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Susceptibility to substance abuse and homeopathy

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Posted by: Kumar

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
I am trying to understand it. It appears that disordered state in related to altered senstivity which is realted to altered imnunity & susptibilty. In logical sense, can we relate following homeopathic terms as:-
1.Acute states= increased senstivities
2.Chronic states=decreased/compromised senstivities
3. Proving symptoms=mild aggravations due to reversal of mild disease state(as it is difficult to say that any person can be in perfect health due to many environmental & lifestyle insults big cities).
4.Aggravations= some Reversal of compromised senstivities or feeling due to increase in sentivity. Also a stimulation of vital/immune response.
5.Healing or cure= Reversal of previous compromised senstivity and also of compromised immunity alongwith..
Eg.a new person is very senstive to alcohol but a chronic alcoholic not even to 6-8 servings. Reversal of such compromised senstivity of alcohal to an chronic alcoholic by increasing his senstivity to 1/2 servings can mean a direction towards cure. Is it correct? Best regards. Kumar

Dear Kumar,
I am part of the Hpathy team managed by Dr Bhatia. I hope this is OK if I answer instead of him.
These are very good questions. It is hard in a sense to put a scale where every situation or patient will fit. It is important to read and learn about the theory and then see as many patients as possible to make your own mind and definition. For instance, on point #4, you may be right in your description in some cases, but in some other cases, one may say that an aggravation is due to an “obstacle to cure”, something that prevents to body to come back to optimal health. An aggravation in that case, would then be described as an inability, even temporary for the body to restore health.
For the alcohol example, I would agree… people would become more sensitive if they get back to a healthy state. This is also true with emotions in my experience. I would suggest you spend more time reading the hpathy site.
These are good starting points:

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  • Thanks for good awnser. However futhur research & discussions may be needed on this issue. Esp. I am impressed by “aggravations due to obstancles in cure” which is new understanding.

    It can also be futhur discussed in Forum.

    Best regards.


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