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Talking Non-Stop!

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Here we are with yet another scintillating Hpathy Quiz! Try to guess the remedy!

Shana! Don’t look now, but it’s time for the quiz again! Do we have anything new to report before we get started?

Yes, there’s the Mothers Day Report!

The Mothers Day Report?

I want to show everyone what I got you for mother’s day!

Well, this is highly irregular…. but …………

OK then, here we go: I got you “Goody Goody” by Frankie Lymon on Gee.

Goody Goody 2

The original label! “So you met someone who set you back on your heels, Goody-Goody!”

OK, Mom, that’s enough!

“So you met someone and now you know how it feels, Goody-Goody!”


“So you gave him your heart too, just as I gave mine to you, and he broke it little pieces and now how do you do?”



Could you stop that???? Let the people watch it on Youtube! Here’s Frankie Lymon, live from 1958:

Frankie Lymon

Isn’t Youtube the best??? Shana, did you know that Frankie Lymon was the Michael Jackson of his day?

No, I did not know that. Can we move on? I have a lot more Mothers Day presents to report on.

Is that sooooooooooooooo?

Yes, that is soooooooooooooo. I also got you “Brother Rapp” on King by James Brown, the Godfather of Soul.

Brother Rapp

You out-did yourself with that one, Shana! I think it’s The Godfather’s best record! Totally under-rated and never played! Shana I believe Youtube has a live performance of that.


What else did you get me?

“My Girl Friend” by the Cadillacs on Josie.

My Girl Friend

That one was in mint condition!!!! Shana, find it on Youtube.


And what else did you get me?

“Stranded in the Jungle” by The Cadets on Modern.

Stranded in the Jungle

Such thoughtful Mothers Day gifts! 🙂

So, here’s the report on what happened since last month.

OK, let’s hear it!

We couldn’t get tickets to the Rolling Stones! They were all sold out in no time, even the second show they added! I was actually in an internet line for hours! And when my turn came, all the affordable seats were gone–and even those I don’t think were very affordable, according to Mom. But we did get tickets to the Eagles concert in July!

They cost a fortune! And they’re unbelievably bad seats!

Just don’t get into fight with security again, Mom; remember the Beach Boys concert?

I couldn’t see a thing!

Yes, we know, we all remember that–unfortunately. And now for the Death Report. Did anyone die this month?

I thought we were going to get through a whole month without anyone dying, but, alas, that was not to be. The opening act from Woodstock died.

You mean Richie Havens?

Exactly! Shana, find me a picture of Richie Havens.


We used to have folk singers in this country. The best known being Bob Dylan and Peter Paul and Mary. But right at the top of that list of folk singers was this man, Richie Havens, who was also a peace activist as most folk singers were, he was truly a beautiful person! Shana, find me Richie Havens’ opening song from Woodstock, “Freedom”.


And now we should probably start our quiz. This is the case of a 5 year old boy named “Davie Crockett”, who wouldn’t shut up.

Mom, I hate to interrupt, but, wasn’t Davie Crockett a frontiersman who ran for congress?

Davy Crocket

Shana, you’re thinking of Davy Crockett. This is Davie Crockett!


So here we go, then, with, “Talking Non-Stop”!


Elaine, I think my son has relapsed. He is talking non-stop, he is very loud. I won’t call him hyper, but there is a lot of energy in him. And the other thing is that he is playing very aggressively with his toys. He is not violent. But he is smashing his cars while playing with them.

What should I do?

The thing is, he is not violent with us or other people. He is also not defiant. He also makes sure that we are not angry with him. If he thinks he did something bad, he’ll say “I am sorry. Don’t be angry with me”.

But he just can’t stop himself from talking constantly! He plays both softly and sometimes very aggressively. Because he is not defiant, when we tell him he is playing violently he says “ok, I’ll not”. He tries for 5 mins and then goes back to his usual aggressive play.

Here are the symptoms:

  • Constantly talking. What does he talk about? Well, he makes up some story and then does pretend playing with his toys based on this story. He takes his cars from one table to another while narrating his story. When he is talking with someone on the phone he talks very, very loud.
  • When he is playing with his car toys he smashes them.

So, we have three symptoms to work with — (1) talks excessively, (2) talks VERY loud and (3) smashes his toys.

He is scared to venture into a dark room by himself — even if we are standing right behind him.

Give him _______________ 30C in water.

Elaine, __________________________ 30C did act. He is much, much calmer today. Thank you.


So what do you guys think the remedy is? Please write to me at [email protected] and tell me. The answer will be in next month’s ezine. Shana, please play us out with “Stranded In The Jungle”!


“Meanwhile, back in the jungle…..”

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  • Immeadiately on reading the case strammonium is the drug that comes to my mind covering all symptoms I think I was right if wrong my other options are anac3 and bell 2waiting for the confirmation this time no pitfall

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