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Silica for hair-loss

Silica for hair-loss


I have recently been looking up homeopathy for some hair loss.
After a bunch of researching, ive come to the conclusuion that i am a a silicea person ( most of what it says fits me, while i barely fall into the others- if at all)
SO i want to take silica( pellets) for the hairloss problem- but im still so confused about the dosing-
should i be taking 6c or 30c?
And also, i read that some people have had really bad breakouts as a result of taking silica ( these were the ppl usually taking it for acne- and in doses of 6 x).
However, i’ve always had excellent skin- with rare breakouts of 1 or 2 small pimples at most- and they usually dissapeared quickly. Does that mean that i will start getting breakouts?
because then i dont know if its worth it.
If you could please get back to me, it would mean a lot.
Thank you =)
…i dont know if age factors into this- but just in case: i am a 19 year old female.

Silica may fit your symptoms and your overall constitution. However, it is not seen as one of the top remedies for hair loss. There are about 15 remedies scoring higher in the Boericke repertory for this condition. Most remedies related to hair loss, have a link to toxicity (acids), or to digestive issue.
Silica can be good, especially if you suffer from food absorption issues, but you may want to get the help of a professional to investigate your case specifically: what is causing hair loss as such a young age? Are you taking medication or having a life style that promotes this condition? How is your diet?

If you still feel that Silica is worth trying, then I would suggest to try a lower potency, as they are usually more gentle, so 6C or 9C, 2 or 3 times a day, and see if this improves after a week. Silica, like all homeopathic remedies, can make the condition worse at the beginning, while the body re-balances. However, it is considered less common and reversible with lower potencies.
For information, a useful link for this condition:

I hope this helps.

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