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Autopathy – Six Cases

The author describes six cases cured with autopathic preparations.

The following cases show that autopathy, the use of individually potentised information from breath, saliva or other bodily fluids, offers real hope for recovery and a full life, for people whose overall life perspective does not look favourable due to long-term chronic diseases.

A Common Case

Vaclav, a nine-year-old boy, has suffered from a persistent cough since an early age. Apart from July and August he coughs the whole year round. He commonly coughs up to ten times a day, and often swallows phlegm. The cough causes him to wake in the night. Sometimes it gets worse, and then he has to lie down and is given antibiotics, which he has received twice this year. The cough is gradually getting worse, and the doctor described the latest crisis as the onset of pneumonia. Recently he was absent from school for three weeks, and now he is coughing again. His mother says that from the age of six months to three years old he suffered from acute laryngitis with a barking, choking cough. It was sometimes so bad that they had to take him for emergency medical assistance, where he was given an anti-asthma spray. He now uses a spray for the cough, but no longer suffers attacks of asthma. He nevertheless suffers from the cough ten months out of every twelve.

He sometimes has jabbing pains in his back, the shoulder-blades and also in his throat. He suffers nightmares, in which he is pursued by dinosaurs and the Magnetic Man. He has a birthmark on his back and chest. He bites his nails. He suffers from sore skin around the rectum. His movements are very agitated and he finds it difficult to remain in the same position. He is extremely untidy. In the evening it takes him at least half an hour before he can fall asleep, a problem he has had since a very early age. His parents have to read him children’s stories for a long time. During birth he was throttled by the umbilical cord.

Check-up after two months: After administering a single dose of Carcinosinum 200, the cough subsided the next day and changed into a running nose.

Check-up eight months after taking the homeopathic medicine: The cough was better than it had been previously through the winter, and he only coughed three times a day on average. In May he stopped coughing altogether, and he was still symptom-free at the time of the next check-up in June. He no longer has nightmares.

Check-up 14 months after taking the homeopathic medicine: At the end of summer he had a fever, which was followed by a cough and cold. But as yet he didn’t cough in the night.

A few weeks after visiting me he took an autopathic preparation made from his own saliva and using five litres of water (potency 200 C) made in the autopathic bottle. Immediately afterwards his cough improved. A week after taking the autopathic preparation he contracted a fever, just like the one he had had recently (the first reverse symptom is the most recent one). The cough reappeared and he visited a doctor, who said that this time the inflammation was not in the bronchial tubes, as usual, but in the throat (the movement according to Hering: from within outwards). The increased temperature passed after three days and his sleeping improved. The cough and cold lasted another week. After one month he was only coughing twice a day at most.

The check-up five months after taking the autopathic preparation (in June) showed that he had passed the remainder of the winter and spring seasons with no recurrence of the cough and without any problems.

Check-up 21 months after taking the autopathic preparation: The child had spent the whole period since the previous check-up, more than one year, including the winter, without a cough or cold, without an acute illness, without back pain, nightmares or sore skin. It was the first year and a half of sound health that he had ever experienced.

If I were to compare the effects of the carefully (and correctly) selected homeopathic medicine, which was used first, with those of the autopathic preparation, it is clear that whereas the homeopathic medicine produced a marked and unprecedented improvement (we could say of two-thirds), the autopathic preparation resulted in a total cure, which lasted even longer.

Case of spiral development

Although autopathy works in similar ways to constitutional medicine – or according to Herings Law – I have discerned some exceptions to clients’ holistic development. Life is diverse and can’t be perfectly expressed as a set of rules, not even Herings Law. But the exception proves the rule, as the wise saying goes.

The patient is a robustly built woman of thirty-three, the mother of a twelve-year-old child. She suffers from an advanced stage of periodontitis. Her teeth are loose, her whole mouth and teeth hurt constantly. She even feels it in her sleep, when her teeth are clenched or chattering. She sleeps with tightly clenched jaws. She has difficulty biting because this causes her pain. The teeth don’t have decay. At the age of eighteen she fell on her chin. Her teeth then began to develop gaps between them. First the lower, and then the upper teeth started to wobble. An inflammation then led to all her molars being removed. She can sense an aftertaste in her mouth. Discharges started to form between the gum and the teeth. This was just before an operation in which they cut open and cleaned her gums (the third operation of its kind). Afterwards, her teeth started to hurt constantly and continue to do so to the present (two months later). After the last operation the joint of her jaw stiffened up, her face swelled and she wasn’t able to open her mouth. Since then the joint of the jaw has on occasion dislocated . The joint is painful.

