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A Case of Renal Stones with Endometriosis and Hepatomegaly Responds To Homoeopathy

A case of renal stones with endometriosis and hepatomegaly responds to homoeopathy.


To treat the patient not the disease is a basic concept of homeopathy. In this case where endometriosis, renal calculi, and hepatomegaly are present, they are treated with a single homeopathic medicine, and all symptoms disappear in a very short time.



Endometriosis presents clinically present heavy menstrual bleeding. Renal stone is common now-a-days due to changes in life style. Generally, people rush to other systems for quick relief, but this patient came to me after the diagnosis. Hepatomegaly is also a common problem in modern society. The scope of homoeopathy in treating such cases establishes its place in medical science for prevention of all three diseases. In the treatment of endometriosis, homeopathy establishes its place for prevention of cancers.


Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of the remedy is based upon the symptoms of the case and symptom similarity, using a holistic approach. This is the only way through which a state of health can be regained, removing all the signs and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat endometriosis, hepatomegaly or renal stone but also to address their underlying causes and individual susceptibility. As far as the therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies are available to treat these conditions that can be selected on the basis of the cause, sensations and modalities of the complaints.  For individualized remedy selection and treatment,   we should always keep in mind to treat the patient not the disease. This is because all diseases are of different form and can be treated at a time with one medicine only.


Discussion and conclusion:
This case showed relief in symptoms and pathology with homoeopathic medicine prescribed on the totality of symptoms. Ultrasonographic examination revealed right renal calculi, hepatomegaly and endometriosis. She was treated according to homoeopathic principles and followed up for 8 months, resulting in total relief of signs and symptoms.


Kali Carb was selected and not only relieved the presenting complaints but also reduced the other associated symptoms, like weakness, back pain, loss of appetite  etc, thus upholding the principle of homoeopathy as a ‘holistic approach’



                                    The Case

Presenting complaints –  Pain whole abdomen, acidity, heaviness in abdomen, belching, profuse menstrual bleeding, spotting between periods and loss of appetite.

Two days before, all of sudden she felt pain in the whole abdomen. She became restless with profuse perspiration, excruciating intermittent pain that radiates from the flank to the groin. Pain was accompanied by urinary urgency, restlessness, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. Backache aggr while lying, better by pressure.  She rushed to the nearest physician and got pain reliving treatment.

Complaints on further enquiry – Loss of appetite,  acidity, heaviness in abdomen especially upper abdomen since last 6-8 months after taking fatty foods; aggravation in the evening; rich food causes nausea, sour eructation’s and belching, rumbling sound in abdomen, aggravation at night, prefers loose  garments.  Last 8-9 months menstrual character changed gradually with abnormal vaginal bleeding, including bleeding or spotting between menstrual periods.  Backache more while lying, by pressure. Weakness: She always she feel tired and desires to lie down

History of present illness – Due to sudden colic ultrasonography was advised by the physician and then these problems were confirmed : hepatomegaly, endometriosis and right renal calculi.

Personal history-Dietetic errors-irregular food habits


               Homoeopathic Characteristics and Observations

Thermal reaction– Chilly patient catches cold easily.

Appetite – Loss of appetite, heavy sensation, constant belching.

Craving-sour, sweet, prefers hot food

Thirst– great thirst for cold water

Tongue– slight white coating, moist

Taste- bitter taste

Bowel– irregular, pain in lower abdomen before passing stool,  pain during bowel movements, constipation during periods.

Urine– urinary urgency, frequency and sometimes painful voiding

Perspiration- profuse on slight exertion, especially on upper lips

Menstruation– painful, sometimes disabling cramps during menses; pain may get worse over time, accompanied by lower back pain. Throbbing, and dragging pain to the legs, Pain can also start a week before menses, during and even after menses. Pain during general bodily movement like exercise; pain from standing or walking,

Mental symptoms – weeping disposition, irritable, brooding, likes company, consolation aggravates. Chronic fatigue.

Clinical examination- anaemia

Investigations – ultrasonography whole abdomen advised, T.L.C. ,D.L.C.,hb%, urine R.E,.M.E

Diagnosis – (after ultrasonography report)  A case of hepatomegaly, endometriosis and right renal calculi

Final selection of medicine– 11.12.10 on the basis of symptom similarity Kali Carb 30 4 globules twice daily for 3 days, with sac lac 30 6 globules thrice daily for 15 days

Follow up 27.12.10  Heaviness in abdomen after taking rich food, sour belching, appetite is not improved. Bowels are irregular but pain in lower abdomen before passing stool is not present, urinary urgency, frequency and painful voiding  is better. As a whole she feels no change . But as slight symptoms are changed, so Rx is Kali Carb 30 two doses only with sac lac 30 6 globules thrice daily for one month.

22.1.11- No change in backache, weakness, menstrual complaints.Heaviness in abdomen is decreased. Can’t tolerate rich food. Sour belching still persists; appetite not improved, bowels  are still irregular.  Urinary  problems : She feels  change  as but only slight changes are there.   Kali Carb 30 two doses only with sac lac 30 6 globules thrice daily for one month.

14.2.11-Patient is absent but as reported there is no change in her complaints as as again period occurs with same menstrual character. After the studying the case a higher potency is prescribed : Kali Carb 200 / 4 globules twice daily for one day with sac lac and placebo 30 / 4 globules four times.


17.3.11- Heaviness in abdomen improves; belching is the same; she still feels weakness and backache; no change in bowel character. Patient took medicine for two months, Kali Carb 200 4-4 globules twice daily for one day with nihilinium 30 and placebo 30 for two months.

23.5.11-Patient is absent but as reported she feels better in her complaints and asked for one more month of medicine. The complaint are better as a whole.  Kali Carb 200 /4 globules twice daily for one  day with nihilinium 30 and placebo 30 for one month prescribed.

20.6.11-Patient is absent reported she feels better in all her complaints, so ultrasonography is advised with nihilinium 30 and placebo 30 for 15 days

1.7.11 Patient came with ultrasonography reports but due to printing error patient advised to come again with correction in reports.

4.711- Ultrasonography reports revealed no pathology and patient feels better in all her complaints. She is especially happy now as she feels herself energetic and can sit for a long time without backache  (with which she suffered for last 5 years).

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