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Can i practice homeopathy without holding any certified degree?

Can i practice homeopathy without holding any certified degree?

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Coughing, tooth ache and bronchial asthma
Age: 55
Smoking habit
I used to give homeopathy medicines to patients , I am a teacher ( after verifying the materia medica since nearly 10 years
My academic qualifications are M.A. Literature, M.Ed. and M.A. in distance education. I am not having any registered qualification in homeopathy but I am very much interested in homeopathy medicines and serving the needy poor. So many patients have been cured which satisfied me, can I continue with a homeopathy course? Please advice me.
Thank you.

I am not sure whether you want to know about some medicine for your asthma or you want to know if you could practice Homeopathy with that qualification. Since you are conversant with Homeopathy and Materia Medica, you must be aware that without individualization, it is difficult to prescribe remedies on such scant information.

Legally, you need to have a DHMS or BHMS degree to practice Homeopathy in India. Homeopathic medicines are not considered over-the-counter medicines in India. At the same time they are not strictly regulated either. There are thousands of people who use Homeopathy in their circles without any proper qualification. And so far I have not seen any law agency scorn over it. Still, if you wish to practice it properly, you must have a qualification and registration.


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  • sir,
    I am an certificate holder of homoeopathic medicine and practicing. I am an astrologer too.
    i made a research on Astro-Homoeo medicine. i want to submit in germen university. please guide me. thank you. Subbarao.G.

    • well done. haha. shame on you. both of your expertise are based on myth and fraud. live a life where you can be helpful, not a leech on society.

    • Hello Sir,

      I am not sure if you coukd achieve something in Asto-Homeo persuits, but I just happened to land on this page and was fortunate to get your comments. Can you contact me on my email [email protected]
      I would like to learn some more details on it if the intent is to serve the society….

  • hello sir i am somanna i was copleted Bsc nursing working as principal of nursing school i am intrseted pratice homoeopathic medcine to help poor patient . i was complited my bhms 1year and 2 year than was discontinued the bhms course now want take any dipioma in homoeopathic ceritificate or alternative medicine degree is it legally allow to partice to homoeopathic plz guide me sir thank u.

  • Hi, I have done Homeopathy practitioner certification after 15 years of study, I have done this certification from HSI (Homeopathy school international, Is this certificate should get approved by INDIA government? How can I get this approved to start practicing homeo here???please help me

    • I’m Dr. Antony Kannankeril, from Cochin, Kerala. I have done a fumdamental program course from HSI Org. The certificate is valid only for practise in U.S. There are Two organisations running HSI ( under Homeopathy School International) promoted by Dr.Barbara Seideneck ([email protected]). Another organisation is running HSI ( Under Homeopathy School International Org), promoted by Dr. D. Barbara & Dr.Henrey ([email protected]) who are issuing Practitioner Certificate in Level 101 to 104. If you send the certificate to me, I will guide you. However, both of the certificates are not allow you to do practise directly in India. you need to have a registration in alternative medicine issued by Indian Board. First of all you may pl send the certificate that you qualified from HSI.
      My Mail Id: [email protected]
      Best Regards,
      Dr. Antony Kannankeril

      • You cannot practice Homeopathy based on any registratin by the Indian Board of Altrnative Medicine. You need to either register with your state homeopathy board or the central council of homeopathy, for both of which you need to have a BHMS degree.

  • hi sir,i m sravani ,ihv discontinue my bhms at 3 rd yr, but i m very interested doing any medicini jobs so kindly adivice me.

  • I’m 30 year old. I passed H.S (10+2) with phys, chem, math & bio. Can i do DHMS or BHMS course now from any renowned University or persue a BHMS degree by distance education??


  • Sir…..
    I have completed diploma course in homeopathy in correspondence.
    Can i practice homeopathy legally in india

  • Sir I am a r. M. P. I practice in alopathic medicine But now I want practice in Homeopathic Ian not registered in homoCan I do it

  • Sir I am aged 55 and going to retire after 3 years. I had done higher secondary with medical under 11year system. After that I did my post graduation with degree in law. I am interested my career in homeopathic systems on charitable basis after retirement. From where can I do DHMS fir legalised practice at this stage? Kindly guide.

  • Hello sir I am a teacher and Naturopathist. I had completed N. D. I want to open my naturopathy clinic. My question is can i practise in homeopathy. On naturopathy basis. Please give me answer.

  • Hallo Dr.bhatia
    I am Deepti GauR
    I have done BEMS and MDEH and as well as chemistry. I m doing a job .And at evening I m doing practice in my pathy but I want to do some recognise course from your institution to open my clinic and leave the job.please guide me sir
    I will be highly obliged to you
    Reply as soon as possible
    Thanks Sir.
    Deepti gaur

  • Sir I am 33 years of age. I have benefited by homeopathy and I am keen on learning this art and science. Sir problem is I am the sole bread earner of my family and I am working.
    But I have passion for homeopathy and becoming homeopathy doctor.

    Can you please guide me

  • Hi Dr.Manish,

    i have a query. I have my degree and state homeopathy medical council registration certificate as well. Is it required to have Clinic registration certificate for starting a normal clinic or is it fine without Clinic registration.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi,

    I have a query. I am a Homeopathic Doctor in Delhi, India and I am running my own clinic at my home since 2014 and I have CCH certificate and certificate of Registration for Homeopathic.

    I don’t have any employees under me and I am individual handling the clinic. I would like to know if I need to get a Business license for my clinic from the Govt.

    Kindly let me know on priority.

  • Hii
    Im an mechanical engineer.
    I worked in many companies, but not in core industry. My father was an homeopathy doctor. My father was aged and I want to continue my father field. Im experienced in homeo field, and i want the certificate to run as practitioner.
    Help me to get it.

  • Hi,
    I am retired Air Force Officer. I have gained knowledge on Homeopathy by self study and also treated some of my know relatives. Now I want to practice it legally for the benefits of common man. What should I do?

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