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A Case of Anorexia Cured by Tarentula Hispanica

Christiane Lhuillier writes about a child suffering from an eating disorder which was resolved with Tarentula Hispanica.

Pauline is a 3 year old child. One year ago a new baby was born, a sister with a very good appetite. The parents of the babies are friends of mine living in Milan, and on Christmas 2006 I was visiting them for a few days. During that period I had the occasion to observe that really too much attention was given to the second baby in comparison to the interest towards Pauline, who was treated as if she were much older than her age.

Amanda was very nice, always smiling and with such an appetite that it was really a pleasure to observe her while eating. Pauline, however, had no interest in food, eating really small quantities and chewing a long time before swallowing. After a few days I could note big dark circles under her eyes and her parents began worrying about the poor appetite of their daughter, asking me to give her something to make her eat more.

I told them that I thought the problem was much deeper and that in my opinion it would be the case to give her the right homeopathic remedy, but which one? I was thinking of Ignatia but I preferred to wait some days in order to observe the baby and make a better prescription. On the 28th of December at lunch time, while her sister was eating with the usual good appetite and mother, father, aunts and grandparents were all euphoric giving all their attention to Amanda, the poor Pauline began retching but with no vomit. And this retching was repeated at every meal until the 30th of December when refusing to eat she left her chair and she dropped on the floor first rolling and then arching her body with clenched fists. At that moment I had very clear in my mind that the remedy was Tarentula Hispanica. The self-destructive aspect was very evident through anorexia nervosa (Homeopathy Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa ).

EAT- EATING REFUSES is a symptom of Tarentula.

In the South of Italy and in other countries of the Mediterranean arching the body with clenched fists is well described for cases of hysterical women who do this after a dance which simulates the bites of a Tarentula.

I do not know whether I was influenced by the fact that her maternal grandmother was from Calabria, a region of the South of Italy where the ritual dance is still present and where this kind of hysterical behavior is frequent, but TARENTULA HISPANICA 1000k was prescribed and with excellent results. For two years Pauline was under Tarentula which solved cases of flu, tonsillitis and fever. At the moment she is in good health and does not need a remedy.

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Christiane Lhuillier

Christiane Lhuillier - I graduated from the University of Perugia (Italy) in medicine with two great teachers of homeopathy: Stefano Buffetti and Massimo Mangialavori, whose seminars I am still following. Sixteen years in homeopathy is not many, but thanks to all my cats, dogs and horses who have trusted me when necessary, it was sixteen years well spent. My best human cases were solved thanks to some previous experience with animals.


  • I have read with great interest article by Dr. Christiane Lhuillier wherein he described a case of anorexia in a child.

  • I have read with great interest the article written by Dr. Christiane Lhuillier describing a case of anorexia in a child.

  • Its a new dimension of the Tarentula Hisp. I would further try to understand the mechanism of stimulating the hunger centre in the brain but how? I don’t know. This I know the sweets stimulate the satiety centre which stops the urge of eating or feeling hungry.

    • Dear Ikram Qureshi,

      You must not look at Tarentula Hispana as a remedy stimulating the centre of hunger. This would be an allopathic approach. Certainly anorexia may be a symptom of Tarentula but it is not essential to prescribe it. Tarentula just put things in order in a child deeply disturbed by the idea of not being loved anymore because of the attention given to her little sister. Her suffering was translated in a (let us say) hysterical behaviour in order to get the attention of her parents. And this is a typical behaviour of spiders (remedy). Try to have the book of Massimo Mangialavori on spiders. I think the title is “Deep in the soul”. Good luck

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