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Tips & Secrets – January 2021

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Homeopathy tips from the masters and important news. Tips from E.A. Farrington M.D. and J.T. Kent M.D. News about homeopathy and covid-19 India, homeopathy in France and much more.

Indian High Court Rules on Homeopathy

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that homeopathy medical practitioners may prescribe remedies for prophylaxis, amelioration and mitigation of COVID-19 patients and the prescription has to be given only by institutionally qualified practitioners.

The top court said that homeopathic medical practitioners have to follow the advisory dated March 6, issued by AYUSH Ministry as well as guidelines for Homeopathic medical practitioners for COVID-19 issued by Ministry of AYUSH.

Homeopathy Organization Fights France’s No Reimbursement Rule

Over a year ago, health authority la Haute Autorité de santé (HAS) – and Health Minister Agnès Buzyn – declared that homeopathic remedies were not sufficiently effective to be eligible for state medical reimbursement. Buzyn stated that “Homeopathy has not proven its benefit to public health nor to current pathologies.”

Now, however, the homeopathic organization l’Association pour la Promotion de la Médecine Homéopathique (APMH), based in Lyon, has taken the state to court over that decision. It will now be up to the court, whether homeopathy is recognized as a true healing modality by the government of France.

American Institute of Homeopathy Defends Homeopathy

AIH is the oldest homeopathy organization and the oldest national medical society in the U.S.  They are providing meaningful leadership in all efforts to fend off the FDA’s attack on homeopathy. They are also working with the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health to improve their website content while also playing a leading role in gathering thousands of cured COVID-19 cases worldwide.  They deserve our support.  At this link, you can make a donation large or small to help keep the AIH going:


Los Angeles School of Homeopathy Covid Clinic

The Los Angeles School of Homeopathy (U.S.) is still running its low-income Covid-19 Acute Care Homeopathic Clinic.  They are seeing patients for 15-minute acute care appointments daily via telemedicine.  To make an appointment call:         310 279-5016 and donate $25 – $45 depending on your ability.

A Singing Tribute to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann – The song is composed in Kannada, a South Indian language.  It was written and sung by Dr. Mamatha L.N.

Dr. Mamatha L.N.


One of the most important remedies is Kali chloricum. Hughes says he usually finds no other medicine necessary. It seems serviceable in the very first stage of the

disease. Should improvement be slow, Kali bichromicum will be found serviceable.  Other remedies include Nitric acidum, Sulphuric acidum and Mercurius.

A Treatise On Diseases Peculiar To Infants And Children V. A. Edmonds, M.D.

Some Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Bufo rana

Bufo rana seems to cure blisters on the skin as are termed bullae. These rupture,  leaving a raw surface from which there oozes an excoriating ichorous fluid.

Indigo is indicated in epileptiform spasms which seem to be reflex from the irritation of worms.  It is often useful in children when they are aroused at night with this horrible itching at the anus.  But it never does any good unless the patient is low-spirited or sad or timid.  If he is vehement or excitable, recourse must be had to a vehement remedy like Nux vomica or Bufo.

Corallium rubrum is useful in a combination of syphilis and psora. There are smooth spots on the surface of the body, mostly on the palms of the hands. At first they are of a coral- red hue, but they finally become  darker, and assume the well-known copper-color characteristic of syphilis.

Coccus cacti is a little insect infesting the cacti of South America.  The principal use of the drug is in whooping-cough with morning aggravation.  The child awakens in the morning, and is immediately seized with a paroxysm of whooping-cough, ending in vomiting of clear ropy mucus, hanging in great long strings from the mouth.

Senega is useful in chubby children.  It has tough expectorations, which are clear, like the white of an egg, but the cough is worse towards evening.

Colchicum causes an intense congestion of the mucous membrane of the stomach and bowels, and also of the kidneys.  The urine is dark, turbid, bloody and as black as ink, containing albumen.

Uva ursi finds no equal when cystic and urethral symptoms are referable to stone in the bladder. Burning, scalding urination, the flow of urine stops suddenly. It seems to diminish inflammatory thickening of the cystic walls, and relieves suffering until the stone can be removed by operation.

Sarsaparilla is useful for gravel in children, when they scream or cry with pain after passing urine.  Then there is found a grayish sand in the diaper.

Terebinthina, like Cantharis, has  marked action on the kidneys but it differs from that remedy, in that the urine is always dark, cloudy and smoky, from admixture  of blood.

