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A Case of Paediatric Convulsions

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Written by Shraddha Samant

Dr. Shraddha Samant-Kund presents a case of convulsions in a seven year old boy.

The role of homeopathy in paediatrics has great value if the physician can judge the case correctly. It can be difficult to analyse children homeopathically as they may not be able to narrate the exact complaint. One has to be tactful and a thorough observer to assess them.  A 7 year old boy was brought to my clinic with the chief complaint of convulsive attacks. The boy was calm, rather over weight.

The convulsion first struck him when he was 7 months old and it was not febrile convulsion. He was treated with anti-epileptic medicines at that time. He was doing fine for 6 months, but later developed a red rash on his skin and blisters which getting bigger. As a routine he was treated with mupirocin ointment. After succeeding attacks of these eruptions and treatments for one year he developed convulsions once again. The convulsions were alternating with eruptions. He was on conventional medicine (anti epilepsy) and had become very calm and sluggish.

This was the reason his parents wanted him to withdraw his conventional medicine and treat his convulsion for good.

His parents described him as stubborn with teachers and friends. It was difficult to make him speak, as he was not at all responsive to any questions. He just told his mother that he would not answer any questions. I had no other option than relying on his history, my observations and his symptoms. His convulsive attacks had no particular periodicity. He was unconscious during his attacks and his eyes were closed. Clonic seizures would set in and in no time he would fall unconscious. No frothing.  Almost all attacks happened at home and always in evening.  His mother had observed that he used to stretch his extremities as if he was going to sleep and then the attack would follow.

Based on these complaints I had to find the remedy!  So here goes my analysis.

The first convulsion appeared when he was 7 months old. On considering this I could easily relate it to the period of dentition.  The second attack was after treating the eruptions with Mupirocin ointments. Those attacks were from suppressed eruptions. These two symptoms point to Silicea, Calcarea, Cuprum and Zincum.  The most distinguishing symptom which pointed me to right remedy was “stretching extremities before convulsions”. It was Calcarea.  He has aversion to milk.

Totality of symptoms:

Convulsion children in

Convulsion dentition from

Convulsion consciousness without

Convulsion clonic

Convulsion evening

Convulsion suppressed eruptions from

Stretching extremities convulsion before

Obstinate head strong children

Aversion to milk.

Chilly catches cold easily

The remedy comes out to be Calcarea carb.  He was given Calcarea carb 200 one dose with repetition in 15 days to a total of 3 doses. All other medications and external applications were stopped. After the third dose the skin eruptions started appearing again. They were red, burning, stinging and watery. Itching was well marked. To treat them Rhus tox 30 was repeated 4 pills tds.  In a week the eruptions disappeared. He was on no medication for 6 months and there was no episode of convulsion   As of  April 2016 he is still symptom free.

About the author

Shraddha Samant

Dr. Shraddha Samant, BHMS, PG, UK, PGD) is a homeopath, nutritionist and dietician. She completed her PG degree in homeopathy from London and has been practicing homeopathy for six years and nutrition and dietetics for four years.
Dr. Samant has successfully treated many patients with gynaecological problems. She runs an obesity clinic and also consults for patients requiring dietary solutions for disorders ranging from diabetes and hormonal problems to pediatric nutrition. She has gained valuable experience managing diets for children who are specifically following the Glen Doman program for children with special needs.


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