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A Case of Allergic Rhinitis

Written by Pankaja Katekari

Homeopath Pankaja Katekari presents a case of Allergic Rhinitis.

A female patient aged 48yrs came with complaints of Allergic Rhinitis which she has suffered with for eight years. She would find temporary relief by taking allopathic medications. She complained of coryza, watery acrid discharge from nose, redness of eyes along with itching, sensitivity to weather changes and exposure to cold air. This is followed by a feverish feeling along with weakness and dry cough which would last for a very long time. Since last year she has been suffering from breathlessness at night every alternate week and therefore resorting to use of Asthalin inhalers.

H/o hysterectomy for fibroid 2009

Cyst operated followed by ovariectomy -2012

Appetite – Normal

Des – Pickles, chicken, fish

Aver – Sweets


Constipation – dry stools (due to less water consumption)

Chilly very sensitive to cold wind


Anxiety was a marked nature of this patient. Anxiety -Anticipatory – as a teacher. In spite of so many years teaching experience, before entering the class she did not feel confident about the topic she was going to speak on.

Anxiety -Health – Especially after the above operations she was scared to go under the knife again. Any slight ailment worries her tremendously and she worries it might be a tumor.

There is pain and heaviness feeling in the right breast but on examination no lump present. Still she thinks it could be due to breast cancer. Has also done Mammography to get her doubts clear.

Anxiety -Family +++. Her son who is 22yrs old settled in US for further education and work. Worried about how he is managing alone. Wants him to call her every day just to inform her that he is doing well. If he forgets she is restless and anxious to hear his voice.

Fastidious. About her work at workplace or at home. Re-does a particular work if not happy with her colleague or at home with the servant.

Conscientious person

Sensitive to criticism. Does not like if people point out her faults because she knew her work was always perfect. Likes to be busy in work

Case is Psoric- Sycotic

The mentals show the Sycotic state of mind with a lot of anxiety over trivial things. Whereas the physical complaints have moved from a Psoric background ( Allergic rhinitis) to a Sycotic state (Asthma, Fibroids, cyst ).

From the Psoric anxiety on the mental level she is now having a delusion that she has a lump which could be a breast cancer, which is the Sycotic mind.

After repertorization the remedy that covered major rubrics from the Mentals + Physical generals + Particulars was Arsenic album.

Pankaja Katekari feb 2016

Thus Arsenic album 200 single dose was given along with S.L. for 15 days.

The patient reported back after 15 days with great relief. No complaints.         S.L continued for 15 days more.

After 15 days the patient had the same complaints but with much reduced intensity. This time there was no fever or cough and only watery discharge from nose which had reduced after warm application. No medicine repeated and continued on S.L. No breathlessness had occurred throughout the whole month. The Asthalin inhaler was almost forgotten. Sometimes it is better to give time to the immune system to let it handle minor disturbances of the vital force.

Sometimes it is better to give time to the immunity to let handle minor disturbances of the vital force.

25/1/14 No complaints. Fresh and active feeling. Physical generals good.S.L. given for 1 month.

22/2/14 Few days back had nausea like the feeling after eating spicy food. But now better. SL. continued

18/4/14 Constipation since 1 week. Water intake reduced. Dryness of skin and lips due hot weather. Weakness. Advised to increase intake of water along with electrolytes. No other complaints. SL continued.

10/5/14 Viral fever since yesterday. Much weakness. Thirst for warm drinks. Myalgia. Chilly. Dullness. Desire to rest and not move. Appetite decreased. Arsenic album 200 …..2 doses given. Along with SL

17/7/14 Patient was out of town to visit a relative. Therefore could not continue with the medicines. For the last 3 days she is having breathlessness and wheezing in chest when lying down. Cough dry <n on lying down. Chest O/E wheeze heard in the left quadrant.

Arsenic album 200 was given, single dose and asked to report in a week.

24/7/14 Slight wheeze still heard. Otherwise no other complaints. SL continued. No repetition of Arsenic needed which acted as her acute as well as constitutional remedy.

27/4/15 Father expired due to gum cancer. This affected her a lot and it again triggered the fear of breast cancer in her causing a lot of anxiety. She felt she may be having lumps in her breast which could be cancerous. Heaviness in breast. Shooting type of pain in left breast. O/E nothing present. Arsenic Alb 200.Single dose given.

4/5/15 Feeling better. No anxiety. Back to routine. SL continued

24/6/15 Constipation once in a while. No other complaints SL continued

23/7/15 Travelling to U.S.A for 1 month to visit her son. SL with a few doses of Arsenic album 200 as SOS given.

1/9/15 Back from U.S.A. Did not need the SOS powders as she was perfectly fit and fine throughout the trip.

Arsenicum album

This remedy is recommended for people who are deeply anxious about their health, and extremely concerned with order and security. Panic attacks often occur around midnight or the very early hours of the morning. The person may feel exhausted yet still be restless-fidgeting, pacing, and anxiously moving from place to place. These people may also have digestive problems or asthma attacks accompanied by anxiety. They are typically obsessive about small details and very neat. They may feel a desperate need to be in control of everything.


Anxiety associated with later stages of head cold, with sneezing
Asthma worse after midnight, fears suffocation while lying down
Sleepiness but insomnia
Thirsty for frequent small drinks
Weak and exhausted
Desires air but sensitive to cold
Vomiting with or without diarrhea after eating and drinking

Anxiety – Ars, Kalis, Calcs, Natrums

Anxiety family – ars

Anxiety future – Calc

Anxiety – Kalis and Calcs

Anxiety before engagement – Natrum, Argentum Nit, Ars

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