Pareira brava is a grand drug in gravel and cystic calculus, when  the patient has to get down on  all fours to urinate.  Pains shoot from the kidneys down the thighs, and even into the feet. (Pareira has pain going down the thighs, Berberis only in the hips and loins.)

Berberis vulgaris suits when there is kidney affection, with sharp stitching  pains  radiating from the renal region in all directions. Pains in the loins and in the hips.

Berberis is an excellent remedy in case of stone in the pelvis of the kidney or in the ureter.

Iodine is useful in dropsy of the knee, and has followed Apis well, especially in scrofulous children.


Terebinthina is also useful in urticaria after eating shellfish.

Kali bromatum is indicated when the hives occur with nervous diseases.

Rhus tox. When hives are an accompaniment of ague or rheumatism.

Bovista when hives are attended with diarrhoea, the stools being followed by tenesmus and burning.

Pulsatilla comes in when the hives are of gastric or uterine origin.

Calcarea ostrearum is especially suited to chronic cases. 

Spasms of the Larynx:

Sambucus is useful when spasms of the larynx occur frequently during the course  of  acute laryngitis.

Orchitis:  In cases  of orchitis, our first remedy is Pulsatilla, which stands at the head of the list, and next to it we may rank Hamamelis, or witch-hazel. The latter drug should be used both locally and internally. It relieves the intense soreness and enables the patient to attend to his duties.

Clinical  Materia Medica – E. A. Farrington, M.D.

Some Tips from ames Tyler Kent MD

Arsenic is like the condition that has been brought about from the absorption of animal poisons. It goes to the very root of the evil, as it is similar to the symptoms brought on from a dissecting wound. Arsenic and Lachesis are medicines that will go to the cause at once and antidote the poison, establishing harmony and turning things into order

Baryta carbonica is an excellent remedy for old paralytic conditions that have come from a rupture of a blood vessel, and therefore pressure upon the nerve supply.

Causticum is generally the remedy for paralysis of the face from riding in a cold wind. Spasms of the muscles of the face.

Borax cures the most violent forms of membranous dysmenorrhoea, when there are violent labor-like pains before and during the flow and it seems as if the uterus would expel itself from the vagina.

Borax –  His hearing is intensified, he is oversensitive to his surroundings, over-anxious. He has an excitable spirit throughout. Riding down-hill produces vertigo. Anxiety increased until 11 P.M

Bromium  -The glands become bard, but seldom suppurate. They generally remain hard. The glands of the neck, the parotid, the sublingual, the submaxillary, are enormously enlarged and very hard.

Kreosotum – When these three things arc associated in a high degree Kreosote should be examined:

1. Excoriating discharges

2. Pulsations all over the body

3.Profuse bleeding from small wounds

Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent,  M.D.

Two brief case summaries from Danielle Y.O. Palade (Iceland)
2014 – A man in his late seventies/Hecla Lava

A dental surgery procedure was scheduled for deeply embedded wisdom tooth in the left lower jaw.  A few days later, the dental surgeon proceeded to inject massive doses of anaesthetics into the jaw, and the effect extended instantly all the way down to the patient’s feet leaving them totally numb. Thereupon, the surgeon pulled the firmly rooted tooth.

Arnica 30c was administered for 2 days thereafter in order to hasten the patient´s recovery.

Silica 200c was given daily for a week, then suddenly there was tremendous swelling of the lower jaw and inability to eat, because of its intense swelling. The patient went back to his regular dentist, who instantly lanced the gums and was astonished to see the amount of pus that he extracted from the lower jaw, including a tooth splinter that the dental surgeon had omitted to remove.

Hecla lava 200c for a few days and the swelling subsided and healing was complete.

A Pilot in his Early Thirties/Carcinosin 200c

Complained of a right side “indirect reducible inguinal hernia” usually starting in the late afternoon. Several remedies such as Lycopodium 30c were tried but did not cure.   One dose of Carcinosin 200 C (prep for breast cancer) was administered and the popping of the hernia totally ceased, much to the amazement of the patient. No recurrence.

A small remedy case – From Dr Jayakumar M Pannakkal, BHMS,MD (Hom)

Tinia cruris – Patient age 42.  As he had already tried many remedies I decided to avoid all the common drugs. His lesions had red borders, expanding and with much itching. Chrysarobinum was given. It is one of the main remedies for ringworm. Also, Bacillus no x for circinate eruptions and Tinia cruris. Surely it was a superficial prescription, but the patient benefited immediately!

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