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Revisiting: “Miss Lascivious” Has Left The Building!

Miss Lascivious

Gee, I wonder what this month’s quiz patient’s problem was? Did you guess the right remedy?

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Lachesis (3)



Hello!  Is the caller there?  You’re on the air at!

Hi Elaine!

Oh no, could it really be Dr. Abhishek Choudhary from India?

I believe the remedy was Origanum, am I right??

Well, Dr. Choudhary, I see where you’re coming from, but, what’s missing from this remedy are the heart symptoms.  If I look up Origanum, I find nothing under “heart”.  What we’ve got here is a heart case with lasciviousness as a concomitant.  So, we need a heart remedy that’s also lascivious  (and I felt I couldn’t go by “lasciviousness” alone because that rubric is too large).  So, what I found striking about this case was that she had a specific “sensation” that was peculiar–namely that her heart filled her chest.  Very unusual, don’t you think?  I hoped I would find it in the Repertory, but nooooooooooo!!!!!  So, thankfully, I have a book called Sensations As If by Roberts.  Do you have that?  If not, get it!  I looked up “Heart”, scrolled down to “filled”, and incredibly, there it was!  “As if heart filled chest”.  How do you like that?!!!!!  And only ONE remedy!  Cenchris!  So I looked up Cenchris in Murphy’s Materia Medica, and look what it says:



 Feels as if heart were distended or swollen to fill the whole chest. …

Can you believe it?  It was never entered into the Repertory!  So, I read the Cenchris materia medica, and there were all her symptoms–increased sexual desire, confusion of mind…and it also said, “Cenchris has the main features of all the serpent poisons,” meaning you can probably assume if Lachesis has it, so does Cenchris.  And remember she said she was much more talkative than usual?  Well, another confirmation, don’t you think?  Of course, Lachesis is in BOLD under “lascivious”!

So, there you have it, Cenchris, thanks to H.A. Roberts and his invaluable book, without which, I couldn’t have solved this case!

Revisiting: "Miss Lascivious" Has Left The Building! 1


Thanks a lot Elaine for the valuable knowledge, yes I have Roberts’ Sensations As If.

Oh good!  I guess now you’ll use it more often!  You could have actually been the ONE person to solve this case!

I will go through this wonderful remedy.  Thanks again.


Thanks for voting!  Is anybody else here today?  Hello!!!!  You’re on the air at…


Hi Elaine!

Hi Krista!

How are you doing?

Fine, thanks; other than the burst pipe in the basement, which was no picnic, I’ll tell ya that!

Thanks again for another fun quiz.

I’m glad you liked it!

I really enjoy Shana’s musical tidbits too.

Oh wow!  Did you hear that, Shana?  Someone actually reads your “announcements”!

This month I am voting for Platina / Platinum met. because it seems to cover a lot of Miss Lascivious’s symptoms.

She had-

– excessive sexual desire


Don’t look now, but, I think when “Miss Lascivious” said “spasms”, she probably meant “throbbing”.


-anxious palpitation of the heart

-sleepy during day and evening


Crying is too big a rubric.  You’d have to clarify it by finding a sub-rubric.  People cry in a lot of different ways: out of anger, or fright or from loss… some sob uncontrollably, some cry in a more dignified manner, some only cry when alone… you’d have to get to the bottom of it.  She said she was crying from sentimentality–watching “feel-good” segments on the news.  The closest I can get to that is: “Mind: crying, drunkenness, being sentimental, during”–Causticum, Hyos. and Lachesis.  And it’s funny that there are only 3 remedies and one of them is Lachesis because I did pick a snake remedy for this case.

-absentminded and forgetful (what she called discombobulated and disorganized)

Right, and she also added the word “dreamy”.

-pain in joint ( bunion)

You can’t use that, Krista, because she caused that herself by wearing the wrong shoes.


-sexual excitement brings on symptoms

No; now, be careful because sexual excitement wasn’t the etiology, it was the “concomitant”.  This was a heart case with lasciviousness, absent-mindedness and talkativeness as concomitants.  So, this is what you say to yourself, “I need a heart remedy that’s talkative, lascivious and absent-minded.”

