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Diabetes in a Man of 44 – Simillimum Based on Scholten’s Periodic Table

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Dr. Meeta Nihlani treats a man of 44 for diabetes using Scholten’s Periodic Table. Themes of spirituality, detachment and existence along with characteristics of a mineral remedy led to the simillimum.

Date of case taking: Jan 8th, 2018 .

A man of 44 years came for treatment of diabetes. He had been suffering from diabetes for 7 years.  Post Prandial Blood sugar level 250 to 300 units. His diabetologist said he would be shifting him to IV insulin in 3 months if he did not respond to the oral tablets.  He had lost about 15 kg weight in the last few months.     Fasting blood sugar 150 to 200. He suffered from heart attack at the age of 37 years. He was advised to be only on conservative treatment as his arteries were very thin.

He was always pampered and was successful in childhood. He got his job in law enforcement at age 22. He said he never enjoyed a day of his job because of fear of losing his job due to a mistake or being falsely accused.  He said he worked hard, as his father had a high position, otherwise he would have become a teacher. After his heart attack he was given table work, which made him more comfortable as there was nothing much to do as compared to the field work.

He says since childhood he had this fear of losing his position, either first or second position, that did not matter, but that position should be not be lost.

“People will laugh at you, humiliate you.” One is cut off from the society. He loses his attachment with life. It should not be lost. It will be a social humiliation.”

He was posted in an area of high violence from insurrectionists, but said he was never afraid for himself. He was free to move anywhere as he was guarded all the time. He was only concerned about the financial security of his family.

A family without its head is vulnerable. What will happen to his family?

Also, he did not want to have a second child. He feels the girl child is always vulnerable and dependent. That makes him feel like it is extra baggage.

“Why do you need a second child? One child is enough to give you the taste of parenthood.”

He has to take care of his daughter. She needs a father. When explored further as to why, he said that if you don’t have a father, you don’t have a say in the society.

It is as if you don’t exist in the society. You’re very basic existence is denied.

He has started doing meditation. He spends every weekend in meditation workshops. He says “I know that one has to come above respect/disrespect , success/failure ,grace/disgrace , life/death.”

He had issue with his wife that she is always running after material aspects of life.

He wanted her to be spiritual and spend her time in meditation like him. He does not have any social contacts. He does not like to watch movies, attend weddings and any kind of social obligation. He has joined a meditation group and always feels that spirituality is a way of life.

He feels that the mind always asks for more. The mind is very capricious and wants all material wealth and the only way to deal with it is spirituality and growing above material aspects of life and to become “light”.

He dreams he is going for an examination and is naked. When probed further for the experience in the dream, he said that he said he felt “light”, as there was no extra baggage and he could reach the venue faster.

Hobbies: Traveling. His only passion in life was to travel light without any baggage, which he is unable to do now.

It took me 6 months to work out his remedy. I had first tried Arsenicum Album in ascending potencies.

Rx: June 18, 2018:  Arsenicum Hydrogenisatum –1 M, 3 doses 8 hourly,

Then every week for a month, then one dose every month for 6 months.

Analysis and Evaluation

Here we see that the issues are very well defined and very clear cut. They move about in only one axis. The speech of the patient was also very monotonous.

This is a mineral kingdom. He is talking about loss of financial security. His only concern is his health and not being able to take financial responsibility of the family. This is Row 4 issue and 15th column which comes to Arsenic.

But we also see themes of spirituality, detachment and existence coming into play.

These are the themes of Hydrogen. When we have two separate themes coming up in a case, then it is a compound or a salt.

Also, in this case we see the need to be “light” (Hydrogen is the lightest element in the periodic table) and not to take any responsibility.  Being light gives the feeling of a gaseous compound.

Arsenic Hydrogenisatum is also known as Hydride of Arsenic, a poisonous gas.

It is also termed Arsine.

The Ferrum series: Kali to Krypton

Task, Trade, Abilities, Profession: This is the level where abilities start to be developed. They have to learn to fulfil certain tasks. In order to do this they have to be schooled by another person, either a master or a teacher, a school or the parents themselves. Eventually they learn to carry out this task by themselves.

Youth Adulthood:  This is the phase of becoming an adult. In our society this includes the years of puberty. This is when they learn a certain trade at school.

