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Seizures in a German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer
Written by Joan Goddard

Seizures in a German Shorthaired Pointer yield to a homeopathic remedy.

German Shorthaired PointerGerman Shorthaired Pointer

Male – Intact

Date of birth 1991 – 8yrs old


Presenting Symptoms – Seizures – one last Christmas and one in early March and seems to have a three-month cycle.


Veterinary examination and tests NAD – Diagnosis – Idiopathic Epilepsy

No family history of epilepsy.


Owned since three months old, imported from Australia.


Background  – A pedigree dog used for competitive game bird hunting and some agility work.


Family relationships – hierarchy – one bitch 7-½ yr. old. Fred is the dominant dog.




The owner did not see the first fit, but saw the second. He ran past the owner flat out and went inside the house. He fell on the left side (3) with his legs going, mouth champing up and down, froth and foam from his mouth. (3)

When he came out of it he didn’t know his owner (3) or where he was.

Disorientated (3) jumped away from his owner < being touched (3) Staggered around a bit.  Afterwards he was not tired or sleepy, more frightened (3). He was hyperactive then, jumping wanting to do things. He was also whiny and clingy. Panting (3) Can’t settle and wanders around.


All the fits have been in the daytime, (2 around midday and one at 7pm)

Fits do not last more than 5 minutes.



The washing machine when it’s going (2) Walking along planks (heights?) and the seesaw Lawnmower (2) Fishy odors. Won’t go near or touch things that smell fishy.


Personal medical history


Prostate problems 2 years ago. He had blood from the sheath and blood in his urine. Veterinary treatment was with antibiotics.


No other accidents, illnesses, traumas, or operations. Vaccinated and wormed regularly without incident. No family history of epilepsy or seizures in his breeding.




Desires cheese, (3) has a good appetite will eat most things. Averse  chicken flavoured dry food. Thirst : Used to drink a lot, when he was on dry food, changed him to Mighty Mix, and dog roll, and now does not drink as much.



Lies in the sun, < heat (3) and exercise in the heat (3) Nearly got sun stroke hunting. > Chilly weather.


Describe his personality


Friendly, laid back sort of dog, doesn’t tear around like a fool, just barks a little at visitors and then is all over people like a rash. Dominates other dogs; doesn’t fight. Doesn’t fret if in the kennel or van, but  < other people’s vans. Used for stud  – he’s a ladies’ man.. Highly sexed and tries to ride strange bitches.



No problems. Occasionally smells like anal gland problems; urine can smell fishy.



Daily without problems or need for privacy.



The remedy was given based on the following rubrics:

Nerves, convulsions epileptic falling with

Epilepsy, recent cases

Mind, recognise his relatives does not

Mind, restlessness, convulsions after, epileptic (Cupr only remedy)


Also – I read Herring’s writing on Cuprum Metallicum extensively.

page 40 – Epileptic convulsions, trembling, tottering and falling unconscious without a scream.

p 41.  In clearly idiopathic cases of epilepsy with no organic lesions.

Also, Cuprum has the reputation that if it does not cure it will lessen the frequency of the fits.


Rx Cuprum 30c, one tablet daily for five days.

Plus – see veterinary surgeon for renal examination; also check time frame of last vaccination to seizures.

Follow up:  18 months later contact from the owner who said he’s just had another seizure. Rx repeat the remedy as above.


Follow up : 18 months later. Contact from the owner. He’s just had another seizure. Rx repeat the remedy as above.


Follow up: 18 months later one small seizure. Repeat the remedy.

This is the last we heard from the owner of what would by then be a 13yr old dog.  She was delighted with the results of the remedy and was happy with his treatment.

About the author

Joan Goddard

Joan Goddard is a Registered Classical Homeopath with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths. She has a Diploma in Homeopathy from the Australasian College of Homeopathy, a Diploma in Homeopathy from the Wellington College of Homeopathy, a Post Graduate Diploma in Homeopathic Drug Transmission (India) and an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy from the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. She has been a life member of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths since 2007 and served as its president for 6 years. Her publications include Kidz Bugs, Coughs, and Homeopathy the Family and You. Her practice is a happy mix of animals and people, with clients all over the country, who stay in touch with her by phone.

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  • Our pointer is 5 years old and had her first seizure in September. She was sleeping in the back seat of our car along with our other pointer as my husband was driving. Her symptoms sounded very similar to the pointer you referred to with an added symptom – she urinated with her legs up. She had her second seizure about 2 months later while on the couch after our dinner. She is also a pedigree but when she was a puppy, she had mange so had to have that bath treatment. She still does not like going to the vet for that reason. She is highly active – fastest dog in the neighborhood – very athletic- very loving but always a little nervous. Do you think this Cuprum could help her? Does it have to be prescribed? Thank you so much. Her name is Schatze and we love her very much.

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