During the last operation they found micro-organisms, and as a result she was asked to go into the hospital for ten days to be given infusions of antibiotics. She told me that after that, another operation was planned during which the bone would be ground down and a piece of cow-bone implanted. Despite intensive medical care, her condition is constantly deteriorating. She also suffers from frequent headaches. Her eyes are sensitive to light and hurt her and for a long while she took eye drops. She has to sleep 12 hours, otherwise she feels tired.

History: In the past she suffered from repeated throat aches, roughly once or twice a year, and the last one a year ago. Both her parents have periodontitis.

I began by recommending a homeopathic remedy, intended to treat the totality of symptoms and her psychological portrait. She also decided to abandon any further stomatological or other medical interventions, as she was persuaded that these weren’t helping her.

After seven weeks she ceased suffering from the pain in her head, gums and joints, and she stopped sleeping with clenched teeth. Four months after taking the medicine her jaws still hurt when biting, even if less than before. A formation on the mucus membrane of the mouth reappeared, which had previously been operated on; this left her feeling very unhappy. For maybe two weeks she had repeated headaches. Now I advised her to produce an autopathic preparation from her own saliva using the flux vortex method (through the autopathic bottle) and five litres of water – a potency of 200 C.

Check-up the next month: The headaches passed immediately. Her teeth wobble as before, but neither her teeth, jaw or joint hurt any more. Her gums still bleed slightly, which is an old problem. She had a visitor to the apartment who brought a dog (previously she had been mildly allergic to dogs). She experienced a strong reaction – her eyes burned (old reverse symptom) and she felt a lump in her throat as if she had tonsillitis. Since then her eyes have hurt her, as if she had a piece of sand in them – an old, or reverse, symptom, she knows it from the past.

Check-up three months later: The improvement from before has continued, and in addition, her gums have ceased to bleed and hurt her. Her eyes sometimes water, but they no longer hurt. She currently has a cold. She has almost no reaction to dogs. The formation on the mucus membrane of her mouth, which formerly had caused her so much worry, disappeared on its own.

Check-up five months after using the autopathic preparation: She again has occasional headaches, her eyes still sometimes water and her teeth hurt her again. I interpreted this as the beginning of a relapse – the problems that had been remedied were returning inwards, in other words in the opposite direction stated by The Hering Law (intermittent headaches). She made and used another autopathic preparation from saliva in the same potency.

Check-up after another three months: Headaches and toothaches ceased soon after the last preparation, but both reappeared recently. Her eyes don’t water, just slightly in the morning and evening from tiredness. Her gums don’t bleed and her teeth and joints don’t hurt. Because a more internally located problem, the headache, has returned, whereas the more peripheral problems remain in an improved state, I judged this to be the beginning of a relapse and recommended that she double the volume of water in the dilution. I advised her to use the preparation again.

Check-up after another two months: She calls to tell me that she has throat ache (old, reverse symptom) – swollen tonsils and throat ache, but this time, surprisingly, without any temperature or collapse, and thus she has been able to go to work as normal. All the chronic problems, however, have receded – the head, joint, teeth, gums, eyes are all without pain. But she had decided not to use the autopathic preparation that I had recommended to her last time, as the problems had started to disappear on their own accord before she got around to it! She is therefore still under the influence of the previous preparation.

