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A Miasmatic Prescription in Hypothyroidism

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Written by Greeshma Vikraman

Dr Greeshma Vikraman presents a case of hypothyroidism treated miasmatically.


Most of the thyroid complaints during the initial phase will be asymptomatic or when they appear, come up with classical symptoms without any peculiar characteristic feature, making it difficult for a homoeopathic practitioner to find a simillimum. For the majority of the cases we will go for a sector or pathological prescription or for maximum a constitutional remedy. We will rarely think of a miasmatic prescription for endocrine disorders. This case is an attempt to try the effectiveness of a miasmatic prescription in endocrine imbalance.

Case summary

In June 2017 a lady aged 42 along with her husband came for consultation with a laboratory report saying that she is hypothyroid.

As explained by the patient

Three months back when I had missed periods along with severe body pain, joint pain and weakness I consulted a gynaecologist. She told me initially that it might be the starting of menopause and prescribed some medicines for around two weeks but even after that I did not get menses and neither did my complaints reduce. So after two weeks she insisted I go for some tests and after the result came I was diagnosed as having thyroid complaint and given some tablet to be taken every morning for around a month and told that after the level comes down they would regulate the medication. But I didn’t want to take allopathic medication continuously regularly for such a long time. Some of my friends said that if we start with thyroid medicine it has to be taken lifelong. So I consulted a homoeopathic physician and started with the medication. I took for it for around two months but now my husband got transferred here and when I enquired I got information about the consultation here and I have come to take treatment for the complaint.

Additional information taken

She was not under any allopathic medication and she had discontinued with the homoeopathic medication due to the reasons stated above. At present patient is having complaint of weakness body pain and joint pain, more on large joints like knee, shoulder and lumbar region, aggravated while doing any exertion. Her LMP was in May before the visit which was a regular period which lasted for 5 days without any difficulties or abnormalities.

The laboratory report with which she came with was of January 2017 before starting of the treatment of homoeopathy from the previous physician. No other treatment history or medicinal history was available.


Personal history

Appetite – normal. regular diet. 3 times daily. No increase or decrease during last six months

Craving for salty items and fish

Thirst – usually feels thirsty and drinks almost 3 litres of water per day.

Bowel habit: hard stools and irregular and bladder habits are normal

Sleep normal. No day time naps. Gets deep sleep and feels refreshed in the morning

Thermally she was hot but since her complaints she is unable to bear cold

Significant past history

Family history of hypertension and diabetes mellitus both from maternal and paternal side

History of warts over palms around two years back, removed by means of allopathic methods

General physical examination

Weight: 79 kg

Height:168 cm

BP 124/82 mm of hg

Dark complexioned, oily face, dry hair with skin tags all over face and neck

No other abnormalities detected in any other systems

Mentals as explained by husband

“She is not a very sociable person. She is always inside home doing some or other work. Doesn’t like to go out or for any parties or even to any places which are crowded. Doesn’t talk much but is very perfect in doing every household work. ‘” If she wants to buy something she will make a list and will send to him and he used to buy things while coming back from office. If there are some functions where it cannot be avoided she will come but will sit somewhere where she can find her own space.

Explanation given by the patient for husbands remarks

I am comfortable when I am alone and I feel relaxed. I get irritated with so much crowd and he always takes me by force.

Prescription during the first visit

Taking the strong sycotic tendencies below I selected Medorrhinum.

1 family history of hypertension and diabetes mellitus both from maternal and paternal side

2 past history of warts with suppression

3 hard and irregular bowel movements

4 thermally hot

5 craving for salty items and fish

6 reserved nature

7 tendencies for growths on skin

8 oily face dry hair

9 masculine nature

Rx : Medorrhinum 200/ 2 powders (once in 15 days) HS

Placebo tablets 1-1-1 for 1 month and I advised to get a thyroid function test

Second visit in the month of June

Complaint of weakness and body pain along with joint pain is better.

Menses regular

All generals good

Weight 79 kg

BP 120/80 mm of hg

All complaints along with generals were better so placebo was administered

Rx:  Medorrhinum ( 0) 2 powders /once in 15 days HS

Placebo tablets 1-1-1

One month follow up advised with report.

Third visit in July

No complaints

Did not do test

Rx  :  Medorr (0) 2 powders once in 15 days

Placebo tablets 1—1—1- for one month

Fourth visit in October

She met with an accident and could not continue with the medicine

Body pain started again after the fall

Rx:  Medorrhinum (0) 2 powders once in 15 days

Placebo tablets 1—1—1- for one month

Follow up advised with test result

Follow up:  November 3rd 2017

T3 — 105 Ng/ml

T4—7.2 ug/dl

TSH —4.38 you/ml

Since she did not complain of anything and the values were within normal range.  She was given placebo for one month again with a follow up visit.


Antimiasmatic treatment was very effective in treating this case of endocrine imbalance.

About the author

Greeshma Vikraman

Dr. Greeshma Vikraman -BHMS MD (hom) student -Department of Organon of Medicine and Homoeopathic Philosophy


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