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is this wise to take homeopathic treatment continuously for 4 months without analyzing the symptoms meanwhile?

is this wise to take homeopathic treatment continuously for 4 months without analyzing the symptoms meanwhile?

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I have consulted (remotely by internet) a reputed Homeopath for my chronic health condition. I have provided him exhaustive information on my symptoms, history etc as required by him. He has sent me a remedy and advised me to take the remedy for 4 months. He has excellent credentials and I have no doubt about his expertise. My question to you is :

is this a good Homeopathic practice to take a remedy for 4 months without analyzing the results ?

No! Infact this is a very bad practice. A homeopathic medicine cannot be given for such prolonged periods without analysing the action of the medicine. The general practice is to give a few doses atmost initially, weigh their action, and then suggest a change or continuation based on that analysis.

Think of it this way – Suppose that medicine is not the right one for u as thought by ur homeopath – then what? If u r sensitive enough u can prove that particular medicine and medicinal symptoms can appear. If u r not sensitive enough to that medicine and potency then the 4 months go into drain. And what if that medicine is partially similar? It will suppress your symptoms and can change the direction of ur disease appropriately if taken for a long time. And what if it is the right medicine? Even then the right way is to repeat only when the action of first dose is exhausted.

Also not all potencies can be repeated on a daily basis for prolonged periods. Only relatively low potencies and LM scale potencies can be used in such manner.

Be careful with what u take,

Dr. B

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