Author - Dr. Manish Bhatia

Miasms – an Overview

Dr. Manish Bhatia discusses the history and evolution of the theory of Chronic Miasms in homeopathy by Dr. Hahnemann. Learn how Hahnemann discovered the concept of miasms and how it has evolved after him.

Organon of Medicine – Ground Plan

Organon of Medicine by Dr. Samuel Hahneman – Ground Plan. Organon of Medicine consists of 291 aphorisms in the 6th edition, whereas the fifth edition contained 294 aphorisms. The book can be divided into two parts - A. The...

Taking Off

Taking Off is a book which is a helpful guide in taking homeopathy from theory to practice, especially for young homeopaths in UK.

Remedy for Skeptics – An Expose!

Last month our poll question was ‘How would you rate the Hpathy Ezine?’ A group of skeptics from a magician’s site (randi? who??) thought it would be fun to spoil the poll by voting ‘poor’ They wanted to prove that homeopathy...


Dr. Bhatia discusses the concept of Individualization in homeopathy. What does individualization mean? How does it help to differentiate one person from another and one homeopathic remedy from another? How do we individualize?

A Dialogue With Hpathy!

The case was illustrative, and in-depth; the analysis quite novel. The homeopathic community could learn a lot from this case, so I ‘ve published the whole case here, verbatim. The analysis of the case is also given. Have a...

Similimum in Life

Homeopathy is not about proving anything or disproving anything. It is about finding the best way to treat a specific condition. Each homeopath has his/her own view of the cosmos. All of us have prejudices and most of us believe...