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H & K Potencies and material dose

H & K Potencies and material dose

Posted by: Kumar

Hello Dr.,
I liked your reply esp. link provided by you. Actually I am looking ‘H” & ‘K'(along with triturations), in possibilty of molecular presence sense. I feel molecular presence can be possible in ‘K” & triturations potencies even at much higher level to Avogodro number. Do you feel that if it can be possible due to adsorption principle?
Best regards.

Beyond the 12-14 C or K trituration, it is very unlikely that you will find any molecular presence, because even if the molecules were spread evenly at each dilution, this is the stage when there is more chance that there are none in the remedy. So at the 30th or 200th or 10M, it makes it even harder.
There are some studies on nano-particules and on some absorption effects, but I am not a specialist in that field. My background is in electro-magnetic engineering science, and for this reason, my mind tends to link homeopathy with electro-magnetic abilities.
Instead of using the Ask the Expert, I would recommend you to go to one of the Hpathy Forums (, and start a discussion there… you will have access to a broader wealth of knowledge. The Ask the Expert if more for people who want to know about homeopathy than about the theories behind it.
I hope this helps!
All the best, Thierry
PS – also, I am not a doctor, I practice in Europe where the 4-year qualification does not allow you to use this terminology if you have not complete a qualification of allopathic doctor in parallel. To see more about my experience though, you can check:

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