No One Said Being A Homeopath Was Easy!

Shana at FSS reunion
Written by Elaine Lewis

Another exciting Hpathy quiz.

Shana, you are not going to believe this! I was at Whole Foods today….

Mom, you better tell people what “Whole Foods” is.

Shana at FSS reunion

OK. It’s a health food store the size of a supermarket, and quite grand, I must say. Shana, get a picture.


So, there I was, standing in the checkout line–Shana, get a picture!


So I was standing in the checkout line, minding my own business, as usual, not paying attention to what was going on, when all of a sudden I hear the bagger saying to the checkout lady, “What is this, ‘Happy Days’?” referring to the music being piped into the store.

Mom, you better tell people what “Happy Days” is.

OK. Happy Days is a TV comedy from the ’70’s about the ’50’s! Shana, get a picture!


So that’s when I realized that Ricky Nelson’s white-bread version of “I’m Walkin'” was playing over the sound system!

Isn’t that a Fats Domino song?

Yes it’s a Fats Domino song, that’s my whole point! (Shana, get a picture of Ricky Nelson.)


So, the bagger says, “Everybody knows that rock ‘n’ roll stinks before the Beatles!”

Oh my God!  No!  He did not!!!!!

I was equally shocked!

Do we need a picture of The Beatles?

No, Shana, even the 20-year-old bagger knew who The Beatles were! So, I blurted out, “THAT’S A FATS DOMINO SONG!” (Shana, get a picture of Fats Domino!)



Leave it to you to create an incident in public!  So what happened?

I was met with blank stares and mild incredulity.

Well, Mom, no one ever said that being a homeopath was going to be easy!

You are so right, Shana! Why do we even bother?

I don’t know, I just don’t know…..




Mom, what are we doing?  Do we have any sick people this month?

Oh, definitely, this is the Hpathy Quiz, after all!  Oddly enough, we’re back with Gabi again, only this time it’s her son, Santiago. He’s only 5 years old and has some sort of virus. Here’s what Gabi wrote:

Hi again, Elaine. Santi had just come out of the bath and I had wrapped him up and put him in his pj’s and robe and put him to bed under the duvet. I know it’s a bit much but the house was cold and with wet hair I was afraid he would get sick. He had been a bit complainy all day but I had not paid much attention to it. This was at night.

So, I go to look in on him after I finish putting things away. He was asleep. His face was bright red! I touched him and he was really hot; so, I proceeded to undress him a bit and uncover him and I gave him Belladonna without even thinking about it. (Between you and me Elaine, I am running out of potencies so you will surprised here at what I have been using.) I gave him a 200c and there was no real improvement. I figured that with such a high potency he should be calmer and less agitated right away (he kept moving and going up and down and in and out of the covers) so next I gave Sulphur for the redness…dumb me. No reaction. I waited about 20 minutes to give it some thought.

He happened to be sleeping with his mouth open so I decided to smell his breath and it was very strong; so, I finally put two and two together, also recalling that I had noticed his tongue was white and gave one dose of ____________ 1M, (yes, I know, a little high but that was all I had). He calmed down instantly and fell asleep. That’s it!!!!

So….what is it? Do you know the remedy? Write to me at [email protected] and let me know; the right answer will be in next month’s ezine. Shana, find that video of Fats Domino with Ricky Nelson joining him on “I’m Walkin'”!

Check!  (Eat your heart out, Beatles!)

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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