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What Remedy Is Homer Simpson?

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Another in our “famous people” Quizzes!

I think it was Maria who asked if we could do a quiz on Homer Simpson…. Shana, find me a “Simpsons” episode! The one with Frank Grimes!


Here it is, Mom!

Good for you, Shana; what would the Quiz ever do without you? Let’s summarize this cartoon for people who may not ever have seen “The Simpsons” before. It’s the longest running show on TV, right? 25 years? Anyway, Homer, basically, is an idiot!

And so is his son, Bart!

Yes, Bart is a complete moron, constantly in trouble and he’s not doing well in school as you can imagine! His sister Lisa, on the other hand, is getting straight-A’s, but, that’s neither here nor there; back to Homer…he’s a caricature of the All-American male “Joe 6-Pack”–unintellectual, insensitive, lazy, boorish, focused primarily on donuts, beer and nonsensical TV; he’s inconsiderate, a slob, rude, rageful, misses the point of most things, and is totally irresponsible; but yet, everybody seems to like him; I think it’s because he’s naive on top of everything else! Nothing stupid that he does is with malice. He’s a handful for his wife Marge! Maybe we’ll do Marge next time….


In this episode, the location is the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant where Homer works–owned by multi-millionaire, C. Montgomery Burns (who’s 104 years old and pretty much senile).

Mr. Burns is watching the news, he sees a human-interest story on how a man named Frank Grimes, after being blown up in a barn accident, fights his way back to health and eventually graduates from college with a degree in nuclear engineering! Mr. Burns says to his “toady”, Mr. Smithers, “Smithers, find me that man! I want to make him my executive vice president!” “Uh, yes sir,” drones Mr. Smithers. Two seconds later, Mr. Burns calls Smithers’ attention to another human-interest story, “Look at that, Smithers! A dog rescues a boy from an on-coming car and then throws a criminal in front of it!  Find me that dog! I want to make him my executive vice president!”

Ultimately, we find Frank Grimes working next to Homer. He is horrified that Homer seems to know nothing about nuclear energy, plant safety, nor anything about professionalism nor even common courtesy! Poor Frank Grimes, he was under the impression that his hard work and devotion to his job would be rewarded! But everyone seems to be taken with Homer Simpson despite his gross negligence! Frank Grimes tries in vain to expose Homer as an idiot and a menace but no one will see it!

Good description, Mom!

So what remedy is Homer? Put the link up again, Shana!


Write to me at [email protected] and tell me what remedy you come up with! Shana, do you have any of your famous announcements?

One week to go ’til the Barry Gibb concert!!!!

So soon?

There will be a full report in next month’s Quiz!

And now for this month’s Funny Thing–something funny Shana said as a baby!

All right, I’m outta here!

And here it is now, Shana Lewis, from 1996:


“Shana, never dial 911 unless it’s an emergency. Do you know what an emergency is?”

“It’s a song by The Whispers.”


That’s it, see you in June!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Hi Elaine,
    LOVE that sweet 1980s Melvin Coleman bass line!
    As for that lazy, irresponsible, beerswillin’ slob Homer Simpson, could he be Sulphur? That’s what my repertory tells me when I drop in these rubrics:
    MIND – FOOLISH behavior
    MIND – INDIFFERENCE – appearance; to his personal
    MIND – LAZINESS – physical
    MIND – MENTAL EXERTION – aversion to
    STOMACH – APPETITE – Ravenous
    GENERALS – FOODS – Beer – desires
    Inconsiderate, irresponsible, insensitive, rude, rageful – yet everyone seems to like him? Yep, sounds like my brother-in-law, who is definitely a Sulphur. My only reservation is putting Homer Simpson in the same remedy box as Beethoven. Is this the lesson of the day – that Sulphur is a very broad church?

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