Village:   This is the area of the village or the tribe, as it used to be in the olden days. The individual gets to know the whole group and starts to determine his own position within this group. This position is linked to a trade he has learned, for instance being a baker or a carpenter. The area is still small enough for everybody to know everybody else, the way it happens in a village. Research has shown that it is possible to know about 2000 people personally, and this is the average population of a village.

Stage 15
The loss. This is the stage of disappearance of what has been achieved, the bankruptcy, defeat, and death, being fired. Everything is burnt. It can be felt like a shock, being poisoned. One can fight and resist, refusing to give over. Or, one can give in and surrender, sacrifice or abdication. The best is to forgive and forget.

1. The Hydrogen series: Hydrogen to Helium

Being Incarnating‘To be or not to be’ in this world. The theme could be described as ‘whether or not to incarnate’ in this world. The fact that this series only has two elements is quite symbolic of its general theme: there are only two possibilities, to be or not to be.

Unity SymbiosisThey experience and have a great desire for unity. This is expressed in a deep love for every living being on this earth; they feel totally at one with everything. Hydrogen experiences the world as a whole, there is no division between self and other in the same way that a foetus doesn’t feel this division.

Later on this sense of unity is gradually lost and they begin to feel that they are separate from the rest of the world. It is as if their world has collapsed and they have ended up in hell. Their paradise has changed into a world of good and evil, of me and you. They feel as if they can’t bridge this chasm of separation anymore and it makes them feel lost and lonely.

Conception Unborn – In the development of life this series corresponds with conception and the period of the unborn child.

Stage 1
The spontaneous start, the impulsive beginning. Things are done without being thought over, without reflection. This leads to naive, instinctive, simplistic and even childish or foolish behavior. It can lead to one-sidedness, which seems rigid. Manic. Alone and lonely.

Rubrics which helped to confirm the remedy in retrospective study:


Mind; loathing; occupation, business, his:

Mind; business; ailments from, agg.

Mind; business; aversion to

Mind; eccentricity

Follow up within a week:

                                  BEFORE                                   AFTER                    Max

Fasting                         150 to 200                              110                            130

Post prandial               250 to 350                              140                            160/180

Follow up after a month  – He gained weight  7 kg   I followed his case for 18 months so far.   

Deeper Changes after the remedy:

D – What is the shift after the dose?

P-The negativity is not there as the weight is improving. I am positive about things.

I have started thinking of what I have to do in the future. I used to think of negative things that happened in the past. I used to procrastinate about things to be done in the office and at home. Now I take initiative and do things.

D -What about the time you spent in meditation?

P – Now I feel energetic within 30 minutes of meditation. I feel I have got more energy and need not close my eyes and sit for three hours. That laziness is not there.  I feel that I can connect to the Divine with open eyes too. There is no irritation regarding work also.

D What about the fear of loss?

P It has reduced by 70 to 80 %.

D- Any change in your desire to travel?

P – Yes, it is less now. I enjoy even the weather in our city. I can enjoy the greenery here too. I take my children along with me.

So the main shift we see here is in the area of his main rubric:

MIND – LOATHING – business; his: (1) ars-h.

There was loathing here which has now shifted. He has started accepting and doing his work.  Also, less time is spent in meditation which was his escape. Now he is in the moment and has started enjoying his life. His need to be “light” has reduced.

About the author

Meeta Nihlani

I am a classical homeopath, practicing since 1991 in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. I started the Research Institute of Classical Homeopathy (R.I.C.H) for teaching Classical Homeopathy in 2008. I practice the Sensation Method and integrate various healing modalities such as meditation and quantum healing. I also use the homeopathic case witnessing process that unveils the innate energy Signature. This has given birth to The Anahata Healing Foundation, a venture where I conduct free meditation sessions and workshops in various dimensions of healing. I’ve had success in less ventured areas with homeopathy including autoimmune problems such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid, pcod, and many psychiatric ailments. I did a Fellowship in Psychiatry and Counselling (FHPC) at The Other Song Academy.


  • For my wife she is also a diabetic patient — intake of allopathic medicine is 4 tablets a) Glimestar 3 mg — Once before breakfast , next before lunch and next before dinner
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    c) after lunch Eurepa 2 mg

    So much of medicine

    Her fasting is 100 and after post 2 hours after lunch is around 160-180
    Would prefer solution like homeopathic medicine– need your advice please

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