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Alsomitra macraocarpa in the materia medica?

Alsomitra macraocarpa in the materia medica?

Posted by: Dr.bhavika.solanki

Is there any remedy prepared from alsomitra macraocarpa which is a plant belonging to cucurbitaceace. if yes then what is the name??

Hello, I checked on a few materia medica, and this plant does not seem to have been proven. It was not listed among the 5,000 or more major homeopathic remedies.
It may be worth doing a proving though, as it seems to be quite a striking herb:
“The seeds of Alsomitra macrocarpa are among the largest winged seeds in the Plant Kingdom and their shape inspired Igo Etrich to build gliders[2], later it would inspire the Horten brothers to build the first flying wing aircraft.” – Wikipedia

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