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A Case of Psoriasis – The Beauty of Homeopathy

Dr. Violeta Teneva shares a carefully analyzed case of psoraisis.

Beauty springs from an order, which creates the sensation of harmony, such arrangement of the participating parts out of which emerges a picture or an event carrying the idea of agreement, fit and contentment.

First interview 2008

This is a 65 year old man with a 10 years psoriasis. All those years he had eruptions all over the body but WITHOUT THE FACE. He received such on the face just a week ago. His face now was red, cracked with thick crusts and scales were constantly falling all around in the room. He described it: “It itches, aches, constricts like gypsum, stitches. I am sad, I will die, WILL SHOOT MYSELF FROM LOSS OF SLEEP, when crusts burn me, I cannot lie down, watch TV…I sweep with broom heaps of scales, pick at skin to raw.(…)”

At 36 after drinking icy water which he liked , he got a cough, took antibiotics for 5 months afterwards because a t.b.c. was suspected but not proved. After that he got hepatomegaly which he “cured ”with lemons and honey. Finally he got hypertension, showing 200/100.Recently it was either too high, or too low. He was on hypotensives for years. When high, his head was burning and he washed it with cold water.

“I bought diseases with money”.. means too much money for treatment and it became even worse.

Ten years ago suddenly his father died. He was a beautiful, good fellow, naturally intelligent. My patient said doctors were to blame. The psoriasis appeared then. As a child he used to have an eczema treated with herbs. Three weeks ago there was a fire in his garage and his retro car was entirely burnt. He was keeping and polishing it to a glimmer for years and his son loved it too. He took this event as an injustice, because he knew who did it but there was no way to punish him. So his only reaction was to console his son.

He described himself as a robust man; for many years he used to play football; coaches praised him for the way he did things nobody else could. He got easily angry at trifles. He got nervous at politicians that they were swindlers, never kept their promises…and “it is not fair!” “I defeat everything! Do not get offended because nobody dares ! I was boxer but it never occurred to me to fight outside because street fighting is a vulgar thing!” He used to be so strong that he lifted whole cars! Nobody showed superiority in brains and muscles.

A real panther he was! As quick as a lightening. He was a goal keeper and in the whole of Europe no one could score goal against him! “I used to make some inventions but never got licenses, because of the same dislike of recommendations”. He is honest and will not take what is not his. He has many talents: poetry, drawing, singing, but he is too idle to study. “Nobody can dictate to me what to do! I am disobedient. I hate someone to show me superiority; I will put him in his place right away even with strength if needed! I do not believe in God, for me it is nature that decides things. I’m anxious about money and unpaid bills.”

All the time he was standing, with hands in his pockets, asymmetric smile and baldness.

Chilly, thirstless.

Family history of skin diseases, hypertension yet living long.

PRESCRIPTION: Sulphur 1M single dose.


Sleep is OK. A light flu-like condition. No longer suicidal thoughts. Itching less, redness less, desquamating less. Stops allopathy for hypertension and now blood pressure is normal. Some itching on healthy skin.

THERAPY: Sac lac


Better. Lesions on arms look better than legs.

THERAPY: Sac lac


Better. No crusts, only scales.

THERAPY: Sac lac

He stops coming, but starts sending me psoriatic patients. In December 2012 I spoke with his wife; he was OK!


My first job was to define the miasm. Because this will give me the idea where the biggest problem was with this patient. It is syco-syphilis. Because:

The syphilitic phase of psoriasis is demonstrated by affecting the face, deep cracked crusts and rawness after itching, violent itch that disturbs sleep which is the cause for suicidal thoughts; excessive desquamation which exhausts his energy. Stitching pains are syphilitic in character. Hypertension is in two extremes – either too high, or too low, difficult to control.


1.The beginning of psoriasis was 10 years ago after his father’s sudden death, which event felt like injustice to the patient, because the father was healthy and beautiful but doctors killed him. This happens after years of suppressive allopathic treatment for hypertension.

2.The beginning of Psora is probably in childhood with the eczema. We could only wonder what on mental level brought it on; might be an injustice which proves to be a sensitive theme for this man. Psora is the cough 30 years ago after icy water, which quite quickly became Sycosis, for it took 5 months to pass. Hepatomegaly after antibiotics is Sycosis. Hypertension for years is predominantly Sycosis, but some extreme moments to 200/100 show the Syphilis trait. Psoriasis for 10 years all over the body is Sycosis. It becomes syphilitic since last week .

3.The syphilis on mental level could be connected with the fire 3 weeks ago, again injustice, a sudden event, a sudden loss of something dear to his heart-the car.

4.So the logical chain might be injustice and psoriasis. Begins 10 years ago with father’s sudden death, sycotic, suppressed for years which becomes syphilitic as of last week with facial eruption and excessive desquamation, all after the fire. Both events were grief and injustice.

5.The succession of affected levels are ectoderm: skin-eczema; endoderm-cough-hepar-mezoderm-hypertension and mesenchyme – derma psoriasis and to the highest level of mentals – suicidal thoughts. This succession can be traced on the table of suppression of Dr. Praful Vijeyakar.

6.Repertorization includes rubrics which are syphilitic on physical level; mental symptoms in the Syphilitic miasm – those characteristics of the man which are excessive, destructive; the theme to which he is most sensitive; any modality – not necessary when the case is already syphilitic; left/right sided complains – not actual in this specific case.


Itching : must scratch until it is raw

GENERALS Hypertension

Pains stitching

MIND Injustice cannot support

Delusion: great person he is

Choleric temperament

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About the author

Violeta Teneva

Violeta Teneva 55, has been a medical doctor for 30 years. Half of her professional life she was a clinical microbiologist and the other half a full time homeopath in a private practice. She attended seminars with Prayfull Vijaykar, George Vithoulkas, Mahesh Ghandi, Jeremy Sher and many others. She currently lives in Sofia, Bulgaria.


    • Dear Dr. Singh,
      Yes, patient was chilly but :
      1.when most of the symptoms fit I dare ignore temperature modality and see what will happen
      2. Sulphur can be chilly as well – we know that from practice
      3.this patient became even more chilly because of the excessive desquamation which exhausted his energy
      Thank for your comment!

  • chilly due to weak immune system, hepatomegaly pseudochillyness e.g. when we have fevers we are chilly vasoconstriction
    sulpher in dilution is cold to go against the hot burning itchy psoriasis

  • You stated “All the time he was standing, with hands in his pockets, asymmetric smile and baldness”
    Standing is the most uncomfortable position for a Sulphur patient. And surely on that count alone
    I would have missed this remedy. Thanks for sharing this case.
    Dr V T Yekkirala

    • Dear Dr. Yekkirala, thank you for your comment! The patient was standing with heaps of scales falling all around him in the room, first he was sitting on the sofa but soon it was covered with scales and he just rose. For the present moment I am not so sure that I remember if he was leaning against the furniture in my office, obviously I missed that detail.

  • Dear Dr.Moti, thanks for the supporting comment. As far as I remember one of my teachers taught us that the rubric “Lack of vital heat” is not the right one for being chilly/hot. In fact we lack a rubric in the repertorium for chilly/hot. Although it is very important to define, filter and often differentiate remedies. Sometimes I find it very difficult to find out what the patient is by nature: chilly or hot, then I do not emphasize on this while taking the final decision.

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