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Patient Answers “I Dont Know” to Everything!

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Mom! It’s 2010! Time for the Quiz!

Is it 2010 already?

Yes, come on, Mom, it’s time to get up! You know how Dr. B hates it when the quiz is late!

When will it be 2011?


Who do we have this time?

Mom, it’s not looking good. We have a kid who’s afraid of rabbits.


We have a mass murderer, but he said the police were looking for him so he left.

And you let him get away? Now what are we going to do? We’re going to have to do your dysmenorrhea case again!

Mom, again?! And what’s dysmenorrhea?


Geez! People are going to think I have cramps every month!

You do.

OK, so, the problem is, I don’t remember anything about it; when was it?


Can you fill me in on what happened?

OK, Shana. You woke up with cramps, the usual cramps you have, sharp pains, you asked for the hot water bottle, we tried Viburnum, it didn’t work; we tried Kali carb because it used to work a long time ago, it didn’t work; we tried Cimicifuga on the off-chance that it would work–it didn’t; the only thing I remember that was striking to me was that you kept getting up to go to the bathroom!  You must have gotten up five times if you got up once! I finally got up to look and your stools were very loose!

What else?

That was it! I got no other information from you! You answered “I don’t know” to everything–the way you usually do!

So, what remedy did you give?

That’s what THEY have to figure out!

Oh, right! Ha-ha! Silly me. OK, everybody, what remedy saved the day for me? Write to [email protected] and let us know. We’ll see you here next month for the answer.

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