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Remember, a tip is not the whole iceberg! Use these tips as part of a totality of symptoms. Let them inspire further research. Using specifics (“take this for that”) in isolation may prove disappointing and can lead to suppression.

These are the tips of our readers and do not necessarily express the views of or ‘Homeopathy 4 Everyone’.

Rating Symptoms

After taking a case, how do you decide which symptoms to use? Here’s one method: Rate symptoms on a scale of 1-4 depending on how peculiar and intense they are. If it’s a mental symptom add 2. If it’s a physical general add 1. Only use symptoms which score at least seven.
For instance if you had, “Laughing at misfortune” which was moderately intense:
Peculiarity = 4, Intensity =2, + 1 (it’s a mental) = 7

From a Lecture by Dr. Bernardo Merizalde -Philadelphia

Hold Still !

Top remedies for patients whose symptoms keep changing:
Pulsatilla, Carcinosin, Medorrhinum, Lac caninum. To a lesser extent Tuberculinum, Cimicifuga, Kali bi, Moschus.

Synthetic Repertory – Thanks to A.S. Akerman – U.S.

Itchy Sweater?

Aggravation from wool is associated with Psorinum, Sulphur, Hepar, Phos, Pulsatilla and Bacillus Morgan.

Complete Repertory – Thanks to Alice Lombardi U.K.

Kittie’s Cataracts

A cat’s eyes are subject to cataracts. If cataracts occur at a young age, the culprit is most likely the cat’s food. A change of diet should be instituted and Natrum muriaticum 12c administered, twice/day for 3 weeks and repeat after 4 weeks if necessary. Cataracts in cats that are ten years or older, require Silicea 12 twice a day on the same schedule as above.

Your Healthy Cat – H.G. Wolff

Have a Heart!

Heart Failure – Explore: Carbo veg. 200, Naja 200, Crotallus 200
To improve coronary blood flow – Crateagus Tincture
Mitral or aortic Regurgitation – Explore Adonis vernalis Tincture (for mitral, consider Naja 30-200)
Myocardial weakness – Convallaria majalis 30, Laurocerasus 200, Adonis vernalis Tincture, Stigmata maydis 200.

Bedside Clinical Tips in Homeopathy – Farokh J. Master MD
Which Side Are You On?

Better lying on painful side is a very useful rubric, because it’s unusual and there are relatively few remedies in it. It’s an excellent eliminating rubric. Bryonia, Calc, Cham, Colocynth, Pulsatilla, Sepia and Colchicum are the top remedies.

Wm. Boericke M.M. with Repertory/ Hom. Medical Repertory- R. Murphy.

A Hairy Tale

Unruly Eyebrows or too wiry hair suggests Medorrhinum. Bushy, wiry, crinkly or unruly hair suggest the sycotic miasm. Sudden access of hair on limbs suggests Medorrhinum or Thuja.
A single white streak in the hair is often psoric. Early graying hair suggests Lycopodium (if in spots, Psorinum). Loss of hair in young people (unless after an acute illness) , especially in patches, suggests the syphilitic miasm, as does early or irregular graying.
Matted hair – Mezereum, Natrum mur or Psorinum. Easy tangling suggests Borax, Fluoric acid, Graphites, Psorinum or Zincum.

Homeopathy as Art and Science – E.W. Hubbbard

Take That to the Bank

When a remedy is two or three points in a very small rubric; that is something to take to the bank. Delusions: Thinks he is despised : Argentum nitricum (3), Origanum vulgare (2) hura (also Lac caninum (1) ).
He is lost to the world beyond hope: Argentum nitricum (2)
Erroneous ideas as to the state of his body – Sabadilla (3)
His body is shrunken like the dead: Sabadilla (2)
He is God, then he is the devil: Stram (3) Anac (2)

Chitkara – M.M of the Mind – Thanks to -R. Kowalczyk – Canada

A Big Pupil

In epilepsy which needs Argentum nitricum, the pupils are dilated for hours or days before the attack. After the attack the patient is restless with trembling hands. Epilepsy caused by fright or during menstruation.

E.A. Farrington – Clinical Material Medica

Belly Button

In Dioscorea, colic pain begins in the umbilicus and radiates to all parts of the body, even extremities.
Lotus M.M.- Robin Murphy ND – Thanks to H. Galbraith – Ireland


Lactic Acid is a great remedy for diabetes mellitus. It is especially indicated if, in addition to the thirst, voracious hunger and profuse urine loaded with sugar, there are rheumatic pains in the joints. High potency is much better and doesn’t not need frequent repetition.

E. B. Nash- Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics -Thanks to Neil Taggart – U.S.

Where’s That Symptom?

In Kent’s Repertory, certain body parts have no chapter for themselves, but are listed under something else. For instance, Neck is found under “Throat”, “External Throat”, “Back-External Throat”. You’ll find Lungs, heart, breast and milk under “Chest”. Pulse is under “Generalities”. Lips and Salivary glands are under “Face”.
Here’s another little item: Food desires and aversions are found under “Stomach”, as is thirst, but aggravation and amelioration from foods is under “Generals- food”.

Kent’s Repertory – Thanks to S. Erlach – Germany
Homoeopathic Medicines for External Application

Icthyolum: Equal -parts of mother tincture and water, warmed and applied over rheumatic joints to relieve pain.

Calcarea chlorinata – Useful as local application for boils and carbuncles

Plantago Major – It is a most useful local remedy for relieving neuralgias, earaches, facial neuralgias, especially left side

Thanks to Dr. Shalini
What’s That Odor?

Colchicum has nausea at odor, sight or even thought of food. Vomits mucus and bile. Complaints of head, bowel, liver and stomach are worse for motion. Chilly and better for heat. Burning or icy coldness in stomach. Pain moves from one joint to another. Memory weak, forgetful. Arthritis, gout, ailments after loss of sleep.



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