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Can homeopathy helps in total deafness and trichitilllomania? whar are the medicines?

Can homeopathy helps in total deafness and trichitilllomania? whar are the medicines?

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Total Deafness and Trichotillomania
Von: “Atel Hemat”

Dear Dr. Bhatia,

I really appreciate your effort to help all those who are interested in Homeopathy which is based on divine laws.

I have two questions:
1.) One of our lecturers (I am studying medicine in Cologne, Germany) mentioned a friend of his who is a musician by profession and who gradually got deaf. It started on one ear and progressed to the other, now she is totally deaf. Unfortunately I have only these pieces of information. The allopathic physicians said that the nerves of her ears were totally o.k. but the “ganglion” around those nerves were not working.
Do u know a similar case, which could be healed with the help of homeopathy? I know that she might need a totally different medication. The lecturer refused to give me the patients contact address, but if I could present him a cured case, he probably gives me her address. I really want to help her, so please help me, Dr. Bhatia.

2.) A friend of mine has Trichotillomania (pulls out his hair, especially at the back of his head, many parts are already bald). Could you kindly tell me which homeopathic “personalities” do have this compulsive habit? I could not find anything in the repertories.

Thank you very much indeed.

Yours sinderely,

Dear Atel,

I am sorry for this very late reply.
1. Regarding your first query. No, I have personally not handled such a case. There can be many reasons for sensory-neural deafness. There are many homeopathic medicines which do cover this kind of deafness but the exact symptoms, and the cause needs to be traced to find out the relevant medicines. Then a full case taking would be required to find the right remedy. The prognosis will depend on the cause of deafness and the level of nerve invlovement/degenration.

Regarding your second query. The rubric for Trichotillomania in homeopathic repertories is ‘Hair, pull at’ and the medicines that are known to cover this symptosm are Belladona, Cuprum-met/ars-alb, lil-tig, medorr., meze., tarentula, tuberculinum, lach, digitalis, and xantho.

Wishing you success in life,

Dr. B

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