is suited to passive  venous haemorrhages,  especially

when the part from which the flow of blood proceeds feels sore and


Acalypha Indica is useful in haemoptysis after fits of dry coughing. 

Cinnamomum is useful in profuse haemorrhage from a strain or misstep.

Cyclamen is indicated in profuse haemorrhage, with dizziness and obscured  vision, as from  a fog.

E.A. Farrington M.D. – Clinical Materia Medica

Holding Hands with Prince Charles

Hello Colleagues,

I still can’t believe I got to hold hands with Prince Charles in rural New Zealand at a farmers’ market and talk about Homeopathy. I did not even know he was here. I will never forget this very special encounter, and I feel soul struck. I put my hand out to him, looked him in the eye and said “Thank you on behalf of the New Zealand Homeopathy community for your steadfast advocacy to our profession.” He, about to keep going turned back and asked me “Are you a homeopath? And are you able to practice and freely flourish here?” (my practice is called Flourish Health) and when I said “yes we can” he replied “well you must know this is not the case at home. (In light if the incessant media bashing that goes on in the UK unto homeopathy) So very good and keep up your right work and long may you prosper.” A very special encounter I will never forget.  Glad to get a word in for us all.

In community,

Carrie Thomas    

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Scientists Admit Flawed Experiment May Have Created ‘Super Mosquitoes’

A team of scientists revealed that an experiment that released millions of genetically-modified mosquitoes into the wild to curb the populations of disease-carrying mosquitoes has backfired. A study revealed the genetic traits of the “super mosquitoes” have been passed on to the native species.

A Global Proving of Waters From Around The World

Drs. Harry van der Zee and Chetna N Shukla conducted a proving of waters from around the world. You can read about it here:


Endorsement of Homeopathy

Montreal – Former federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair appeared at a pro-homeopathy conference and said that he’s been using homeopathic remedies for about 30 years and believes they help prevent him from getting sick while travelling. He said he believes there is “scientific proof of their efficacy,” and said the Quebec government should do more to recognize the field to protect consumers’ safety and their freedom to choose the products they feel work best for them.

Zero gravity kills cancer cells

After just one day in zero gravity conditions, researchers found over 80% of cancer cells died in a trial. Now, their plan is to send them to space. The initial results confirm earlier findings from German researchers.

Editor’s note: They always look for the most expensive and hi-tech solutions. They could start by banning GMO’s, Chemtrails, certain pesticides and herbicides (Monsanto’s Round-Up – Glyphosate), cell phone masts or 5G near people’s homes etc.

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