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A Case of Vanadium

Written by Jawahar Shah

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Presenting complaint:


Patient: A young woman, age 26 years

  • Very hard working
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science
  • Managing a project successfully
  • Her bosses were pleased with her performance

She belongs to a very decent family and had a happy childhood. She was always the favourite child of the house. Her parents & siblings loved her a lot. The parents were very mild and gentle. She was favourite even amongst friends & relatives – got love and affection from everybody.

She was intelligent and even got a scholarship for her studies.

She is cautious, systematic and organized person.

She had written down all the details very clearly and had not left any point of the history unanswered.

She has planned to succeed and make it big in her career.

On some tactful interrogation she revealed that someone less efficient was promoted instead of her and she is unable to digest this failure mentally.

She sought refuge in devouring chocolates, ice-creams, sweets etc.

She gained 28 kgs. in just one year.

She is unable to resist her cyclic hunger. She feels guilty when she is unable to control and indulges more to compensate for her depression.

Increased weight and size has affected her performance which again depresses her even more.

Sleep – Sleeps more.

Dreams –

  • Missing a train
  • Late for work
  • Unprepared for exams

Generals –

Likes to cover


– sunny and spring

On examination –

Wt. 78 kg’s

Gums swollen, teeth caries

White spots on nails

Striae on abdomen & back of knee

Key Points of the case –

§ Shock – Promotion

§ Sensitive, mild & gentle

§ Depression and guilt

§ Compensation by overeating

§ Desire for sweets, chocolates

Remedy: Vanadium

The base and evolution of the case and remedy matches properly. The cause and effects relationship can be seen clearly in this case.

As the sensitivity is quiet high, we had to give 1 dose of 1M and as pathology was not advanced we need not repeat the medicine

The right medicine will produce desired result.

Prescription: Vanadium 1 M 1 Dose


  • She soon started loosing weight and was able to control her diet.
  • Lost 10 kg’s in 3 months
  • 6 more kg’s in the next 6 months
  • She then switched her job and even went abroad on an assignment.

Miasmatic Analysis

A Psoric expression at mental level gradually progressing to Sycosis and with the right medicine the patient returning to a healthy state.


The disappointment on failure to achieve something desired and going on an uncontrolled binge and later on feeling guilty about it is best described by the contemporary maverick Jan Scholten

His references for VANADIUM can be found in HOMPATH Classic 8.0 as follows –

Minerals of Homeopathy by Jan Scholten

Vanadium [Vanad]

Anorexia, bulimia.

Vanadium is the first and foremost remedy in cases of anorexia or bulimia.


manic depressive psychosis, anorexia alternating with bulimia


  • being late
  • missing the train
  • futile efforts
  • paralysis

Tortured by their perfectionism.

When they fail, the mood sinks.

This looks like manic depression in a certain sense.

A typical state of Vanadium is anorexia alternating with bulimia

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