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Damiana for Sexual weakness

Damiana for Sexual weakness

Posted by: usman

after 4 months i will be married but i m sexualy weak, i have premature ejculation so i heard about damiaplant by Dr shwabe can i use? or suggest any other,
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Damiana is used as a general sexual tonic in low potencies. If it does help, it’s effect is going to be temporary because it won’t address the underlying cause. You will need to talk to a homeopath in person to find out the cause of this problem and then resolve it homeopathically.
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Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • hi
    i am using since last year damiaplant drop i am around 50 years old but after use this medicien my feelings and stemina is same like 30 years old very young i suggest my all friends if u have any sexual weekness use this drop 10drops before meal then u will see u r becomming strong.


  • I am 63years diabetic type 1 suffering from sexsual weakness i.e. erectile dysfunction ad premature ejaculation . I have consumed three bottles of damiana q but of no use. Now i have started seleniun 30 along with damiana q 15 drops of each. I think both the medicines are not proving helpful. Pl. Advise. Some effective homopathy medicine to cure sexsual weakness

      • you have diabetic ketacidosis ,you should try this ,agnus castus Q 3drops, lyco 200 2drops, ginkgo biloba Q 1drop, tribulus terrestris Q 1drop, caladium 200 1drop, staph 200 1drop, china 200 1drop ,selenium 200 1drop.mix in some glass of water in morning and at night, you will find better very soon
        replied from USMAN HQ

  • I am using damiplant from 5 days because my Dr say it .sir if you have any more good medicine then plz say to me

  • Mera sex me bilkul bhi intrust nai hai aur sex krte waqt bhut jldi dishcharge ho jata hai maine harmons test krwaya doc. K kehne se usme 457 result aya unhone kaha ye to bhut thik haai mge mera bilkul nai krta mhine beet jate hai koi ilaj btaye sir .

  • मेरे लिये तो तो ये दवा एक एकचमत्कार से कम कमनही नहीहै है

  • I am Masturbate Patcient. I feel Sexual weakness. I Need original German Homeopathic medicine for sexual weakness. Damiaplant Drops or any other Powerful drops. (I need only German Homeopathic)

  • sir I am 54 year old facing penis erectil problem as well as I do not feel sexual desire please advise homeopathy medicine to solve this problem parmanently

  • I am 33 unmarried i am so so weak in sex no power in penis I am take alprazoalm 4 per day because high bp when I watch any sexual seane no power when I touch a girl some felling few minutes then no interest plz solve my problem I start dompilent q

  • I am 47 years old diabetic . i have erection problem and no desire . please sugest homeopathic medicine.

  • My penis is vey soft like a piece of meat .he cannot able to sex because priapism.he lose hardness and no desire please suggest medicine homeopathy.

  • I’ve started treatment for ED and PE from a local homeopathic treatment. So far I’m happy with it.

    He gave me this prescription –

    Could you tell me the names of these medicines? I am asking just for the sake of curiosity. One is the bottle of Damiaplant and another is Acid Phos Q (sour taste).

    Thank you.

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