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A Cases of Urinary Tract Infection

Written by Dr.Nilesh Maru

Dr. Nilesh Maru presents a case of UTI that required some careful study.

urinary-tractA female of 26 yrs came with fever and pain in abdomen during urination, for which she was taking allopathic medicine and getting temporary relief. This had been going on for the last 90 days. Symptoms were masked, not clear as she was taking antibiotics and antipyretics and hence she presented the symptoms which were partial and as below:

Fever with chill at night (on examination I found she was feverish even during daytime so this modality was not reliable), headache, vertigo without any reliable modalities, thirst without desire to drink, weakness and loss of appetite. On further inquiry she told me she got married four months before and had medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) two months before as the fetus was underdeveloped. I was not sure about, ailment from abortion, as she developed fever 15-20 days after MTP.

From this information I searched a few rubrics in repertory such as:

Generality, food drinks aversion, accompanied by thirst – which contains 28 medicines.

Generality, food drinks aversion, heat during which had 23 medicines.

Fever, abortion after which has 2 medicines-bell., puls..

I tried to search rubrics like ailments from abortion, and was not sure that fever was the result of M.T.P. I tried to differentiate the medicines in all these rubrics but I was nowhere.  I was thinking about Belladonna, but truly speaking, whatever knowledge I got from Dr. J.H.Talele and other homeopathic masters I concluded with SL and asked her to take it 2 hourly, observe the symptoms without taking any allopathic medicines & report after 48 hrs. or before if she had any problem.

It wasn’t surprising for me that next morning she arrived with a fever of 103 F. On further inquiry I learned that she had severe chill and then fever without perspiration. I also found that she was thirstless during high grade fever.

I started with rubrics from the fever chapter. Fever-Succession of stages-chill-followed by-heat-without perspiration with 4 medicines:  caps., nat-m, graph and tarent.  Along with these I found a more complete rubric:

Fever-Succession of stages-chill followed by-heat-thirst-without-perspiration, having Sepia for 1 mark in Boenninghausen & Boger (reliable source).

I tried to see more indications for Sepia except the history of M.T.P but there was nothing.  From analysis of cases given in a collected seminar on classical homeopathy by modern masters, I found the advice that a complete and exact rubric, having a single medicine from a reliable author, which covers the pathology, may be prescribed on without any other information, but with risk of failure.

I prescribed Sepia200 and gave her a dose of Bell 1m  in SOS, (as since the 1st day I was thinking about it, as she had high continuous fever without thirst but there were no strong indications) and advised her to contact me after 24 hrs.

After 30 hrs, she was feeling better. Although there was still abdominal pain, the intensity was much less, her thirst increased, urine output increased (which was offensive), fever came down to 100 F, no headache and she felt hungry. I continued with S.L and told her to repeat the dose of Sepia 200 if she had fever or pain in the abdomen.

Follow up after 2 days

She took Sepia 200 12 hrs before as she had some pain in abdomen. The pain was relived in 2-3 hr after the dose of Sepia 200.  No headache, appetite good, she still had offensive urine; I kept her on S.L.

Follow up after 4 days – Slight abdominal pain with offensive urination Rx Sepia 1m

Follow up  after 7 days – No complaints.

Finally she was cured with Sepia 1 m for which I struggled a bit. Maybe someone else would have come to it earlier. If anyone can suggest any rubric or any hint with which I could have treated sooner, I am open to that information.  My intention in presenting this case was to show the thinking process, use of repertory and patience, along with unshakable faith in homeopathy needed in treating patients whose case is masked by allopathic treatment and changing the modalities.

About the author

Dr.Nilesh Maru

Dr.Nilesh.N.Maru - Homeopathic Consultant, Hon. Lecturer Takhatmal Homeopathic Medical College, Amravati


  • The information shared by the Dr. Shows how important is to understand the case first and then to draw a prescription for the patient. This also bring confidence in the relationship

  • This case confirms my view about repertory that-
    A thorough knowledge of Repertory is must for a good Priscription.
    Also I appriciate your courage for keeping patience in case having 103 fever, because many a times we homeopaths are a little anxious about treating acutes.

    • Ya Dr Amit it is well known fact that knowledge of rep is must for every person who calls himself a homeopath

  • Dear Dr.
    what is SOS?. A blind cat jumped on the rift and got it. A good clinical success.

    • Pity u mr ganesan..although when u r getting peculiar modality and d same as rubric and u still think this result was by luck then i doubt your knowledge as a homeopath. Good result is never ever a blunder nor by luck. Do you know really what a repertory is?

  • to find a correct rubric is an art and
    this case is unique example of it
    i think this remedy would not be revealed in any other way
    I like the way you have reached upto the rubric

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