Now, looking at it this way, you would, of course, say, “Oh!  That’s Lachesis!”  And it even makes sense with her report of crying from sentimentality–Lachesis is known for crying.  And you know, maybe Lachesis would have worked to some extent.  But I saw a peculiar symptom in the case, namely:  “Sensation as if the heart filled the chest.”  And when I saw that, I said, “I sure hope that’s in the Repertory!”  Well, it wasn’t!  But I have a book called Sensations As If by Roberts, and I looked it up, and there it was!  And only one remedy listed for it–Cenchris, the copperhead snake!  So I went to Murphy’s Materia Medica and looked up Cenchris, and it’s right there as plain as day under “heart”–sensation as if the heart filled the chest; it was never entered into the Repertory!  So, go and look up Cenchris, you will find her whole case there, including the word “Dreamy”, exactly as she said it!  You’ll also find the word “throbbing” (she said “spasms”–I think she meant “throbbing”)– see below:



 Amaurosis. Catarrh. Diarrhea. Eyes, swelling over. Headache. Heart disorders. Leucorrhea. Menorrhagia. Nightmare. Ovary, pain in. Throat disorders. Vulva, throbbing in, ….

See?  How do you like that!?  And it says under Cenchris that it “…has the main features of all the serpent poisons,” meaning that if Lachesis has it, Cenchris most likely has it too.  So I take it from that, that Cenchris should also have “loquacity”; but, that was the peculiar symptom in the case: “sensation as if the heart fills the chest”, the remedy would have to cover that.  So, there you have it, Cenchris!




Don’t look now but the gang from Slovakia is here!

Hello Elaine and Shana!

Hello Miroslav and Jitka!

Here are our answers to the September quiz:

Miroslav votes: Lachesis–

I think the remedy is Lachesis:

lascivious, increased loquacity, palpitations …


Jitka votes: Lachesis–

The desire for alcohol and the increased loquacity pointed to Lachesis.  I confirmed with corresponding rubrics in Kent’s Reversed Repertory:

Mind, lasciviousness, lustful

Mind, loquacity

Mind, weeping, tearful mood

Chest, palpitation heart

Chest, oppression, heart

Sleep, dreams, amorous

Generalities, alcoholic stimulants

Other than “oppression of the chest”, which I didn’t really see in the case, I think you and Miroslav have done a great job!  My pick was a snake remedy also, but I agree that Lachesis may have worked to some extent too!  So here’s what led me to a different snake remedy.  She had a peculiar symptom: “sensation as if the heart filled the chest”.  I thought, “Please let this be in the Repertory!”  It wasn’t!  So I went to my copy of Sensations As If by H.A. Roberts and looked up “Heart” and scrolled down to “filled”, and guess what?  It was actually there: sensation as if heart filled the chest!  And only one remedy–Cenchris, the copperhead snake!  So I looked up Cenchris, and her whole case was there, including the feeling of confusion and even the word “dreamy” was there!  But, I think with Lachesis, you were on the right track, you came very close!

Thanks for reviewing our responses. We didn´t  have a lot of chances to find this special symptom, we don´t have “Sensations As If”.

Right, I’m sure most people don’t have it.  I guess the whole point of this Quiz was to show how important this book is and if you can get a copy, you really should.

But now I looked in Boericke´s MM, and there it is the whole case step-by-step, just like you said.

I will have a look too.

Thanks again,  jitka


So that about wraps up another exciting edition of the Quiz Answer!  Be sure to go to this month’s quiz and try your luck again!  See you in November!


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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  • Elaine, every quiz of yours has something new to learn. Symptoms were very close to Lachesis when I zeroed on, but could not locate the symptom ” sensation as if heart fills my chest”. Was awaiting for your answer and yes we have a new remedy Cenchris! to learn about. Keen analysis and You are a knowledge bank. Interesting quiz, and thanks for sharing the details of the book “Sensations As If by H.A. Roberts”.

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