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Homeopathic Rapid Cure of Patients with Acute Conditions

A series of acute cases demonstrating the rapid and complete healing offered by homeopathy.


cold.jpgIn medicine, an acute condition or disease is a condition or disease with a rapid onset and/or a short course.  “Acute” may be used to distinguish a disease from a chronic form, as in acute leukemia vs chronic leukemia, or to highlight the sudden onset of a disease, such as acute myocardial infarction. The word ‘acute’ may also be used in the context of medicine to refer to the acute phase of injury, referring to the immediate post-injury healing processes.

The term ‘acute’ is often confused by the general public to mean ‘severe’. However, not all acute injuries are severe, and vice versa. For example, a mild stubbed toe is an acute injury. Similarly, many acute upper respiratory infections and acute gastroenteritis cases in adults are mild and usually resolve within a few days.

The term ‘acute’ is also included in the definition of several diseases, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome, acute leukemia, acute myocardial infarction, and acute hepatitis. This is often to distinguish diseases from their chronic forms, such as chronic leukemia, or to highlight the sudden onset of the disease, such as acute myocardial infarct.[1]

A series of cases : Patients with Acute Conditions or Diseases

Case No.1:  A married woman aged 32 was referred to my wife and I on 20th Nov. 2013, due to acute pain of left upper limb, especially her deltoid region. She looked very worried and suffered from moderate to severe pain. She held her left arm with her right hand tightly.  During case taking she reported that she had undergone a traditional method of cupping that had caused severe pain during and after the procedure. Her family had complained and criticized the medical group, but with no effect. They had ignored the case and she still suffered from the pain, so that she could not sleep during nights. She was very much anxious and irritated.


Coffea cruda was prescribed for her. She took 3 drops of Coffea cruda 30c and several drops of it were applied to gauze which was placed on the pain location. She lay there for about seven minutes and was called to the visiting room. She smiled at me and said that the pain had improved by 40%. Coffea cruda 30CH was prescribed to be repeated if the pain bothered her too much.

She was discharged and instructed to rest at home for 5 days and ten return. We saw her again on Nov.25th .  She was better and the pain had improved by more than 70%.  She had taken the remedy only once during the 5 days. She was told to take it again if she suffered similar pain. After 2 weeks she is well and her sleep has improved totally. She’s no longer anxious.

Case No.2:  A young girl aged 9 visited at our clinic because of gastroenteritis since the night before on Nov. 20th 2013. She showed sunken eyes and general weakness. She had experienced diarrhea and vomiting a few times since the night before after taking dinner and a raw tomato. She was diagnosed to be in an Arsenicum album state. A single dose of 3 drops of Arsenicum 30 CH and 2 packs of oral electrolyte were prescribed to be taken until her complete cure. I followed up the case after three hours and again the day after. She had recovered completely and had no diarrhea or vomiting after taking that single dose of the remedy.

Case No.3: A young boy aged 18 from our neighborhood visited because of moderate pain on his right shoulder after a trauma during judo fighting. Arnica 6x in liquid form was prescribed to be taken QID until he felt relief. He was also instructed to rest . He took 5 drops and had a minor aggravation. The dose was reduced to 2-3 drops QID after succussing 12 times to potentize the remedy. After 5 days he was followed up. He felt no pain in his right shoulder.

Case No.4:  Dec 2012- After losing two loved ones their relatives suffered from deep sorrow. The deceased were a brother and sister who had been afflicted by cancerous conditions.

The brother died fifteen days after losing his sister who had suffered for eight years from a stage 4 infiltrative breast cancer. A really bad shock hit the family and close relatives. My wife prescribed Ignatia 30 CH 5-6 drops for each of the relatives  who had wept hard and felt depressed during the ceremonies. The seven relative thus treated felt relaxed afterward.

Case No.5:  I used to teach physiology and therapeutics of the skeletal, endocrine and urogenital systems for nurse aids (2008-2009). I came across an acute traumatic case due to an impact in one of the male students’ hand. Arnica Montana came to my mind as the most proper remedy. The next day I gave it to the student. who took two doses.

His case was followed after two days. He felt better and his hand had healed  rapidly. Other students came to me after that and were eager to know more about homeopathic remedies.

Conclusions: Patients with acute or urgent conditions or diseases need rapid evaluation and proper prescriptions. Over the last five years homeopathy has helped me in many acute and urgent cases without any need of other medicines. The definition of a proper homeopathic cure by Dr.Hahnemann in his priceless Organon of Medicine has served well in all the above cases. i.e. rapid, permanent and gentle healing.[2]


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  • Why 2 or 3 or 5/6 drops of medicine ? In case No. 1. Why along with internal medicine, same externally ? Is is justifiable from the homoeopathic point of view or is it a proper homoeopathic cure as per Organon of Medicine ?

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