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A Case of Oophorinum/Ovinine (ovarian extract)

Homeopath Nadezhda Kubasheva shares a case of prostate and bladder discomfort in a man of 68, cured with Oophorinum (ovarian extract). The remedy cured and was also transformational on a deeper level.

This case is a demonstration of how it does not pay to be prejudiced in homeopathy and absolute adherence to being guided by symptoms alone will serve. While Oophorinum/ovinine is a remedy extracted from the ovaries, in the following case, it cured pathology in a man.

The observation of the case was done for four years. Male born in 1949, 168 cm, 76 kg, married, sought an appointment on December 19, 2017.

MAIN COMPLAINTS: discomfort in the prostate, pressing pain in the bladder at night, which disappears after nighttime urination. Urination is more frequent both day and night. Sluggish urine stream, especially in the morning after waking up.

In addition, he has been allergic to cats almost all his life: lacrimation, sneezing, swelling and itching of the eyelids and nasal mucosa when exposed to cats.

FEARS: Fear of doctors, and when pricked with a needle to draw blood. His wife should be standing by. At the same time, there is anxiety about health, but not much. So, he gladly decided to try homeopathy instead of conventional medicine.

He is careful at heights. There is a fear of being late and he becomes overly fussy. Considers himself a moderately superstitious person.

FOOD: very fond of sweets, cakes. He would eat eggs every day, but it is harmful, and he limits himself. Expressed aversion to mutton since childhood: his mother fed him a lot of this meat. There is nausea at the smell of lamb.

Hot, loves cool weather. Puts his legs out from under the covers.

PSYCHE: At the age of 68, he is fond of computer games. In his free time, he likes to visit bars and places of entertainment. His wife, (20 years younger than him) who works a lot as a nurse, is not very willing to go there. She is often tired, prefers to stay at home, but has to go with him.

As a result of repertorization, the remedy Ovininum came out on top among “all” drugs, overtaking many polychrests! I have not had any previous experience with this medicine. I prescribed the drug in the 30th potency, one dose once a month, and a placebo daily.

Further, I forgot about this patient and after about 2 years, his wife informed me that his cat allergy had completely disappeared. At first, the patient thought it was some kind of special cat! Then he visited relatives who had two cats at home, and again no allergies were noted! “What amazing cats!” – the patient was surprised. All this time, the patient did not stop taking the drug.

After another year, I decided to clarify what happened to his complaints about urination? He replied: “Did I have any complaints ?!” Currently, he does not feel any problems with the prostate/disturbed urination at all.

The third positive change was noted by his wife, as well as the patient’s sister. His wife: “He discovered a new talent in himself – a carpenter. He is constantly busy with woodwork and construction. He no longer needs to go to bars and public places.”

He is quite satisfied with creative work as a carpenter. He constructs, saws and connects, paints, etc. all day long. Nowadays he plays less computer games because he spends a lot of time doing carpentry. His wife is very happy about this! She attributes this to homeopathy.

Despite his age, he was addicted to bars and games, because his natural energy was blocked. He unconsciously tried to compensate for the lack of joy with computer games and visits to bars and places of entertainment. Ovininum released his creative energy, with which came the joy of life.

The patient’s sister also notes a dramatic change in the patient’s character. She says that he has become more attentive to his family and mother, who is 96 years old. He’s happier, softer, and less selfish.

Until we see this aversion to mutton as strong as earlier in him, we can give him the remedy when required. Once this changes, the next remedy will come indicated.

Thus, a remedy extracted from the female ovaries helped prostate and allergy issues in a man, demonstrating the need to be absolutely unbiased in our application of the principles of homeopathy

About the author

Nadezhda Kubasheva

Kubasheva Nadezhda, MD, graduated from Izhevsk's Medical Academy in 1984 and worked as a hospital therapist until 1994. Since 1994 she has worked as a private-practitioner homeopath. She subsequently graduated from the International Academy for Classical Homeopathy and later became an IACH coordinator for Classical Homeopathy e- learning and video courses in Russia.


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