This isn’t the only case of autopathy in which, several months after using the preparation some of the more internally (not superficially) located and already improved symptoms have again deteriorated, albeit only temporarily, in order to allow the organism to catch a new breath and in a sort of spiral, raise the whole system up to a higher level of health. This is a specific feature of the development which I never noticed before in homeopathy, and which as far as I know has never been described. It’s an uncommon variation from The Hering Laws, which are otherwise an excellent guide for the autopathic process and show us how to repeat a preparation, and which generally also worked in this case. From the perspective of the rules described in this book, this was a healing crisis involving the recurrence of headaches and toothache. The mentioned throat pain is thus nothing other than a temporary reverse recurrence of an old symptom on the way back through former frequency states to a higher state of being at a physical, psychological and fine-matter level.

Check-up after another thirteen months: Since the symptoms of throat ache disappeared rapidly and on their own accord, she has had no further problems worth mentioning (we see each other occasionally). She has felt well for a long time and looks good. She is healthy. The last dose has already worked for almost two years.

Chronic Fatigue syndrome

The patient is a thirty-five-year-old woman who has already suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome for five years, ever since giving birth. The fatigue is getting worse and worse. Undemanding tasks exhaust her. In the morning she wakes up extremely tired. She falls asleep in the tram, and after lunch has to leave work to have a snooze, otherwise she is “impossible”. They found the EB virus in her blood, gave her various subsequent tests but could find nothing else. In the last couple of months she has had a constant high temperature, ranging between 37 and 38 C. In childhood she suffered from repeated tonsillitis until she had her tonsils removed. I recommended a preparation made from six litres of water in an autopathic bottle (AP 240 C).

Check-up a month and a half after taking the preparation: Within fourteen days her temperature had disappeared and so far has not returned. The fatigue is far less severe, and sometimes she doesn’t feel it at all. It improved markedly about one month after taking the preparation. She is much less sleepy. The whole of her life she had been very sensitive to the cold, but now this had disappeared, and on the contrary she felt warm. She had a cough for three days. She feels calmer and happier. She says she also has days when she feels she could “run a marathon”.

Check-up four and a half months after taking the preparation: For two months following the first check-up she had no tiredness whatsoever. After that she got a job and in the evenings, after work, sometimes felt tired, although nothing more than is normal. The fatigue syndrome was already a thing of the past. Soon after the previous check-up she had a brief bout of mild throat-ache (reverse symptom) for the first time in years. There was no recurrence of her exaggerated need for sleep or temperature.

Him and Her, or Breaking the Rules

A young couple, He and She. During winter she suffers from asthma, and four times every winter she has the feeling she can’t properly expand her lungs. She wheezes and coughs for four days at a time. She uses a spray to alleviate the spasms. The hearing in her right ear has started to deteriorate. He is very healthy, and only has a rash on his thumb. They have been married for several years, but don’t yet have children, which they both want.

I recommended that they both take an autopathic bottle and six litres of water. This was in June 2004.

Check-up at the beginning of November: She: She tires easily, gasps for breath when walking uphill. Twice a week she struggles for breath and chokes with the effort, she wheezes. Can’t get pregnant. Her back hurts, which is a new problem. In the evening she is tired. He: The rash on his hand is still the same, although in September he had stomach problems for 14 days like never before.

Their conditions had both deteriorated since their previous visit. She: the asthma attacks were more frequent than previously, and in addition her back had begun to cause her pain and she had a ringing in her ears. He: although otherwise healthy, he suffered from a stomach illness, which was unusual for him. He is, therefore, less resistant than before.

I asked each of them how they had produced their preparation. I discovered that they had produced it together in the bathroom, at the same time, and that they didn’t wear a mask when doing so. They also talked together during the process. They thus broke the rules for the preparation’s production, resulting in the transfer of foreign drops to the preparation and its contamination with foreign saliva, foreign information. Subsequently, instead of healing, each one deteriorated further down the path of their own pathology.

I gave each of them a new autopathic bottle and instructions to again use six litres. And to prepare the AP separately. Telephone check-up a month and a half later:

She produced the preparation the very next day, this time sticking exactly to the rules. Since then she hasn’t had a single attack of asthma, nor any problems with breathing or coughing. She no longer suffers from fatigue or back pain. Immediately after using the preparation she became pregnant, a fact confirmed by the doctor. The husband feels in excellent health. The rash on his thumb is as yet unchanged. Six years later I met her husband´s brother and he told me that she has three children and she is healthy.


