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A Case of Asthma

Written by Kiran Grover

The author describes a lifelong case of asthma that yielded to the homeopathic simillimum.

Patient : NM



First Appointment

Observations of Patient


The Patient (NM) arrived at the appointment with his wife, who accompanied him into the consultation room.  It was explained that a pharmacist had recommended a visit as NM over the past year had been hospitalised four times with asthma attacks and wanted to try Homeopathy as he was desperate to get better.

NM is a tall slim man and at the time was 44 years old. He is a creative professional and works in London and lives in the suburbs with his wife who he has been married to since his early twenties.


Presenting Complaint


NM was questioned and it was found out that on each occasion that he had a severe asthma attack and ended up in hospital he had been at a weekend social event, where often pet dogs or cats were present.  During these social events NM could feel the tension building into anxiety and then rising into panic.  His complexion would go grey, his asthma would come on severely and he would have to go to hospital.  NM thinks he has an allergy to animal hair.

< Anxiety

< Animal Hair

< Night

> Fresh air


Family History


MOTHER FATHER – died lung cancer
GRANDFATHER GRANDFATHER – possibly died of asthma
UNCLES – emphysema then cancer UNCLES – heart attack
SIBLINGS Brother – asthmaBrother – asthma and eczema, Brother – eczema and hay fever


Mental and Emotional Symptoms



NM has been with his wife since college and they married in their twenties.  They do not have children and are thinking of trying, however, NM’s wife travels a lot with work.  When she travels with work NM feels anxious.  NM comes from a big family of several brothers and sisters and they are close.  They all live near each other and their mother, in the area where they grew up.  NM works long hours in a creative, professional capacity and does not feel his work is too stressful, and he enjoys it.


General Symptoms


+ Bread (up to 8 slices a day)

+ Mince Meat

Non vegetarian, non smoker, small – moderate drinker



NM wakes at 2am with asthma symptoms



NM ’s bowels are regular


Physical Symptoms


Current Medication

He is currently taking Ventolin and Becotide up to 3 x day of each.



Possibly animal hair and feathers, especially dogs.


Time Line




babyhood asthma
10 years appendicitis Surgery
16 bronchitis Anti-biotics
16 Started steroids for asthma
24 Asthma got worse
Until age of 34 Nose bleeds




Lobelia 3x – 2 x day (+SOS)

Arsenic album 30c in evening

Aconite 200c at bed time (+SOS)


Justification and Prognosis


Lobelia is known to be supportive of the lungs and breathing, therefore it will benefit the patient to use it regularly.  Arsenic album is again known to help asthmatics, especially when there is fear and anxiety in the remedy picture.  This is further supported in the fact that the patient was better for fresh air (sleeping with the window open even in winter) and worse about 2am.  I gave the patient Aconite to help move the patient out of a state of shock; both NM and his wife were very distressed at the severity of his asthma and that he had had to be hospitalised as a consequence.


Second appointment


NM returned for his second appointment and noted that he no longer felt tight in his chest, despite the fact that it was Christmas time and there was cold weather which usually made this symptom worse. NM also noted that he was no longer waking up at night breathless and therefore was sleeping more easily.  As a whole he was feeling more relaxed, as was his wife and they are looking forward to the festive season instead of dreading social events.  NM was instructed to use the Lobelia and Aconite as needed for any acute asthmatic complaints.  The patient had had a cough and was expectorating clear mucus, with an occasional white lump.


Analysis of Prescription


The Lobelia was acting as a clear support for the lungs and NM was not feeling the tightness as a result.  The Aconite was helping to relax NM and work him out of a state of fear, whilst the Arsenic album was treating the asthma directly.  The prescription was repeated.


Third Appointment

NM retuned in the New Year and stated he did not have any symptoms, and did not have to visit the hospital even when socialising, or in the proximity of pets. There was no longer any tightness in the chest and he was able to breathe easily, even in the evening and night and was not coughing, and his symptoms had eased for the first time in years. He even visited his brother, who has a pet dog and did not experience any asthma symptoms.  Since then he has also visited the GP who would like to cut down on NM’s medication.  NM stated “I feel the best I have in years”.


The Lobelia was prescribed again as was the Ars Alb, and the Aconite was prescribed only for emergencies.  NM continued on this prescription for 6 months in total and was able to come off his prescribed medication, with guidance from the GP.  NM occasionally visits the clinic for a check up and is no longer bothered by asthma, despite first feeling its symptoms as a child.

About the author

Kiran Grover

Kiran Grover MA, LCHE, RSHom qualified from the Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE) in 2007. Kiran set up the Healthy Homeopathy Clinic and has been in professional practice for over 15 years. She lectures, mentors and supervisors other Homeopaths at all parts of their career path. In her busy full time international online clinic she has a particular interest in treating anxiety. She is a former Director and Chair of the Society of Homeopaths. She has also trained in Foresight Pre-Conception and the Gentle Birth Method. In her spare time, she enjoys art, cooking, good wine, yoga, walking, and time with her family and her animals.


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    Thank you very much for this case report.
    Please could you clarify the first prescription? What do you mean by +SOS? Was the Aconite and Ars to be taken once only?

  • although patient shows improvement .you should look for any supresion .in you give him symtomatic treatment. should analyse on scientific besis.

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