The patient is a woman of 45. Some years before she had had a cancerous tumour, basalion, below her right breast. This was surgically removed. I subsequently treated her homeopathically for three years, with a resulting improvement in a number of problems, both mental and physical. Now, however, she suffers from bad sleep and anxiety. She has many tiring dreams in which she is involved in laborious tasks, causing her to awake weary. She has flat warts on the back of her hands. The joints on her big toes hurt so much that it causes her to wake at night. She has a callous area of skin above her right breast which causes her anxiety. She took an autopathic preparation made with 10 litres of water.

For the next nine months she felt healthy, but then the fatigue returned. I recommended an AP of 1 M (made from 25 litres of water). She prepared the high dilution with the help of a kitchen filter.

Check-up three months after taking the AP 1 M: Immediately after taking the preparation she felt healthy again. The flatwarts on her hands, which she’d had for years, had entirely disappeared. The callous growth above her right breast had also recently disappeared, a fact confirmed by a mammograph. The higher potency had also managed to deal with this problem.

She visited my course on autopathy and now treats many of her friends and their children, with outstanding results.


Throat ache

The patient is a young man, 24 years old, who for the past ten years has been plagued by throat ache, which comes and goes, although afflicting him in general about half the days in the year. Sometimes it is so bad that he can’t speak. It is made worse by cigarette smoke in a room. In childhood this used to precede periods of frequent tonsillitis, which ended with the surgical removal of his tonsils. He is often prescribed antibiotics. Doctors have tried out many conventional methods on him, although in the end they told him that the problem is chronic and he will just have to to reconcile himself to it.

This was when I was just starting to use autopathy. I recommended a saliva preparation with potency of 30 C (Korsakoff preparation in any clean small bottle).

Check-up in April 2003, after two months: About one month after taking the preparation his throat ceased to hurt altogether. This was in February, and previously his throat had been painful throughout the entire winter. It then returned and fluctuated mildly, although always better than before the preparation. For two days he had a slight temperature (37.1 C), was tired and had a headache. For about eight days he felt unsettled. At the end of March he suffered six days of bad throat ache. Decision: Wait.

Check-up in October: The strong throat ache recurred again in May. This time, following a telephone consultation, he used a potency of 100 C (Korsakoff preparation). The next two months the pain fluctuated, mixed with crises of severe pain. August was without pain, although this returned in September. Without any consultation he took a homeopathic medicine Arsenicum iodatum, which only brought short relief. Just three days before the October check-up he produced a saliva preparation in an autopathic bottle with five litres of water, giving it a potency of 200 C. The pain in his throat ceased immediately and afterwards he seemed mentally far more at ease.

The next three months were entirely without problems. Then, when they started to return he produced an AP 1.5 M (37 litres of water) using a kitchen filter for the water. This was in February 2004. The pain worsened for a few days (a homeopathic aggravation) before passing and not reappearing for all of ten months. Moreover, he was completely healthy during this period, with none of the usual flu. This was a state that he couldn’t remember.

In December 2004, he experienced a mild recurrence of throat ache over a period of about ten days. He again used the autopathic bottle, which this time he placed under the filter for 37 minutes (74 litres passed through the AB, 2 litres per one minute) producing an AP 3 M. The problems rapidly receded. Five months went by. He is now healthy.

Among other things, the case demonstrates the better results that are gained from a preparation produced in an autopathic bottle, compared with the Korsakoff preparation (see Questions and Answers).

About the author

Jiri Cehovsky

Jiri Cehovsky was born in 1947 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, European Union. He began using homeopathy around 1980, when his family was suffering from chronic health problems. For twenty-three years, he has served on the committee of The Homeopathic Society, most of the time as its chairman. Twenty years ago, he started to use autopathy in treating clients. His first book on autopathy, Autopathy: A Homeopathic Journey to Harmony came out in 2004. In 2007 his 2nd book on autopathy, Get Well with Autopathy, was published and the last book Autopathy Handbook summarizing experiences was released in 2018. Jiri regularly gives courses and webinars on autopathy and teaches at the Homeopathic Academy in Prague. Visit Jiri at his website:


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